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Be careful with that red kinj. Everyone's who had it has been an evil bastard or has become one. And try not to lose your temper.

The Kultorkinj is a living creature called a Kinj that relies on the survival of a host to stay alive. This red-tinted kinj gives its host the ability to inflict intense pain on one's enemies, though the effects of the kinj can be quite painful to the host. The Kultorkinj is one of seven original kinjes. It is currently cohabitating with Kultor.


This red-tinted Kinj was originally hosted by an ancient creature named Kultor. It contains a portion of his soul and stores his power. Thus, earning its name as the "Kultorkinj". When Kultor was imprisoned in a sarcophagus, he was separated from his kinj. It was stored in the Blackblood shrine Vor-Anden before it was stolen decades later by One. This human man was a member of The Three and a co-ruler of the realm. Because the kinj allowed One to inflict pain on his enemies, the kinj became feared and forced anyone who dared to speak against the Prime Order to submit. The power even granted him the nickname "The Bringer of Pain". Before he died, he transferred the kinj to Sana, who used it to inflict pain on the people who failed to protect One.

Sana deemed herself the "new One" as she now had the power he once held. However, her position was soon compromised and she was forced to transfer the kinj to One's handmaid, who had instructions to return it to The Capital. The handmaid was killed by a ruthless Prime Order soldier named Jaaris.

Jaaris infiltrated Gallwood Outpost and used the kinj to inflict pain on the Lu-Qiri and other residents of Gallwood. He wanted to be their leader and claim their food supplies. Though it drained him to abuse the Kinjes power, he often tried to push himself beyond his limits. He forced the residents, most notably the Blackbloods, to fight to the death for his amusement. Jaaris was eventually killed, though the Kinj survived the death of its host and managed to crawl into a nearby Falista Relman.

"This thing in my head... I can't control it." Falista to Tobin

Falista Relman, a recently married Baroness with jealousy issues, struggled to learn how to control her power. She didn't realize she even had the power until she used it on Queen Rosmund and Garret Spears. She learned how to "activate" the kinj but couldn't refine the attack. When she attempted to hurt the men attacking Tobin, she accidentally hurt Tobin too. She also experiences part of the pain she inflicts with each use. This makes it difficult for her to harness the kinj's power. During the war on Gallwood Outpost, Falista saw her friends in danger and was able to channel her kinj's power through her hands. She was able to gesture at her intended victims and inflict pain only on the ones she wanted. She proved to be an extremely formidable foe, as she let out a scream that killed dozens, if not hundreds, of Hive members.

As she mastered the Kinj she always became the Queen of the realm following the death of her cousin. Falista's personality began to shift as she was no longer afraid of hurting others. Instead, she used the kinj to force her subjects to bend the knee, pledge their loyalty, or even to torture arrestees. She became paranoid, allusive, and obsessed with the Gods. She received a vision from Vorta instructing her to return the kinj to its rightful owner. Falista obeyed and was ready to surrender her kinj willingly, but was murdered by Tera instead. The kinj returned to its originator, Kultor, who stepped out of his sarcophagus for the first time in thousands of years.


Transferring Hosts

The Kultorkinj does not die when it leaves a previous host's body. Instead, it can survive merely minutes to crawl into the next suitable host. As any other kinj, it can be transferred to another host. However, it is inexplicably drawn to its originator, Kultor, and will return to him when in close proximity.

Known Hosts

Powers and Abilities

  • Pain Infliction: The host of the Kultorkinj has the power to inflict pain onto others, the only exception being other Kinj-bearers. Some have died from the amount of pain inflicted upon them. The pain caused by the Kultorkinj seems to be psychological, despite the physical toll it takes on some victims. When Falista used it on Tobin, he thought she hit the back of his head, which was appropriate for the situation. The kinj requires great concentration and high pain tolerance, as the kinj-bearers feel a portion of the pain they inflict onto others. Garret later likened the affects to being burned alive, but unable to move our run away. When Kultor was reunited with his kinj, he gained the ability to shoot fire from his palms, showing that only a portion of his power was gifted to the kinj-bearers.
  • Enhanced Healing: The host of the Kultorkinj can heal from minor wounds. Falista was hit in the abdomen by an arrow, but was able to survive, even after being struck in the head by an infected Janzo. This is limited, however, as Jaaris and One were killed upon impalement.


The following people have been inflicted with the pain of the kultorkinj.

Host: One

Host: Sana

Host: Jaaris

Host: Falista

Notes and Trivia

  • The Kultorkinj has the most hosts of any kinj in the series, with six notable hosts. It is closely preceded by the Terakinj, which has three known hosts.
  • The host's emotions are tied to the kinj, as seen with Falista. When she grew angry at Tobin she inflicted enough pain for him to feel as though he had been hit in the head. The same thing happened later but on a grander skill with Garret Spears and Queen Rosmund.
  • Talon has killed two host of the Kultorkinj, making her not only the most experience dealing with Kinjes but also the person who has killed the most hosts of any primary Kinj (the offspring of the Vortakinj not included).