Garret: What do you do down here?
Janzo: Oh you know, mostly dismember bodies, making magical potions.
Garret: Ah, I figured.
Janzo: It’s a brewery, Captain, I make ale.
Garret and Janzo about the lab

Janzo's Lab, also referred to as Janzo's Lair, Janzo's Brewery, and Janzo's Place, is a laboratory located under The Nightshade Inn. There is an above-ground entrance that resembles that of a storm cellar. It allows for quick and silent access by visitors. The entry to the lab is a ramp, which has been utilized by visitors to slide corpses and objects down. The lab is often where Janzo solves many complex issues at the Outpost and makes ale.

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Janzo uses the lab to escape from the complexities of the Outpost and work on projects. While he makes ale and wines in his lab, he also brews concoctions and potions to help fellow residents. He also keeps his extensive book collection in the lab along with the little personal belongings he does own. He occasionally tends to Talon's wounds when needed.

When Garret Spears recruited Janzo for help with the Plagueling epidemic, Janzo began using his lab as an autopsy area. At the peak of the epidemic, infected corpses were in and out of the lab at all hours of the night. While initially unhappy with the fact infected bodies were in his place of work, Janzo grew more comfortable with the idea as time passed. He performed procedures, experiments, and recorded his research in the lab.

After being infected by a Plagueling, Garret came to Janzo's lab as he knew it was the only place people wouldn't look for him. Janzo converted the lab into a makeshift doctor's office during this brief period.

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