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Kahvi are a species of creatures who possess supernatural or inhuman properties. The majority of their kind are unconscious in cocoons below Gallwood Outpost, underneath the Yindrian Labyrinth, inside an ancient chamber. They were once the slaves of the Masters, making them unable to think or act for themselves.

They were connected to the Masters via a Naviaspore they received, and were thought to be made to be an army for the Masters, until Wren and Janzo helped guide the species to a better life - a life of choices.


Early History

The Kahvi were connected to beings they called the Masters, specifically Vorta, through a Naviaspore. The Naviaspore made them entirely subservient to the Masters and slaves to them. The Kahvi were forced to do their bidding or suffer horrendous punishments. The population moved from one plane to another, following the will of their Masters. When the Masters depleted the resources of one world the population would move to another, repeating this process until they arrived in a beautiful world. This plane of existence quickly depleted until it was nothing but ash and dirt. The Masters promised the Kahvi would be taken to paradise, and placed them in cocoons until they could reunite in the Green World. The plan was for the Kahvi to be given a Naviaspore once awakened. The Kahvi were put to sleep beneath a Yindrian Labyrinth whilst they waited for to be awakened. However, the Masters themselves were betrayed by one of their own and imprisoned around the Green World. The Kahvi became a forgotten species.



The Kahvi, similar to Blackbloods, bleed black blood which can be confused for oil. Their blood also regenerates faster than the usual humans, which makes their wounds heal quicker. Other physical characteristics include strong, prominent facial features such as high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, and long noses. They have dozens of black horns protruding through their faces, ranging in size from small points to prominent horns. Their ears are large and mostly black. They hooked downward opposed to the small upright points that Blackbloods possess.


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A Navisapore or Navia is the voice of the soul, word of command, to be one with the masters. It made the species entirely subservient to the Masters and slaves to them. The Kahvi were forced to do their bidding or suffer horrendous punishments for disobeying. The Naviaspore was never intended for humans to possess, despite it falling into the hands of Blackblood woman. The Navia were meant to be used on the Kahvi to reconnect them to the minds of the Masters after each worldly move, to once again enslave them. It keeps the Kahvi from thinking for themselves, to never know what it is to want or desire something that the Masters don't command.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Healing: Kahvi heal extremely quickly, but still feel the pain of a wound before it heals. They can fully recover from stab wounds and torso impalements with a few days of rest.
  • Enhanced Strength: Kahvi's are noticeably stronger than other humans, including trained soldiers. 313 was able to break free of iron restraints.


  • Eagerness to serve their Masters
  • Lower intelligence, to the point of making them easily subservient to their Masters.
  • Lack of natural tendency towards independent and critical thinking.

Known Khavi

  • Marvyn
  • Marvyn's Son †
  • Marvyn's Daughter
  • Marvyn's Wife

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