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I am the Dragman.
Ilyin to Talon in "The Dragman is Coming"

Ilyin, also known as The Dragman, was a mysterious young girl with an even more mysterious past. She briefly rode with Everit Dred in the hopes he would lead her to the Blackblood who could fulfill the prophecy. She was once seemingly loyal to the Prime Order, but her true loyalty lied with herself.

Ilyin became entangled with Talon after revealing her identity as The Dragman. Ilyin was murdered by Rebb after she refused to believe Rebb was the one the prophecy spoke of and not Talon. She was later buried by Janzo.


Ilyin's mother, Maylock of Gellhall, was taught the purpose of the Dragman by her mother, Aurenya of Gellhall. The purpose and teachings have been passed down through generations. While it's unclear why Ilyin's mother isn't teaching her, it can be presumed that something happened to Maylock that prevented her from fulfilling their family tradition.

In The Book of Names, Ilyin is riding with Dred when they arrive at a village. She witnesses Dred mistreat and later murder a villager.

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In "The Colipsum Conundrum", across the realm, Everit Dred and Ilyin return to their outpost. When they arrive, Dred receives a letter from Gallwood Outpost. Ilyin sits in a corner while he argues with the scribe and reads the letter. The letter informs him of the death of the Bones and that Blackblood stains were found at the death sites. Dred also learns that the last Blackblood is a woman and plans to ride there and kill her himself. Dred is angered to hear that Calkussar has been negating his duties. He writes a respondent letter reprimanding and stripping Calkussar of his title. He informs the Outpost that someone more loyal to the prime order will be sent to take over. Ilyin sits in silence and Dred notices the girl's sad expression. He interprets this as her thinking he's too obsessed. He explains that the Blackblood prophecy predicts death and famine over the land if the Blackblood isn't killed. Ilyin merely looks away from Dred.

In "Beyond The Wall", Dred leads a battalion alongside Ilyin to the gates of Gallwood Outpost.

In "The Dragman is Coming", Ilyin is present during the attempted execution of Talon, Janzo, and Garret. When Gwynn and her army ambush the Outpost, Ilyin slips quietly away from the crowd, clutching a large book close to her chest.

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Later that same night, Talon picks up the Book of Names and holds it over the fire when she hears a noise. She drops it in the fire and it continues to glow and whisper inaudibly. She demands the person show themselves and is surprised when it’s Ilyin. Janzo states that Ilyin is only a child which causes Talon to relax some. Ilyin sits on a bench and ignores both Talon and Janzo as she writes in her book. She hands a page to Talon, who asks if what is written on the pages is a Lu-Qiri name. Ilyin stays silent as she writes. Talon asks Ilyin who she is, to which she responds, “I am the Dragman”.

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Ilyin has been translating the Book of Names with Talon for days. She has only been able to give Talon one name. She doesn’t explain why and Talon figures it’s because the name is the first one Ilyin wants her to call. When Talon opens the portal a Lu-Qiri arrives but so does a Blackblood, Rebb. Talon is knocked unconscious by the Lu-Qiri she summoned. During the time she is unconscious, Rebb escaped with the Lu-Qiri and Ilyin.

That afternoon, Rebb attempts to make a trade with Talon - the Dragman for the Asterkinj. Talon refuses at the time and leaves.

In the woods, later that day, Ilyin and Rebb have a conversation about how Ilyin, a child, is the Dragman. Ilyin explains that the purpose has been passed down through her family for generations, including that of her mother and Grandmother. Ilyin is surprised to hear that Rebb knew Ilyin's Great-Grandmother, Iothina, over three-hundred-years ago. Ilyin knows that Rebb wants the Asterkinj from Talon, but also knows that she will never release it, yet Rebb can't take it. Rebb explains that Talon will give to her in the end, whether it's the easy way or the painful way.

In "This Is One Strange Town", Rebb mentions Ilyin in a conversation with Talon. According to Rebb, Ilyin left with her willingly as Ilyin knows her purpose is to free the Blackblood people.

