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The outpost is my home. I was born here. My father and my father's father were born here. I can't just let those bastards take it.
Wythers to Gwynn in "The Vex Rezicon"

Cedric Wythers was the Gate Marshal at the Gallwood Outpost and the estranged father of Garret Spears. His role at the Outpost was considered the most critical, as he controlled who entered and exited the Outpost. In order for a citizen to stay, they had to be approved by Wythers. He was also the closest to a police presence that the Outpost residents had. He solved crimes that included murder, treason, and petty crimes.

Wythers left the Outpost, presumably for the first time in years, to find his missing son. It was upon finding Garret that Wythers was taken captive by The Three and murdered at the hands of his brainwashed son.


Wythers was born in Gallwood Outpost in a long-line of men. Wythers was a wily child and loved solving cases. He played with Elinor Chadwick when they were children, but they drifted apart late in life. As an adult, Wythers became the Gallwood Outpost Gate Marshal. He then married a washerwoman. They had two sons, eldest Jaelon and youngest Garret.

Years later, Wythers became a widow after a Prime Order soldier tried to seduce his wife. His wife declined the soldier's advances and her throat was slit as a result, under the guise of "treason". This could have been when Wythers' hatred of the Prime Order started.

One day, Wythers' oldest son Jaelon stole a case of wine from the quartermasters to share with Garret but was caught right away. Wythers sent him to the lowest mineshaft as punishment. It was only meant to be for a day or two, however Jaelon was surrounded by the criminals Wythers had sentenced, who recognized him as Wythers' son. Within hours of his first day, he was beaten to death by the criminals. Garret never forgave Wythers for sending Jaelon to his death and this drove a wedge between the pair.


Marshal Wythers was a man of strong moral code. As an acting marshal and therefore the only police force of the garrison, he was the one who delivered justice in the garrison. However, he can be overenthusiastic, as shown by his condemning his son to a mine where he lost his life, and by his conduct in Talon's case. He also manifested deep regret after killing Gwynn's servant girl.

Even though he was tough and a strong warrior, he loved his son. He was strangely devoted to his lover The Mistress, and loyal to his silent hand and friend, Danno. At the same time though, he did not shy from blackmailing Gwynn - but only to hold on to his position at the same time. He could be cruel and misguided and easily upset over not being able to kill someone. Wythers respected the chain of command despite his deep-rooted hatred for the prime order.

As a marshal he has experience with detective work. He is able to piece together clues from tiny bits of information, and is very good at tracking people. He is also able to predict some people's behavior and actions thanks to these skills of his.


  • Jaelon Wythers: Jaelon, unfortunately, died in the mines. Wythers sentenced his son to work in the mines for a minor crime, to teach him about justice. However, he did not realize that condemning a son of a marshal into the part of the mines where all the criminals he sent there wasn't a good idea, and his son was beaten to death.
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  • Garret Spears: Wythers was Garret's once-estranged father. Garret and Wythers had a complicated relationship. Wythers wasn't active in Garret's life and didn't show much affection toward his son. Garret blamed Wythers for the death of his brother, as Wwythers sentenced Jaelon to work in the mines where he was murdered by other inmates placed there years before by Wythers. When Garret's mother was murdered, the gap between the remaining family deepened. Wythers disapproved of Garret becoming a covenant soldier, as a covenant soldier killed Garret's mother. Unbeknownst to Wythers, Garret joined so he could work to destroy the Prime Order and everything that was responsible for his mother's death. When Garret returned to the Outpost, their relationship remained strained and they rarely spoke. After the Outpost was attacked, Garret and Wythers sat down and shared le, seemingly putting their differences aside. Garret left with a group to track down an escaped prisoner when his unit was attacked. A stray soldier saw Garret impaled and returned to the Outpost saying that Garret had been killed. Wythers was crushed and left immediately to find his son's body and bring him home. Upon arriving at Dun-Ebdin, Wythers didn't find Garret's body, only blood, and his sword. This launched him into a long and tiring journey to find his son once again. Wythers was eventually reunited with Garret but was shocked to learn he was working with the Prime Order and had been brainwashed by a healer. Garret had Wythers arrested in the hopes The Three could "fix" Wythers as they "fixed" him. The Three put Garret's localities to the test by commanding him to kill Wythers. Wythers stood several feet from Garret but didn't speak. Garret didn't hesitate and ran his father through with his sword. Wyther's last words were, "Garret" before he fell to the floor. Garret showed no remorse or grief for the death of his father. When Garret was no longer under the effects of the Nyassa Root, he expressed extreme remorse and regret for having killed his father. Even after Garret finishes his revenge on those that manipulated him, whenever someone mentions his father he can't help but feel regret and self hatred. This is because he is reminded as to what he did to Wythers.
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  • Elinor Chadwick: Elinor was Wythers' lover. He discussed with her the situation of the Outpost and received advice from her. He occasionally did favors for her. For instance, he executed a colipsum dealer per her request. However, the drug dealer had killed one of the Mistresses' sons, so Wythers was also upholding his duty when disposing of him. In this regard, he wasn't breaking his code of duty and justice. When Wythers was sentenced to serve time in the mines, Elinor used one of her many contacts to ensure Wythers would be safe. The last time they saw each other was when Wythers rode out to find Garret's body.
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  • Talon: When Talon first came to the Outpost, he immediately had a dislike towards her. When he found out that she murdered a covenant he was hell bent on bringing her to justice, not caring who or what he did to get it done. It was only after she showed her ability to command the Lu-Qiri Baphnoro did he finally come to see her as someone else, other than a murderer. A special person who also hates the prime order as much as him. After Everit Dred attacks the outpost, they work together to drive the prime order out. With that, they finally settle their differences aside and work together to try and defeat the prime order. This would last until his death at the hands of his own son, a person that they both love.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Cedric's first and last lines were both, "Garret".