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The Levarekinj is a living creature called a Kinj that relies on the survival of a host to stay alive. This orange-tinted kinj gives its host the ability to Teleport any where in the Realm. The Levarekinj is one of seven original kinjes. It was destroyed with Levare.


Originally located in the Shrine of Vor-Anden, it was taken by an elderly man who would later be known as Three, who along with two others, over powered the Royal Family with their kinjes. He would then co-rule the realm as a member of The Three. However, with the rise and fall of The Hive and start of Queen Falista Relman reign, the Levarekinj would have a more active role. When Three threatened the Queen at knife point, her husband stabbed Three in the gut from behind. Knowing he is dying, Three passed on the Levarekinj onto Tobin as he was the closest being near him.

The Levarekinj has the power to let its host teleport to various locations in the realm.


The Levarekinj was once dormant in the Shrine of Vor-Anden, until it was taken by Three. He and the other Two members of The Three used their kinjes to raise an army, The Prime Order, against the Royal Family. Because of Three's kinj's power he was a very difficult man to get close to when there were assassination attempts. He would continue to be the co-ruler of the realm, until The Hive over took The Capital. When he realized that Prime Order soldiers were infected, he used his kinj to get away from the capital. After the death of Queen Rosmund and Tobin Aegisford body was in the process of being prepared for final rights, Three revealed himself in front of Falista Relman. After Tobin had been revived, and Falista had been crowned, Garret Spears attacked the covenant soldiers in order to get to Two and Three. However Three used his kinj to avoid the fight. Later on King Tobin had tried to use his authority on Two and Three, Three used his kinj and teleported behind Tobin, taking his knife. At the command of Falista, and with the reassurance of Two, he handed Tobin back his knife, and warned him about him having the power to kill him before he knew it. After failing to carry out the order of Execution of Garret Spears and calling Falista weak, Three once again uses the Levarekinj to demonstrate his power. Unfortunately, after Tobin demanded that Three should back away from her (which he did not), Tobin stabs him in the gut from behind. As Three lays dying he passes the Levarekinj onto Tobin, who was the closet person near him.

While Two offers to teach Tobin on how to use the Kinj, he refuses wanting to learn by himself and away from her influences. He goes to the now shut down The Nightshade Inn, to be in a safe location to learn how to use his kinj. After failing to try a few times, Tobin notices that Munt is cleaning some mugs. Tobin wishes out loud he could have a pint. This inadvertently causes him to appear behind Munt after a few seconds. While delighted with this, Tobin get a vision of Vorta. A few days later, he is seen drinking in his room. When he runs out of ale in his current bottle, he uses his kinj to see if he can teleport in front of the table. Unfortunately, because of his lack of focus and being under the influence, he teleports himself in Vorta's chambers. Afraid of Vorta, Tobin begged his kinj to work with him, and he got out of teleported out of the chamber.


Transferring Hosts

As any other kinj, Tobin can transfer it to someone else.

Known Hosts

Powers and Abilities

  • Teleportation: The Levarekinj grants its host the power to teleport anywhere in the realm. If with the proper training and a clear mind the host can travel any where in the realm they want. However, if under the influence such as alcohol the kinj will teleport the host into a location they may not have wanted.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Levarekinj is similar to that of the Asterkinj. While the Asterkinj can allow its host to travel between dimensions through the use of portals, the Levarekinj allows its host to travel anywhere in the Realm.
  • It would seem that the Levarekinj can take people to places underground, and places that the host has never seen before.
  • Every time the Levarekinj is used, a blue electrical field surrounds that person from the starting point to the end point.