In "Not In My Kingdom", Ilyin is present when Talon and Rebb meet to exchange Ilyin for the Asterkinj. When Talon is about to give the Asterkinj to Rebb she notices Ilyin shaking her head. Talon grabs Rebb's blade and holds it to Rebb's throat, forcing Rebb to command Ekkundi to stand down. Talon then tells Ilyin to run with Janzo.

Back at the lab, Janzo and Talon are arguing over Ilyin and if they can trust her or not. Ilyin remarks that she can hear them which surprises Janzo. Ilyin defends herself to Janzo saying that she only gave Talon the name of Rebb’s Lu-Qiri because that is the name her mother and her Grandmother told her to give the One. Her one purpose was to find the One and give her the name “Ekkundi”. Janzo tells Talon that Ilyin was traveling with Everit Dred which means she can't be trusted. Ilyin explains she was traveling with Dred because she knew he could lead her to the One. Janzo remarks that Ilyin still went with Rebb willingly. Ilyin retorts that she had to decide which Blackblood was the one - Talon or Rebb. When Ilyin looked into Rebb’s mind she saw nothing but lies. Ilyin then gives Talon The Key, saying that she doesn’t know what it’s for but it’s meant for the One. Talon and Ilyin then work together to retrieve the rest of the names from the Vex Rezicon much to Janzo’s dismay.

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Ilyin spends time in Janzo's lab while Talon is away. Janzo is called away by Naya but insists that Ilyin stay in the lab but away from the cages of Plaguelings. The moment Janzo is gone, Ilyin approaches the cages but keeps her distance from the hissing creatures. Rebb sneaks in and startles the girl. Ilyin tries to escape but Rebb is faster than her. Rebb wants Ilyin to be loyal to her, but Ilyin tells her that she can't. Rebb is not the One the prophecy foretells. Rebb doesn't believe her and coldly tells the child that if she can't summon her people, then no one can. Rebb then stabs Ilyin and leaves her to die in the lab.

Talon finds Ilyin in the lab and is holding the child's body when Janzo returns. He is saddened by the child's death. Talon tells Janzo that she didn't know that a Blackblood could be so cruel. Rebb also took the names Ilyin had given Talon. Talon can’t bear to bury another person who died for her, let alone that of a child. Janzo tells her he’ll do it. Janzo takes Ilyin's small hand and finds a piece of paper hidden in her sleeve. Janzo thinks this could be the last name she wrote and hide it for Talon as she was dying. He remarks on the bravery of the child. However, Talon counters that it could also have been planted by Rebb and is the name of one of her Evil friends.

Later that night, Janzo tells Talon that he buried Ilyin and said something on her behalf.

In "Going to Meet the Gods" Luna revealed that she and Ilyin hid among the dead bodies in the Dragman's sanctuary the night it was attacked by Everit Dred. However being such an young child at the time Ilyin got restless which lead to her serving the Tyrant as Luna helplessly looked on.


Physical Appearance

107 Illyin1.jpg

Ilyin was a pretty young girl with long, wavy light-blonde hair and tanned skin. Her hair was usually pulled away from her face. Her eyes initially had a milky film over them that dulled her blue eyes, showing that she might be blind or visually impaired. This later disappeared when she arrived at Gallwood Outpost. She sat in a rigid position and was eerily quiet for a young child. Ilyin was often seen in red and white outfits that are impeccably clean and straightened, usually paired with arm sleeves or tall gloves.


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Notes and Trivia

  • When Ilyin reveals that her family has had the role of being the Dragman for generations, she only lists the females. This could mean that it is only the females that have the role of the Dragman, or the role is handed down from generation (which each one mentioned just so happened to be female).
  • Ilyin is indirectly mentioned in the Season 3 finale, Violence is Futile. Sai-vek Redwan mentions that he received the Terakinj from a Dragman. This person was most likely Ilyin's Grandmother.