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In The Worst Corner of My Memory is the twelfth episode and first hour of the season two finale of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on September 12, 2019.


A SENSE OF IDENTITY – Garret faces a bitter enemy while Talon fights off the Prime Order. Naya is imprisoned for her crimes as Janzo continues to come to her defense. The Mistress pieces together some very important pieces of Janzo’s history. Meanwhile, the Prime Order army marches toward the Outpost.


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  • This episode's title is a line said by Captain Weldon Calkussar to Sammy, when referring to having witnessed Alton's execution.
  • Marshal Wythers is mentioned. He was last seen in "The Blade of The Three".
  • Garret kills The Tormentor, the man who beat him during his stay at The Capital.
  • Talon was able to kill One by impaling him. His Kinj would have died with him, however, Sana resurrected him for several seconds so he could transfer his kinj.
  • Sammy is revealed to be the person posing as Alton.
  • Elinor reveals that Naya is Janzo's twin sister.