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Janzo and Wren is the romantic relationship between the Blackblood High Priestess Wren and the human scientist Janzo. Their relationship started as enemies when Wren invaded Janzo's lab and took over operations. She also had him removed from the place which doubled as his home, which led to resentment on his part. They eventually decided to form an alliance as a joint desire to open a Meld Box, to find the location to the lost kinj for Wren's mother Yavalla. As Wren and Janzo grew closer, their relationship blossomed into a romantic one. They are expecting a child together and consider one another to be life partners.

They are nicknamed Wrenzo by fans.


When they first met, Wren was openly hostile to Janzo. Having need of a work shop Wren took over his lab and kicked him out with an armed escort. However, because of the unusual set up of the lab she was often the confused about what ingrediency she needed for her experiment (though she still is sometimes). After opening the Meld Box together, they decide that their minds can work better together than separated. After recovering the Vortakinj, they decide to 'experiment' on the sexual reproduction of both species. After discovering that her own mother, Yavalla, betrayed everyone, Wren realizes that she is in love with Janzo. During their time looking over Falista Relman's claim to the throne, Janzo notices that Wren's ears have turned white, indicating she is pregnant. While reluctant to tell him at first, he presses for answers from her and Zed, so she finally tells him that they are expecting a child.

Wren tries her hardest to prove that she is the smarter one of the two, however Janzo's unique mind set has the two on the same page. For example; when opening the Meld Box, she was able to identify all of the symbols on the box, and even figure out three of the four ingrediency that were needed (one of which Janzo would never have guessed). However, Janzo notices that one of the symbols is upside-down compared to the other three. The two then realize that this means the opposite of what the symbol was. Instead of the symbol being 'tree' it was the symbol for 'roots'.


In For the Sins Of Your Ancestors, Wren forcibly takes over Janzo's Lab and threatens to summon Lu-Qiri if he doesn't vacate the premises. The two have witty banter as neither is willing to compromise on their demands, but Janzo ultimately folds and leaves. When she accidentally poisons herself and stumbles into the Nightshade angry that Janzo's organization makes no sense, Janzo takes this moment to bask in her failure. He gloats that the system is used to keep nosy people out, but she threatens to break his perfect nose if he doesn't help her. He still refuses and she throws herself back to the lab to make the herb herself - something Janzo claims is impossible to do.

The miners have been digging for a crystal that Wren needs while she works to open an alchemy box that only opens when you have the exact ratio of ingredients. Yobhan brings her the crystal after a Gallwood resident discovers it. She is elated, so she hugs him. He asks her to tell Yavalla that he was the one who brought it to Wren and she dismissively agrees. When Yavalla is summoned through, Janzo is allowed to go wherever he wants in the Outpost so he returns to his lab much to her chagrin. He pesters her with his talking but is surprised when she succeeds in making the herb she needed. It requires time to grow and a lot of fly weed that Janzo has, so he reluctantly helps gives her the herb that she needs, claiming it's because he doesn't want her to use up his fly weed.

In The Peace You Promised, Wren has been getting a lot of pressure from her mother to open the Meld Box. Janzo happens to over hear one of the conversations between the two. He then offers to help her open it. Wren is at first reluctant to accept, until he shares his similar experience with his own mother. Together they are able to open the Meld Box. They present their finds to Yavalla together. Wren tries to give Janzo some credit for his help, but he refuses. Either because he wants Wren to have better praise in her mother's eyes, or because he doesn't want the praise is unclear. They continue to work together as they uses the map from the Meld Box to try and find the entrance to the lost Blackblood Outpost. They eventually do and both are amazed that it is in The Smith's place (now being occupied by Talon). When they go inside they immediately know where they entrance is. They remove the sand from the pit to reveal the hidden entrance beneath. Wren opens it despite the concern of Talon. All three are then astonished at what lies underneath them.

In A Life for a Life, Wren accompanies her mother, Janzo, and Talon down to the hole. Once they have all settled down they look around their surroundings. Wren notices the pictograms, while Talon and Janzo notice the keys buried in the ground. Wren is about to but a key in the matching pictogram, when stopped by Janzo. He realized that the pictogram she was going to put it in was wrong. He then tells them that they need to be very careful as the designers, the Yindrian, were master of puzzles and deadly traps. This is evident to the previous victims of this puzzle as they are standing in their ashes. Despite Janzo's warning Yavalla pushes aside the stone in the center of the room. This triggers the first deadly puzzle to be solved. The ceiling is immediately closed off, with a fire igniting from the center where the stone used to be. Janzo immediately realized that they are in an oven, and will be cooked alive if they don't use the keys. The group are able to use two of the keys successfully, but they can't find the last. Janzo realizes that they key, which has a skull engraving, is the Yindrian symbol for sacrifice. He knows the last keyhole is in the fire. He then takes the key from Wren and burns his arm to put the last key in place. The door then opens properly and everyone proceeds to the next room, which then proceeds to close behind them.

