Janzo is The Mistress' adoptive son. He knows how to make the perfect brew for someone just by looking at them. He also seems very curious and Talon called him the closest thing to a scientist the Outpost has.


It was revealed in 1.03 that he, among many other orphaned boys, were adopted by the Mistress who runs the Gallwood Outpost's Nightshade Inn. Futhermore in 1.07 he revealed to Talon that he has an twin sister however he hasn't seen her in years since he was adopted. He is a brewer to the public and an alchemist in his personal space and time.


Janzo is easily dismissed as simple or limited. In the eye of the public he expresses torqued expressions and often dons simple eyes. In private quarters his extreme expressions seem to vanish and awareness easily dawns in his eyes. In his brewing sanctuary, Janzo exhibits intentful and critical eyes. While airing at being dull to the public, he exhibits a sharp tongue and sassy attitude that easily tires of situations.


Janzo appears to wear a simple long sleeved cotton shirt under a doublet or vest to add to the already ample pockets of his brewer's apron. In private, Janzo applies round rimmed glasses, but opts out of them in public. He has medium-brown skin, dark eyes, and short dark hair.


The Mistress - Adoptive Mother

Talon - Shortly meeting Talon in the Nightshade Inn, he helped her recover from her critical injuries with his alchemy and general doctor skills.

Garret - We know little of their past, but at current Garret has volunteered Janzo to try to uncover the mysteries of the Plaguelings.

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