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Luna is a would-be assassin who hunts Talon down to get vengeance for crimes of the past, but soon discovers that her own heritage is wrapped up in Talon's fate. The two women become unlikely allies as they travel the realms in search of ways to defeat The Seven, ultimately becoming trusted friends.


Early Life

Luna is the first-born daughter of Maylock, a former Dragman, and the older sister of Ilyin. Both sisters were placed in an ancient sanctuary alongside other potential Dragman's. Despite the extensive studious offerings, Luna excelled in fighting which made her less keen on being a member of the sanctuary. Luna was subjected to much intensity during her time there. One night as they lay sleeping, they heard the sounds of men dying and shouting. Before long, the sanctuary was filled with dead bodies as a man, Everit Dred, searched for the Dragman. Ilyin and Luna hid beneath the dead bodies in the hopes of convincing Dred that they, too, had died. Ilyin stirred and her movement caught Dred's attention. He kidnapped her while Luna lay there, unable to move, completely petrified. This event traumatized Luna, and she was forced into the world alone and a child. She kept track of Ilyin, who was now serving Dred, but Luna wasn't able to save her sister. She learned of Ilyin's murder at the hands of a dark-haired Blackblood woman and traveled the realms to seek revenge. She discovered that a woman matching the description of her sister's murderer was located at Gallwood Outpost.

Adult Life

Luna made her way to the Outpost soon after the Hive was destroyed, just in time for queen Rosmund's memorial. She found her way to The Nightshade Inn, where she saw Talon drinking and playing Octor. After becoming intoxicated, Talon staggered home. Near the entrance of her place, Luna ambushed Talon. Talon asked Luna to wait until she was sober, but Luna refused and continued her onslaught of attacks. Talon tried to call for her Lu-Qiri to no avail, so she used her kinj to open a portal to the Plane of Ashes. This frightened Luna enough for her to take pause, while the Coalition guards rushed to the alley. Luna escaped into the night.


Luna is a stubborn young girl that is easily overconfident. Despite herself being very good at fighting and avoiding fights, she easily gets in way over her head in trying to kill her targets. She also has a tendency to be greedy and will cheat her way to make easy money. She can also be manipulative to others, such as lying about her age to get men to fall into her traps. While manipulative to others, she has a strong loyalty to those she cares about. Such as going to extreme lengths to avenge her sister, or even protecting Talon from the Gods.

Physical appearance

Despite Luna being the older sister of Ilyin, the two look quite dissimilar. In contrary to Ilyin, she has an olive complexion and naturally dark hair. She is also able to pass off younger than her actual age of eighteen; which is useful in situations she finds herself in.

Powers and Abilities

Similar to that of Luna's younger sister, Ilyin; she can tell when someone is lying. Although her gift isn't as honed as Ilyin's once was. Additionally, Luna is an experienced fighter with a diverse training background. She is also trained in Grinjorian, a rare form of martial arts that Talon is also adept in. After finding The Skevicor Key, she discovers that her Dragman powers are more active now.



Luna is the oldest sister of Ilyin, and only member of their family known to be alive. They were close as children and although Luna was jealous of her sister's prodigy. She still cared for her and regret that Everit Dred took Ilyin while she continue to play dead among the corpses he left in the sanctuary. Luna vowed to learn how to protect herself better after this event. She kept track of Ilyin whereabouts while she was training in Grinjorian however Luna never got the chance to recuse her from Dred and more importantly from Rebb whom she told Talon that the revenge wasn't her to take after Talon clear up the misunderstanding when Luna though that she was her sister's killer. Talon also told Luna that Ilyin never mentioned her implying that she had little to no memory of Luna given that she was young child when she was taken and forced to serve Dred.


The relationship between these two ladies is an unusual one. Originally Luna was under the assumption that Talon had killed her little sister. She found her way to The Outpost and tried to kill Talon twice. On the second attempt Talon over powered her and she found out the truth about what really happened to her sister. Talon and Ilyin were actually friends, and that a different Blackblood named Rebb had killed Ilyin. Talon then explains that she killed Rebb for her own reasons. Luna then feels like she owes a debt to Talon for avenging her sister. She tries to repay that debt by trying to assassinate the newly crowned Falista Relman only to fail at this too. Afterwards she goes backs to Talon's Place to recover. Ever since then Talon has been acting like a mentor to her, in the same sense that The Smith was towards Talon.


Season 4


  • Luna ran away from the Dragman's sanctuary 8 years ago.
    • In Going to Meet the Gods Luna reveals more of the details to Talon saying that she wouldn't ever left her little sister behind if it was just normal circumstances.
  • Talon and Luna have so many similarities. Both have lost at least one family member by Everit Dred (though Luna's case her sister was kidnapped not killed). Both came to The Outpost on a quest for revenge only to find destiny had a different course for them, and in doing so they discovered secret powers they would never knew they had before. Both found mentors and friends in The Outpost unintentionally. Both are skilled at scheming others (though Luna has a tendency to cheat sometimes) and fighting others.
    • When they started on their quest for revenge they both ambushed their targets while they were drunk and came from The Nightshade Inn.
    • Everyone that knows the two have mentioned the similarities in passing time.
  • She has a tendency to be indebted to those that avenged her little sister.
  • Luna was a bridesmaid in Talon's wedding.