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Kultor was one of the seven Blackblood Gods, who was awakened from his centuries of slumber by the return of his kinj.


Throughout The Outpost Series

In "The Power of the Masters", Kultor is awakened from his slumber with the return of his Kultorkinj. He instantly walks into a battle between Vorta, Tera, and the human king Tobin Aegisford. Kultor throws flames at Tobin who barely manages to escape before the fire engulfs him. Kultor is praised by Janya for still having the fire in his belly. He remarks that he's spent now, but she uses her kinj to give him energy once again. Vorta decides they must collect The Skevikor Key before awakening Golu or Levare, since they can handle their human hosts at another time. They ride across the realm, following the lead of Janya, until they arrive at a vault in which the key is stored. They interrupt Talon, Luna, and Naya, who have also arrived in search of the key.

In The Pleasing Voice of the Masters,


Kultor is described as the cruelest of the group, which reflect his kinj's power of pain infliction. Moreover, if his kinj does represent his soul, it would further explain that his personality extended to the other hosts, who became evil or corrupted the longer they possessed the power. Kultor himself is impatient, hostile, and eager for battle.

Physical Appearance

As a male of his kind, he had spikes all over his head and face, with two sets going over the top part of his head running on both sides. As the host of the Kultorkinj, his spikes were red instead of the usual black. He also had three spikes on his chin. He also had black pointed years, that were hooked down.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Pyrokinesis: Kultor can summon flames on command, using fire to attack his enemies. The fire is produced from his hand while the Kultorkinj glows in response. However, Kultor was left feeling drained after using his power against Tobin Aegisford, who had managed to escape and evade the full effects of the flame.
  • Kultorkinj: As the host of the Kultorkinj, he has the power to inflict pain on to others. The pain he inflicts has physical repercussions and can lead to death or serious injury.


Season 4

Notes and Trivia

  • Kultor is the only member of the seven who did not kill any living being. He disintegrated the bodies of Janya's victims, but was not directly responsible for their deaths.