Wren treats Janzo's arm with aliment that she got from his lab. She brought them with her in case of an injury. Wren, Janzo and Yavalla then examine the walls for any hidden message within the writing. After a few minutes Yavalla collapses, with Wren rushing to her side. Janzo realizes that the air is almost used up, and they need to find a way out soon. Just when all hope is lost, and the last torch is put out, certain word glow in the dark. Among the words there is also a hand print on opposite sides of the room. Realizing that these are the triggers to open the door, Wren and Janzo press them. This simultaneously opens a wall on Wren's side of the room while dropping a barrier in the middle of the room. As the wall is about to close Yavalla is about to proceed without her daughter, only for Wren to literally hold her back. Wren realizes from the glow in the dark writing that this opening is a trap. As the wall closes a new one opens up on Janzo's side with a wheel in it. Talon turns it to lift the barrier and everyone proceeds to the next room.

In the third and final room which one again seals behind them, there are many skeletal remains of previous victims. Yavalla tries to go ahead first to show that she is brave enough to be the first to go through any obstacle. Only for her to step on a pressure stone and trigger a trap that shoots out darts from the wall. While Wren attends to her mother's wound Yavalla collapse, indicating that she has been poisoned from the dart. As Talon goes through the trap Wren and the gang watches in astonishment. Just as Talon is about to reach the lost kinj, she steps on a pressure stone. This actives the doors to the previous rooms to open freeing them. Though weaken from the poison, Yavalla puts her hand into the statue to take up the lost kinj. As the kinj takes up residence inside Yavalla, it cures her from the poison and heals her wound causing Wren to be happy.

In The Key to Paradise, Wren talks with Janzo about how humans and Blackbloods need to settle down together. She then brings up the question about the different anatomies of each. Janzo says that they are both the same, other than the ears and blood. Then Wren ask about the different reproduction systems of both species. This makes Janzo uneasy at first causing him to leave. Later on she once again brings up the reproductive system again. For the sake of "science" they have sex. Later on Wren is summoned by her mother. Yavalla wants to thank her daughter for all her hard work and contribution for getting the lost kinj. Wren then demands an apology from her mother for nearly abandoning the group which almost got everyone killed. Yavalla agrees that she was selfish and apologies to her daughter. This makes Wren know something is off, as Yavalla has never apologized to her daughter. Yavalla then tries to pass a kinj into her daughter. At first asking for a hug and then forcing one on to her, only for Wren to knee her mother and leave. She then goes to Janzo and tells/confirms what Talon and Garret Spears were trying to tell Zed.

In Under Yavalla's Control, Wren is first seen talking to Zed. He tells her that Yavalla's been captured and imprisoned, and that Wren needs to stay away from her mother. Despite her objections, she proceeds to Janzo's Lab to help free the infected. There is a great debate on how to free the infected from The Hive. One idea is that without the queen the hive will be destroyed. The thought of having her mother killed makes Wren very angry. She then storms off from the lab and is later on seen talking with Munt when he was loading his heavy cart. Wren then tries to explain her situation to Mutt, with him having figured out that she was also talking/deciding about her feelings towards his brother. He then explains that while he does love his foster brother, there are times he feels like he wants to kill him. This makes Wren realize that she loves Janzo. Before leaving, Mutt gives her a hug. Whether because he is happy for her or because she needs some reassurance is unknown, but she does leave him feeling a lot better after the hug. Wren then goes to Janzo, and exaggerates on how she feels about her mother and him. Finally telling him that she loves him and he is her first love. Janzo then says that he loves her and then proceeds to explain that Garret tried to kill her mother in jail and failed. They then go to see her and the captured Hive members, only to discover them gone. After it the revelations of Garret's fake death, Yavalla's betrayal, and The Hive Wren is the one that makes the Blackfists see the truth. Later that night, while snuggling with Janzo in their bed Janzo notices a rat making its way towards them. He captures it and inadvertently wakes her up. They realize that it was the rat that infected Tobin Aegisford and that Yavalla is watching them now (this causes Wren to cover herself a little more).

