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A Meld Box is an ancient alchemist lockbox that only opens when the correct compounds are poured into it. It is a metal box with three funnel holes in the lid that serve as receptacles for reactive compounds.


The meld box originally belonged with Sai-vek Redwan, a Blackblood who lived peacefully amongst his people. After he acquired the Terakinj, he asked his wife to use her Asterkinj to open a portal to the Plane of Ashes. He brought the meld box through the portal and lived in total isolation during his time there. Sai-vek guarded the box until it was stolen by the Blackblood High Priestess Yavalla shortly before she was freed by Talon.

Yavalla gave the box to her daughter, Wren, who took the box through the portal to Gallwood Outpost when Talon freed their people.

In "For the Sins Of Your Ancestors", Wren commandeers Janzo's lab claiming it is for "official use". He notices the box in her hand and she hides it, but he recognizes it as a meld box. He points out what it is and she calls him smart but forces him to leave the lab so she can open the box. She attempts to decipher her box by using multiple herbs and elixirs from Janzo's Lab but fails to open it quite yet.

In "The Peace You Promised", Janzo and Wren work alongside one another to find a way to open the box. Wren explains that there are three holes accompanied by three symbols on the lid of the box. She had deduced that the first is lichen spore, the second is Abracite, but can't quite figure out the third. Janzo deducts that the third symbol isn't just a tree, but rather, an upside-down tree, meaning roots. Together, they realize that hemlock root plus Abracite makes Ravensbane, which reacts to lichen spores to make infernal acid. They pour the needed amounts at the same time into the holes and watch as smoke billows from the box, followed by three surges of fire and sparks. The smoke is orange then disappears, and for a second nothing happens, until the box pops open just enough for Wren to lift it the rest of the way up with a stick. Inside, is a map leading the Blackbloods to the citadel where the Kinj that will lead him to paradise is located. Using the map they explore The Outpost for the location that has been marked, they make notes on the way about where it could be. When they arrive at the scene, Janzo is surprise that the map lead them to Talon's Place.

In "A Life for a Life", Wren brings the Meld Box with her on their journey to find the lost kinj. Talon inquires about the Meld Box to Yavalla in the second room. Yavalla lies to Talon about being given the box from her father before his death. She claimed that he gave it to her as it was the best way for the two races to coexist together.

In "She Is Not a God", Wren and Janzo are looking over the Meld Box and the Map that was once in it. Janzo then taste the seal that was on the map. He then realizes that the seal is not made of wax nor is it a symbol for anything, but something else entirely. It is then the two discover that the waxy substance is actually Fitcher's Sap.


Notes and Trivia

  • Talon was scared of the box when she was a child, so her father kept it hidden from her when he could.