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Fight me! I won't use my power. Now's your chance to kill me. I know you pointy-ears all want me dead. Weaklings.
Jaaris to the Blackbloods in Dying Is Painful

Jaaris is a Prime Order brute who escapes The Hive's takeover of The Capital and escapes to Gallwood Outpost. He strikes up residence there before overthrowing Janzo and Wren, taking control of the Outpost, and imprisoning every Blackblood. He was in possession of the red Kinj until his death at the hands of Talon.


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In Go Ahead and Run, Jaaris is traveling to Gallwood Outpost with his men following the destruction of The Three and the Prime Order. He slaughters everyone he comes in contact with based on a feeling of whether or not they are infected by The Hive. When he meets Talon, Garret Spears, and Zed he calls them lucky that he knows they aren't infected and informs them of his plans to visit Gallwood. He doesn't care if he has to kill tens of thousands of people to eliminate the "freaks". He arrives at Gallwood and convinces Janzo to let him and his men in, even renouncing the Prime Order and the Three. It isn't long before he stirs up trouble, with Janzo warning him that if he continues to behave in such a manner he will be removed from the Outpost.

Jaaris leave the Nightshade to take the food storage for himself and his men. This leads to a confrontation with the remaining Royal guards and the Blackbloods. Wren calls the Lu-Qiri to help defeat the soldiers, but Jaaris cripples everyone with his Kinj. He intercepted it from One's handmaid and stole it for himself. He uses it to force everyone to submit to him, enslave the Blackbloods, and torture the Lu-Qiri. He kills a few Blackbloods and refuses to give food to those who are young, old, sick, or injured.

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In Dying Is Painful, Jaaris has used his kinj to create a repressive and bigoted environment, especially towards Blackbloods and women. He turns the center of the Outpost into a fighting arena, where he forces Blackbloods to fight to the death. His justification is that they're all going to die anyway, at least this way he has entertainment. Jaaris takes noticed of Warlita and calls her over to him in an attempt to use her. Munt objects to Jaaris' demand and threatens that Jaaris not to touch her. Jaaris responds by using his Kultorkinj to inflict pain on Munt. Warlita shouts in protest and agrees to stay with Jaaris if he stops hurting Munt. He agrees to the terms and Warlita can be seen feeding Jaaris berries and being near him throughout the rest of his reign.

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Later in the day, Jaaris grants Falista entry to the Outpost but sacrifices her and her ladies' horses for supper. That evening, Jaaris is bored with the Blackblood fights and enters the arena himself where he kills a Blackblood man. Falista protests the abuse of power and tries to command him to stop, using her noble station, but Jaaris quips back that nobility is dead. Wren enters the arena while attempting to avoid an infected woman, leading Jaaris to kill the woman to save Wren. He then refuses to allow Wren to leave the arena, claiming that she is his next opponent. Wren isn't a fighter but a scientist, so Jaaris taunts her by giving her a knife and claiming he'll fight with one hand behind his back. When she attacks he uses his considerable strength and agility to avoid her stab and punch her. He continues the onslaught of attacks despite the protests of Falista, who is forced to watch, and Janzo, who is restrained.

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Talon intervenes and takes Wren's spot in the fight, drawing her sword as they engage in an intense sword fight. Talon claims the upper-hand several times, though Jaaris' training allows him to overpower her. Talon's superior fighting skills ultimately win over Jaaris's brutish style, and he attempts to his kinj on her and is surprised when it doesn't work. She coyly tells him that the kinj won't work on her and the Asterkinj glows in response. She mistakes him for One, but Jaaris corrects that he merely took the kinj from One's handmaid. Talon remarks that One's kinj will die with him, and impales Jaaris. With his death, the Kultorkinj is expelled from his body and the Gallwood Outpost residents are able to reclaim their Outpost.


Jaaris is ruthless and bigoted. He is also quite sexist in the way that he assumes Warlita will serve him and his men based on her being a woman. He is a cruel and merciless man who has in his possession and Kinj that inflicts massive pain on his victims. He uses it to kill a Blackblood woman and intentionally harm the Lu-Qiri. When he assumes control over Gallwood, he arrests the Blackbloods and forces everyone that he doesn't deem useful or won't submit to him will starve.

Physical Appearance

Jaaris was a middle-aged man with chin-length dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and a trimmed beard. He was athletically fit and wore either Prime Order armor or a loose shirt paired with black pants.

Powers and Abilities

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Through the red Kinj, Jaaris was able to inflict immense pain on large groups of people at a time. He used this power to overthrow Gallwood and enslave the residents He also used it to torture the Lu-Qiri and keep them from attacking when Wren commanded them. Jaaris was oblivious to the history behind the Kinj and was unaware of what it was called until Talon told him seconds before his death.


Season 3 (2/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • While he only appears in two episodes, the time gap between the two shows that his rule was at least a few days if not weeks that have gone by.
    • He is the second character to only appear twice and still make a huge impact on the Outpost residents (the other being Yobhan)