In Someone Has to Rule, in the evening Janzo and Wren are looking over the historical records of Falista's bloodline and the royal bloodline. The two discuss how bloodline is important, while Wren off handedly mentions about her own bloodline and duties. After a while Janzo discovers that Wren's ear tips have turned white. Wren checks this out in a mirror for herself. After confirming his statement, she looks at him in the reflection and curse silently. She then leaves him to finish their reviews. The following mourning, Zed meets up with her by the entrance of The Nightshade Inn. He is shocked to find out that Wren is pregnant and Janzo is the Father.

In A Throne of Your Own, after avoiding the subject for a matter of days if not weeks Janzo decides goes to Zed asking for some information. He is concerned for Wren because she states that while she is fine and her white tips are normal, he isn't so sure. After getting very vague information from Zed, Janzo is left with even more questions and concerns. When confronted that night, Wren finally spills the beans and lets him know that she is pregnant. Feeling relieved for a moment that Wren is not carrying a deadly disease, it finally dons on Janzo what Wren said. Janzo faints at this news, but afterwards his is so ecstatic he can barely contain himself. Then he goes into overdrive in imagining the different kinds of hybrid variables their child can have, like will their child have pointed ears or what color their blood will be. He then states that he wants a girl, and says that because he had no father or even a father figure growing up he has a lot of work to do to become the best father possible for their child. After confessing their love for each other, Wren promises to have him keep it a secret. While he believes this is because she is ashamed of him, she states that she doesn't want people to treat her differently. So while he promise to keep it a secret, he accidently slips up the next day. While cleaning up The Nightshade Inn from the Prime Order and worried about the future, he accidently mentions the word 'child' in front of Munt and their friend Warlita. Pressing on about what he meant by child, he then confesses that Wren is pregnant. This cause Munt to grab his brother and Warlita in for a hug.

In All We Do Is Say Goodbye, Nedra goes to Wren letting her know that she has been neglecting her duties to teach the Blackblood children. Wren goes with Nedra, but not before talking about it and her child to Janzo. As the children go to sleep, Nedra is concerned that Wren is dishonoring their people by continuing her relationship with Janzo. So much so that she believes their child would be seen as last stage of dishonor. This shakes up Wren a lot, and has caused her to rethink things for a few days. When she has finally come to her senses, she openly declares her love for her child and Janzo. She also states that all children, no matter the color of blood or gender are to be treated like the treasure they are with parents that love them and not people that want to continue their bloodline.

Notable Moments

In The Key to Paradise, Wren and Janzo had flitted around the idea of having sex as they were unsure if they even could as she was a Blackblood and him a human. They agreed to have sex "for science", but ultimately accept their reasons were personal and not scientific. For Janzo, this was his first time with any woman. Later, after her mother nearly infects her with The Hive, Wren goes to Janzo to seek comfort and to get his help. Showing that she goes to him in needs of comfort in their short time together.

In Under Yavalla's Control, after Wren has a conversation with Munt, she realized that she is in love with Janzo.

In Someone Has to Rule, in the evening Janzo discovers that Wren's ear tips have turned white. The following mourning Zed is shocked to find out that Wren is pregnant and Janzo is the Father.

In A Throne of Your Own, after avoiding the subject for a matter of days if not weeks Janzo confronts her before they go to bed together. Wren finally spills the beans and lets him know that she is pregnant. Janzo faints at this news, but afterwards his is so ecstatic he can barely contain himself. While he promise to keep it a secret, he can't contain himself from letting his foster brother Munt and their friend Warlita know that he is going to be a father.

In All We Do Is Say Goodbye, after getting pressured about her relationship with Janzo and her duties the Blackblood High Priestess, Wren openly declares that her love for her child and Janzo. She also states that children, no matter who the parents, are to be treated as the treasure they are and should be raised by loving parents not people who are worried about continuing a blood line. Afterwards she kisses Janzo.

Notes and Trivia

  • Wren and Janzo are the first couple to expect a child together in The Outpost, though it is never discovered if they are having a girl or a boy.
  • They can be considered each others intellectual equals. Though they each specialize in different areas, they work together harmoniously and are able to learn from one another.
  • Their child will be the fist Blackblood-Human hybrid in modern times.
    • While suffering from delirium, Munt asked if it was time to play with 'Munty Junior' and 'Janzo Junior,' though Wren turned down the idea of naming her child "Janzo Junior".
  • Janzo has nicknamed Wren his "little dung beetle".
  • A running gag with the two is that because they don't know how to fight, they grab random objects to try and defend themselves when confronted; such as a key, or a firepit shovel. Ironically enough they are able to use their minds and words to get out of the unfortunate situation.