What good is killing someone? How will they ever make amends? I’m sorry, but I would do it all over again if I had the chance.
Janzo to Gwynn in "Nothing Short of Heroic"

Janzo is a master brewer who knows exactly what his clients need just by looking at them. Talon once called him the closest thing to a scientist the Outpost has. In private, he is a talented alchemist with moderate doctor skills that improved over time. When Elinor stepped down from her duties at The Nightshade Inn, she appointed Janzo as her replacement.

Janzo is also Elinor Chadwick' adoptive son, the adoptive brother of Munt and Bill Chadwick, and the twin brother of Naya.


Janzo's blood mother was a young barmaid at The Nightshade Inn when she gave birth to Janzo and his twin sister, Naya. Their mother died two weeks later. The Mistress noticed Janzo and took him in as she thought a son could be useful. However, she sold Naya to the slavers under the pretenses that she couldn't afford to keep both children. Janzo was raised alongside Munt and Bill Chadwick who were both adopted by Elinor.

At the age of six, Janzo had swine pox and was covered in sores very ill. Everyone else was dying of it but Janzo didn’t - he never sat or laid down. He roamed the Nightshade looking for anything to make the pain go away. He poured booze and broth all over himself he went searching for the leaves, weed, and dirt. Then one morning, he turned up covered in horse manure so Elinor made him sit out in the barn. The sores went away that very day, so he spread the manure over all his friends because it’s the germs in the fecal matter that overpowers the pox. Elinor decided that day not to sell him. Janzo then trained with Master Brewers.

She used to have a brewer at The Nightshade Inn, however, the man was drunk most of the time and couldn’t make a decent craft. Janzo noticed the man's incompetence. He thought if he read some books and taught himself how to brew that he could one day take the place of the old brewer and make Mistress proud. At ten, Janzo became the master brewer of the Nightshade Inn.


"It took a soul as brave and brilliant as you to make it happen. That’s why I love you. ‘Cause you’re good. And you’re… scrupulous. Something I could never be."
Janzo is a complex, eccentric, yet quirky young man. He is often easily dismissed as simple or limited. In reality, he is remarkably intelligent yet introverted. He keeps himself to himself and doesn't intervene in situations or circumstances that don't require his attention. He hates conflict and tries his hardest to avoid violence or arguments. Despite his introverted nature, everyone at the Outpost comes to Janzo if there is an issue, and he enjoys the power that brings him. At the same time, he always manages to discredit himself despite his brilliance and keen ability to know what others need. While airing at being dull to the public, he exhibits a sharp tongue and sassy attitude that easily tires of situations. Janzo also hates toxic masculinity and tires easily of Garret's attitude toward others. He has an incredibly witty yet complex sense of humor and is often funny without trying to be.

He has an innate desire to help Talon and cares deeply for her. He is remarkably intelligent and can read and write twelve languages while speaking three. His loyalty to his adoptive mother pushes him into situations that he doesn't want to be involved in - such as the colipsum trade. Janzo can be insensitive without meaning to be as he often speaks without thinking through what he wants to say. He recognizes his insensitivity and instantly regrets it. Janzo is very inquisitive and always looking to expand his knowledge base.

Physical Appearance

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Janzo is an attractive young man in his early twenties. He has dark brown eyes and short black hair. He has a smaller physique compared to the warriors around him, and an unsure stance that reflects his diffident view of himself. Janzo usually wears a simple long-sleeved cotton shirt under a doublet or vest to add to the already ample pockets of his brewer's apron. In private, Janzo applies round-rimmed glasses but opts out of them in public. He has a kind and trusting appearance.


  • Elinor Chadwick: Elinor was the only maternal figure that Janzo had in his life. As such, he aimed to please her and did whatever she asked of him, even though she didn't show him, maternal love. She treated him more as a servant than a child. He was happy to obey her orders and do whatever it was she asked of him. When she did show pride in him he was overjoyed and very childlike which aggravated her. Janzo was heartbroken when Elinor was murdered and grieved for some time.
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  • Talon: Shortly after meeting Talon in The Nightshade Inn, Janzo helped her recover from her critical injuries with his alchemy and general doctor skills. They became friends and rely on one another. Janzo harbors romantic feelings for Talon and once believed her to be perfect and beautiful. Janzo makes her laugh which is a quality that Talon herself told him is an important quality in a partner. Janzo often blindly follows Talon into battles and situations that he normally wouldn't be involved in, but at the end of the day, they are incredibly loyal to one another. He is in love with her and has confessed his feeling toward her, however, she doesn't feel the same way. She has told him that if she did love him back it would make her the luckiest girl in the realms and that maybe one day she could return those feelings. Janzo told her enthusiastically that he could wait for her. When Janzo dated Naya Talon told him she was happy for them. Regardless, Janzo still cares deeply for Talon as more than a friend. She referred to Janzo as her favorite human, with him returning the sentiment that she's his favorite Blackblood.
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  • Garret Spears: Garret volunteered Janzo to uncover the mysteries of the plaguelings. Janzo was hesitant to help but eventually agreed. He has a difficult relationship with Garret and often clashes with Garret as he symbolizes everything Janzo isn't. Janzo also doesn't have much patience for Garret's masculinity and authoritative ways. There is a sense of inferiority that Janzo has toward Garret as Garret represents everything that Janzo isn't - a fighter, a soldier, and muscular. With the assurance of Talon, Janzo can overcome a little bit of this inferiority but struggles with it. They are opposites and spend most of their bickering and looking down on one another. Garret and Janzo both have feelings for Talon and compete for her attention and affections. Despite this, Garret cares about Janzo and is protective of the young alchemist. When Garret was under the influence of the Prime Order's mental manipulation, Janzo was tasked with finding a proper cure for Garret.
  • Naya:


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Notes and Trivia

  • Janzo practices alchemy and general doctor skills in an underground location he calls, "his place".
  • He can read and write twelve different languages but can only speak three. His favorite language to read is Yindrian because it's so interesting and colorful.
  • As of "The Vex Rezicon", Janzo had never seen the ocean, been with a woman, or used Colipsum.


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