Marshal Cedric Wythers


Marshal Wythers is a man of strong moral code. As acting marshal and therefore seemingly the only police force of the garrison, he is the one delivering justice in the garrison. However, he can be overenthusiastic, as shown by his condemning his own son to a mine where he lost his life, and by his conduct in Talon´s case. He also manifests deep regret after killing Gwyn´s servant girl. Even though he is tough and a good warrior, he obviously loves his son, is strangely devoted to his lover The Mistress and loyal to his silent hand / friend. At the same time though, he does not shy from blackmailing Gwyn - but only to hold on to his position and at the same time, thanks to his moral principles, he does recognize her as a true princess.


Marshal Wythers is father of Garret Spears and another son, who unfortunately died in the mines. He sentenced his son to work in the mines for a minor crime, to teach him about justice. However he did not realize that condemning a son of a marshal into the part of a mine where are kept all the criminals he sent there was not a good idea, and his son was beaten to death. His lover is The Mistress - the innkeeper. He discusses with her the situation of the city and receives an advice from her. He is doing her favors occasionally - like executing a drug dealer she wanted dead. However, the said drug dealer killed one of Mistresses sons, so marshal is also upholding his duty when disposing of him, so he is not breaking his sense of duty and justice.

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