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Todry Higgs was a resident of the Gallwood Outpost and was temporarily appointed Gate Marshal following the reprimand of Wythers.


In "The Colipsum Conundrum", in light of Marshal Wythers being stripped of his command, Higgs was promoted to Gate Marshal. On his first day, he shows a more relaxed and careless stance then Wythers did.

In "The Vex Rezicon", Dred's men gather up all the gold, silver, and dishes they can find in the Nightshade inn under the grounds of Mistress breaking the law. When Mistress delivers Dred's food she protests against his methods and asks what laws she could be breaking. He informs her that gambling, drinking, and prostitution are strictly illegal. Mistress stands up to him saying that his soldiers brought prostitution in, not her or her girls. The soldiers deny the claims. Higgs chimes in and calls it the “spoils of war” which the other soldiers seem to support. He threatens to assault Mistress but Dred stops him saying that he’s eating. Mistress spits on Higgs and tells him there, "won’t be a next time".

In "The Dragman is Coming", Higgs reads the proclamation of execution for Janzo, Garret, Wythers, Mistress, Danno, and Munt. He stumbles over the word "ignominious" and Wythers pronounces it correctly then calls him a moron. Wythers mutters that he should have killed Higgs when he had the chance, while Mistress says she should have poisoned him. During the raid led by Gwynn, Higgs drops his sword and runs away.

A newly reinstated Marshal Wythers takes off with Danno to track down Higgs and seek justice for the crimes Higgs committed as Marshal. They catch Higgs trying to steal tax money from the Outpost vault. The gold is supposed to pay the watchman. Before Higgs can escape Wythers and Danno catch up to him. Upon learning that Wythers is Marshal again, Higgs throws the gold at them and grabs a crossbow. He points the bow at Wythers. Danno doesn't hesitate and stands in front of Wythers, causing him to be shot in the back with the arrow. As he lies on the floor he trips Higgs who was trying to escape. Wythers flips Higgs over and tells Higgs to look at what he's done, before impaling him through the chest with a sword.


Higgs was confident and arrogant due to his promotion to Gate Marshal. He is rude and doesn't seem to respect anyone who isn't blatant superior, such as Everit Dred. He is extremely sexist and crude, relating prostitution to spoils of war. He doesn't seem bothered by women being talked down to or looked upon as less-than.

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