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Jake Stormoen is an American actor who portrayed King Garret Spears in The CW series, The Outpost.


Jake began his work in the film and television industry in short films and videos. He continued to have small roles in television series such as Lucky Days and Relationship Status. His first recurring role was as Duncan in Extinct. In 2014, Jake reached his breakout role as Dagen in the five-part fantasy film, Mythica. He later created Storm Forged dice, a line of tabletop gaming dice, in collaboration with Die Hard Dice.

The Outpost

In 2018, Jake booked the role of Garret Spears in The CW series, The Outpost. The role especially cemented his love for fantasy and period pieces. During filming for the fourth season of the series, Jake found a stray dog wandering the sets and took the dog under his care. He posted about the pet on social media that he was conflicted about what to with him, as the dog is too cute. He ultimately decided to keep the dog, naming him Indy, after Indiana Jones.

Episodes Directed

Season 4

Notes and Trivia

  • Jake is a fan of gaming, both tabletop games such as D&D and Magic: The Gathering and video games.[1]
  • He ships Garret with both Gwynn and Talon, but remains rather elusive on who he prefers.[1]
  • Jake is close friends with all of his Outpost cast members, including Imogen Waterhouse (Gwynn Calkussar) and Jessica Green (Talon).[2]
  • His favorite character in the show was Marshal Wythers.
  • He grew up fencing which allows him to now do his own stunts including all the sword fighting, climbing, and hand-to-hand combat. The only scenes he wasn't able to do in Season 2 was a chair being broken over his back and any scenes where two people rode a horse.
  • Jake is the second cast member to direct an episode. He follows only Imogen Waterhouse. His directorial debut was made in "Guardian of the Asterkinj".
  • He is one of the cast members who follows The Outpost Wiki Twitter account, and is aware of the wiki and its contents.