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Janya is a God-like creature who is awakened by the return of her kinj. She uses the kinj to absorb the lives of everyone around her, making her strong enough to leave the tomb she was trapped inside. She is soon reunited with her fellow kinj bearers, Vorta and Tera.


Vorta, Tera, Janya, Kultor, Levare, Golu and Aster ruled over the Kahvi in the Plane of Ashes until the world was nothing but ash and dirt. Aster traveled to the Green World to find a new realm for the Gods to occupy, and found that the Human residences were weak which was perfect for their settlement. The seven brought their people to the Green World, at which point, Aster grew to care for the intelligent beings that inhabited the realm, and even fathered a child with one of them. Vorta and the other six were sicken by this and eventually conspired to kill his child. However, Aster was able to prevent this from happening and then betrayed them by having humans use blades made of Ahl-Kora to have their powers stripped into kinj form. He then place them in sarcophagus with Vorta, Tera, and Golu having their own sperated tombs. Aster then had Janya's, Kultor's, and Levare's in the same burial chamber underneath in what would become The Capital.

Throughout The Outpost Series

In "All We Do Is Say Goodbye",


Like the rest of her siblings/the six she has little regard for humans, is obsessed with her immortality, and is very callous. Unlike most of her siblings she is patience and willing to follow Vorta's order without question or complaints. She is also somewhat of a strategist, as she wants to reserve the life force that she has collected for only times of great wounds and more importantly to revive the Kahvi

Physical Appearance

Janya is similar in appearance to her God companions. She is a female being with strong, prominent facial features such as high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, a square jaw, and long nose. She has pale cream-colored skin and blonde hair that hangs in ringlets around he face. She has horns protruding through her face on multiple areas. She notably has thorns on her brow bone, one on the left side and two on the right side. The veins in her face are visible, running inward from her ears to the outer area of her lips. The veins under her lips are also visible, but not as prominent as those on her cheeks.

Powers and Abilities

As the host of the Janyakinj, she can revive people who have died. As its true host she can even revive the bodies of those whose remain have turned to ashes. This power comes with a great price. In order for her Kinj to bring someone back from the dead she has to absorb the life of another; a soul for a soul. Unlike her kinj-bearer however she can absorb the life out of any living thing that is within a certain radius of her, while Two could only absorb life essence from people in the same room as she was in. She used this power to bring herself out of a deep slumber that had weakened her. She later healed Kultor since he depleted his energy, and restored Tera's detached hand. As part of her kinj, she possesses memory fragments from the woman Two, which she can access at any time.



Season 4

Notes and Trivia

  • Unlike the other hosts of the Janyakinj, her kinj does not expand in size or shape the more life essence it absorbs. Instead, it remains the same.
  • The actress who plays Janya, Tamara Aleksic, plays a different character in Season 3, Liecia who was the spokens lady of the first village that The Hive had infected.