Imogen Waterhouse is an English actress and model. She currently portrays Gwynn Calkussar/Queen Rosmund in The CW series, The Outpost.


Imogen began her career as a model. She decided to study acting and attended the Oxford School of Drama. She started acting in 2014, beginning with guest roles in various TV series. She had two supporting roles in the 2016 thriller Nocturnal Animals and the 2017 movie The Last Photograph.

In 2019, Imogen appeared in the short film Rain Stops Play by Mika Simmons, where she plays a young American woman becoming the love interest of a gallery owner in New York. In 2018 she got a leading role in the horror movie Braid.

The Outpost

In 2018, she booked a leading role in The CW fantasy series The Outpost, in which she plays Princess Rosmund (better known as Gwynn Calkussar) the last surviving member of an overthrown and murdered royal family. What drew her to the role was the complex characteristics of the main heroine, Talon, and the unapologetic nature of all the women in the series.

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