The Lu-Qiri are demons who are trapped in the plane of ashes. They are the ancestors of the species now known as the Blackbloods. Only a blackblood can summon a Lu-Qiri from the plane of ashes, however, a blackblood also has to banish the Lu-Qiri back to its plane.


In "Two Heads Are Better Than None", Talon goes against The Smith's advice and reads from the parchment he gave her. When she reads from it, a portal appears in her room and a Lu-Qiri named Baphnoro comes through. Talon yells at him to leave and he puts a hole in the ceiling and then lunges through the window.

In "The Mistress and the Worm", Baphnoro left a dead body under Talon's window. According to The Smith, the Lu-Qiri left Talon alive because she’s the only one who can let the other demons in. To get rid of it, Talon has to banish it back through the portal. To do this, she must command the Lu-Qiri, now known as Baphnoro, to return to the plane of shadow and ash. The Smith then explains the plane and its history to Talon.

In "Strange Bedfellows", the Lu-Qiri continues to leave dead bodies under Talon's window. Marshal Wythers likens this to a pet leaving gifts for their owners. The Smith instructed Talon to banish Baphnoro using the Voice of Command. He begins to help her reach a mindset that is without fear or self-doubt. When Baphnoro kills an old man, Talon goes after Baphnoro before she is ready. Unable to use the Voice of Command, Baphnoro strikes Talon and stabs her through the torso and leaves her for dead.

In "Bones to Pick", Talon returns to her room and finds Baphnoro with a peasant man. She tells it to let him go but he doesn’t listen. She speaks in Blackblood language, which Talon is surprised that Baphnoro understands. It hesitates but ultimately kills the man anyway.

At Talon's execution at the hands of Marshal Wythers, Baphnoro emerges and grabs Wythers. Talon tells it to let Wythers go in her native blackblood language and, much to her surprise, it obeys. She commands it to leave and it does. While speaking with Garret and Wythers, Talon theorized that it only listened to her because she spoke in her ancestral language. Wythers pieces together that she can control the Lu-Qiri because of her black blood. She explained that this was the first time it listened to her. Wythers tells her to handle the demon and then leave the outpost.

The Smith warns Talon that next time the Lu-Qiri might torture Talon to open the way for the rest of its kind. She asks how to banish it back to the plane of ashes, but Smith doesn't have the answers. He explained that her ancestors lived in fear that the power would be used for destructions so they took great pains to hide any information about how to open the portal.

He elaborates that all Blackbloods have the power to control demons, but only one at any time can open the passageway to the Lu-Qiri's world. That power is handed down from father to son, and mother to daughter. Talon realizes that the power to open the portal is what her mother passed onto her moments before her death.

Talon led Shek and two other members of the Bones to the tunnels where the Lu-Qiri kills two of the members. Shek outsmarts the Lu-Qiri and embarks in a vicious fight with Talon, which Baphnoro dislikes and it tries to break into the room.

In "The Book of Names", when Shek is defeated, Talon finally can command Baphnoro back to the plane of ashes. She learns from a scar on its arm that Baphnoro was the one who saved her from the archer as a child. Upon learning that, the portal appears and it is gone. Talon and Janzo later learn that with the Book of Names she can conjure every Lu-Qiri from the plane of ashes and command them to do whatever she wants. Gwynn asks Talon to summon the Lu-Qiri so they can fight in her rebellion against the Prime Order.

In "The Colipsum Conundrum", Janzo is reading the Smith's book that describes the Lu-Qiri and their relation to Blackbloods. According to the book, the Lu-Qiri overlord mated with a human woman, which resulted in the creation of Blackbloods. Talon dismisses the theory due to the inhuman figures of Lu-Qiri and that no woman would ever survive mating with a Lu-Qiri.

In "Beyond The Wall", Janzo explains the origin of the wall around Gallwood Outpost to Talon. He tells her that the wall was built years before men discovered it. Some say the Greyskins built it, while others say the Lu-Qiri did.

In "The Vex Rezicon", Talon, Janzo and Garret are captured by Greyskins and about to be eaten alive. When Janzo is about to be eaten, Talon summons Baphnoro from the plane of ashes to help them escape. She commands him to kill the Greyskins and as a result, he is murdered by them. Talon expresses guilt over sending him to his death as he saved her life more than once, but Garret merely states that it murdered innocent people. Later that night, Talon finds the true Book of Names, meaning the names of the Lu-Qiri trapped in the plane of ashes won't be lost.

In "The Dragman is Coming", Everit Dred wants Talon to summon a Lu-Qiri to prove to him and everyone that she is the monster the prophecy proclaims. She tells him that no one will come if she says the name he gives her, but he doesn't believe her. When he threatens to kill Garret she finally speaks Baphnoro's full name and Dred is surprised when Baphnoro doesn't appear. This confirms that Baphnoro did, indeed, die in the fight against the Greyskins.

When trying to figure out The Book of Names, Janzo recites a section in the Smith's book that says, "only the Dragman can hear the fire-song of the Vex Rezicon." He is intrigued by this and holds the Vex Rezicon over a fire and it glows blue and begins to whisper names. Janzo realizes that only the dragman can translate and hear the names clearly.

Later that night, Talon picks up the Vex Rezicon and is about to hold it over the fire when she hears a noise. She drops it in the fire and it continues to glow brightly and whisper inaudible names. She demands the person to show themself and is surprised when it’s Ilyin. She sits down and ignores Talon as she writes in her book. She then hands a page to Talon who asks if what is written on the page is a Lu-Qiri name. Ilyin continues to write and Talon asks her who she is, to which she responds, “I am the Dragman.”

Plane of Ashes

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The plane of ashes is a secondary plane of existence in which the Lu-Qiri was banished and currently reside. The plane of ashes is a place of pain and anguish. They can be summoned from the plane by a blackblood, however, they don't always obey the blackblood that summoned them. Lu-Qiri won’t return to the plane of ashes unless it is commanded to do so forcibly by a blackblood. The blackblood must command the Lu-Qiri without fear, hesitation, or self-doubt.


Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: The Lu-Qiri are noticeably stronger than humans and even Blackbloods. Baphnoro lifted a grown man and killed him with ease. He also broke through a floor, window, and put a hole in a ceiling. Their superior strength is one of many dangerous traits.


  • Voice of Command: The Lu-Qiri follow and absolute line of authority, meaning that they must obey the orders of those above them. When a blackblood harnesses a voice of command, she can banish the Lu-Qiri back to the plane of ashes. She must command the Lu-Qiri without any fear, hesitation, or self-doubt. Otherwise, the Lu-Qiri will attempt to kill the blackblood trying to command it.
  • Blunt Force and Impalement: A group of Greyskins were able to overpower Baphnoro using blunt force and arrows. With enough force and impalements, a Lu-Qiri can be killed, it just takes more than a usual amount.

Known Lu-Qiri

  • Gezzekhan (Lord Emperor)
  • Ekkundi †
  • Baphnoro-Decayana-Glakku-Sikkundi-Alonaiya †
  • Vikka

Notes and Trivia

  • The blood that runs in Blackblood's veins comes from Gezzekhan, the emperor of the Lu-Qiri.
  • The old clans of Blackbloods have rings that help them command one Lu-Qiri at a time. It is activated by blowing on the stone.


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