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The Janyakinj is the soul and power source of the god-like being Janya. This green-tinted kinj gives its host the ability to absorb life forces and transfer it to deceased individuals. It follows the natural order of the world - a life for a life. The kinj's power is reliant on how many lives it absorbs and how long the individual has been dead for. The Janyakinj is one of the seven original kinjes. It was destroyed along with Janya.


The kinj was initially created with the soul of Janya, a God-like creature, inside. Hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago the shrine Vor-Anden was built by ancient Blackblood warriors. It stored the seven kinjes that were given to the Warriors of Old. The Janyakinj was one of the coveted seven and was presumably gifted to a Blackblood warrior. It would eventually come into contact with Two, who would use the power to form a fanatical group called The Three. Together, The Three overthrew the Royal Family and were able to rule over the realms with fear due to the power of their kinjes. The Janyakinj, though less volatile then its companions, served as needed tool in The Three's rule.

When the Tormentor went too far in his beatings of Garret Spears, the healer Sana brings Garret's corpse to The Three and asks Two for her help in bringing back Garret. Two obliges and resurrects Garret using a previously stored life force. The Three are later overthrown by The Hive and imprisoned in the cells of The Capital. Talon and Garret discover Two while planning a siege, and learn that she can resurrect people. They broker a deal with her; Two will resurrect Gwynn Calkussar and Tobin Aegisford if Talon agrees to free Two. The pair accept the deal and kill the Queen and her King-to-be, freeing them from The Hive. Two successfully revives Gwynn using the life of a dying man. She repeats the process with a haggard prisoner to revive Tobin.

Two and her kinj don't resurface until after the final battle against The Hive, where she offers her services to the new Queen - Falista Relman. Two will resurrect Tobin using the lives of 20 Relman soldiers if Falista agrees to join The Three now that she possesses the Kultorkinj. Falista sacrifices Relman and Aegisford subjects to resurrect her husband.


Transferring Hosts

The Janyakinj can't survive outside a host's body. The creature wants to survive like any other living thing, so if the host dies the kinj can leave the host and find a new one.

Known Hosts

Powers and Abilities

  • Life Force Absorption: This kinj works by absorbing the life force of any being and drawing their essence into the host, which can be stored for an unknown amount of time.
    • Resurrection: The host can then release the life force into that of a deceased person, promptly reviving them without any physical ailments or wounds. The longer a person is dead the more life force needs to be absorbed. Gwynn Calkussar was resurrected by the loss of a singular life, a prisoner who had gone mad. However, Tobin Aegisford's second resurrection was made possible by the lives of twenty Relman soldiers, who were unaware of the sacrifice they were about to make. While the kinj is capable of healing most physical wounds suffered by the resurrected, it cannot heal mental wounds or how the wounds feel on the body. When Garret was beaten to death and resurrected by Two, he was swore and weakened for days. He also still had bruises and markings from where the beating had taken place. Garret was also heavily dosed with Nyassa Root, which altered his perception of reality. The effects of the drug were not reversed upon his resurrection.
  • Limb Regeneration: When Janya had her kinj restored once again, her abilities extended beyond that of resurrection. She restored Kultor's chopped-off hand by using the life essence she stored in her kinj. Kultor's hand had full function once it was restored, showing no signs of its recent removal.


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The consequence of such a power is the mantra "a life for a life". In order for one person to be resurrected, another be sacrificed in their place. The absorption of a life force also leaves behind a circular marking on the victims foreheads. This indicates that the victim can not be resurrected by the Janyakinj, and have suffered the loss of their life force.

Known Resurrections

Host: Two

Host: Janya

Notes and Trivia

  • The janyakinj is the only kinj to have been seen in just one host other than its originator.
  • The more life essence the janyakinj holds the larger it becomes.
  • The kinj can absorb any type of life force, including plants such as trees and flowers.