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Marvyn formerly knowns as 313 is an ancient being, one of the Kahvi, who while he possesses the same physical traits and markings of the Gods, believes himself to be completely subservient to them. He appears to be of lower intelligence than his masters, and constantly asks why he cannot hear the voice of Vorta. He is later formally named Marvyn, after it's decided that 313 is his slave name. When his species are awakened and The Seven are killed, he is chosen to be the leader.



313 lived in the Plane of Ashes while it was a beautiful world filled with wildlife. He was connected to the Masters, specifically Vorta, through a Naviaspore, which made him entirely subservient to them. He and his people were slaves to the Masters and forced to do their bidding. When the Masters depleted the resources of one world they would move to another, repeating this process until they arrived in the Green World. At this point, the Kahvi were put to sleep beneath a Yindrian Labyrinth whilst they waited for to be awakened.


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In All We Do Is Say Goodbye, 313 resides in a tomb trapped by mechanisms which are intended to be awakened by the gods. This tomb is located in the Ancient Chamber in the Yindrian Labyrinth underneath Gallwood Outpost. His tomb is one of many, though only his appears to have been the victim of a wayward root and branch growth, causing his tomb to be disconnected. Janzo and Wren are able to open his tomb due to the root growth, and have Munt carry the cocoon 313 is wrapped in to Janzo's lab. They begin to peel back the layers of the cocoon, revealing that the thing inside is a human body. The cocoon begins to tremble as the creature inside begins to suffocate. Janzo is adamant that they must save the creature and tears back the rest of the shell. He pulls away the think layer of film covering its face, learning that black blood runs through its veins. Janzo ultimately save the creature from near death.

In The Power of the Masters, 313 is spoon-fed soup from Wren but also chained to the table until the scientists can determine what the mysterious markings on his neck mean. Wren believes them to be the number of people he's killed. 313 ultimately awakens from his groggy state, escapes the chains, and roams Gallwood in search of answers. He finds Warlita and tries to ask her questions on where the masters are and why he's the only one awake. Warlita screams at the sight of the creature and scares him off. 313 is then chased by Munt, Zed and Garret Spears who wish to trap him.


Marvyn does not possesses the same intellectual knowledge as those around him; due to his lifelong psychological hold by Vorta. He spent his life connected to her - her thoughts, feelings, and voice in his head so he rarely knew his own desires. He expressed to Janzo that he doesn't know what it's like to want something. He exists only to serve the Masters. He stated that he wouldn't hurt anyone now that Vorta's voice isn't in his mind. Upon learning he was the only one awake, 313 went into a frenzy as he desperately wanted to be reconnected to his Naviaspore. He repeatedly stabbed himself in the back of the neck trying to be reconnect with those he'd lost, as he didn't want to be alone. He also is unaware of his status as a slave, and more importantly he doesn't even know what the word 'slave' is. However, after losing his son and discovering that Wren was pregnant he becomes loyal to humans and Blackbloods during the fight against his former masters.

Though he is less intelligent than most beings, he is more stubborn than most characters. This is shown multiple times, like his desire to become part of The Hive, saving his people and his son, and refusing to answer questions in lock up. He also enjoys simple things, like soup and quiet spaces. Ironically enough, while most people find prison to be a punishment, he finds it to be very comforting as there is no pain and the cells are quiet for his own thoughts.

Physical Appearance

Marvyn is a male being with strong, prominent facial features such as high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, a square jaw, and long nose. He has dozens of black horns protruding through his face, ranging in size from small points to prominent horns.

Powers and Abilities

  • Hive Mind: As a member of Vorta's hive, Marvyn was connected to her and could hear her voice in his head.


Janzo and Wren

Marvyn was rescued by Janzo and Wren, an act that began a complicated yet rather beautiful relationship between the trio. Janzo viewed Marvyn, originally known as 313, as a living creature who deserved to be rescued, saved, and protected. He saw Marvyn's worth as a living being when no one else did. It was through Janzo's acts of kindness that Wren also began to care for Marvyn, though through more skeptical means. She and Janzo taught Marvyn about food, emotions, and most importantly, free-will. Janzo formed a close bond with Marvyn, bringing him food everyday in the prisons, advocating for his right to live, taking the time to understand not only Marvyn but the Kahvi race, and teaching him what a choice is. It was through this, that Marvyn made the choice to save his son from the tombs by attack Wren and Janzo.

Marvyn tried to force them to save his son, but failed to understand the consequences of not being properly prepared. The child ultimately died, leaving Marvyn devastated and Janzo feeling betrayed over Marvyn's attacks. Wren, however, saw things differently as she understood the drive to protect and save a child. She reasoned with Janzo and even convinced him to advocate for Marvyn's right to live, instead of an execution as Garret wanted. Marvyn was ordered by The Masters to kill Wren and Janzo as they knew about Skevicor. The couple awakened just in time to speak with Marvyn, as Wren pleaded with him not to harm her unborn child. Janzo explained that this is his family and that he wants to protect them. Marvyn finally understands the meaning of love and loyalty, and how he made a grave mistake.

He saves Garret from Levare's attacks and proves himself trustworthy once again. Wren and Janzo offered him forgiveness and a deal to no longer harm one another, teaching him the act of a handshake. Janzo also wants to give Marvyn a real name, so Wren picks out the name Marvyn. While Janzo is indifferent at first, Marvyn likes it and introduces himself happily as Marvyn of the Kahvi. As he stares out at Skevicor, Janzo and Wren secretly agree to try and save the Kahvi and Marvyn's daughter. This promise is ultimately fulfilled and Marvyn is reunited with his daughter, wife, and race. He shares the meaning of free-will with his people and leads the Kahvi thanks to Wren and Janzo's efforts.


Season 4

Notes and Trivia

  • When 313 was released from his chamber, he lost the internalized voice of Vorta.
  • Once awakened, he questioned where the others were and why he was the only Kahvi.
  • He had a male child that had a tomb in Skevicor, and sought to awaken him by using the key. When he failed his mission, 313 fell into a deep depression. He is the first known Kahvi to father a child.
    • An episode later, it was revealed he also has a daughter. He was unsure what to call his child as gender isn't a construct in the Kahvi culture. He merely pointed to Wren's breasts as a way of explaining the differences between his children.
  • 313 is formally named Marvyn in Guardian of the Asterkinj, after it's decided that 313 is his slave name, with Wren giving him the name.


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