We’re friends now. We’re two women in a world of men. Each has what the other is lacking, but together, we have it all. You have the brawn and I have the brains. We’re like fire and ice, you and I.

Queen Gwynn Calkussar (born Rosmund) is the rightful heir to the throne and last-living member of the royal family. She was taken in by Cornelius Calkussar when the Prime Order overthrew the royal family.

Cornelius and Rosmund, now Gwynn, moved to Gallwood Outpost where Calkussar was the new commander. There, Gwynn assumed the identity of Calkussar's daughter and hid her true identity as Queen of the realms.


Early Life Edit

Rosmund was born to King Ranulf and Queen Annesendra in a time where the royals were at there weakest and the prime order lurked in the shadows. She had a younger brother, Alton, whom she remained close with despite their young age. Her playmate, Gwynn Calkussar, was the daughter of the King's most loyal Minister, Cornelius Calkussar. When the Prime Order overthrew the palace they captured and beheaded the royal family. To preserve the loyal lineage, the King commanded that Calkussar sacrifice his daughter, Gwynn, in the place of Rosmund. Calkussar obeyed his King's command and switched Gwynn and Rosmund.

After the purge, Calkussar was praised by the prime order and given an Outpost. It was then, that Calkussar and Rosmund, who now took the identity of Gwynn Calkussar, moved to Gallwood Outpost. Gwynn was then raised by a Governess who gave her a very specific education of languages, arts, and cultures. She was looked after for years by the military at the Outpost before she was under the protection of Captain Garret Spears. With his and Calkussar's help, she planned to one day overthrow the prime order and reclaim her kingdom.

Adulthood Edit

In "The Book of Names", Gwynn reveals her true identity to the soldiers Calkussar and Garret have been recruiting. While they are reluctant to believe her at first, she takes it upon herself to interact with a select few. She recalls specific memories she shared with each of them as a child. The men she approached were all commoners compared to her then-Princess status, but she took care to remember, or almost remember their names. The men she spoke to kneeled before her and swore on their lives that Gwynn was Rosmund. The rest of the encampment kneeled before her, chanting, "all hail the Queen!".

201 Gwynn

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Gwynn is settling into her new position as Queen. She is working closely with Marshal Wythers to find the traitor responsible for freeing Everit Dred. Wythers informs her that the soldiers are overworked and tired and too afraid of her to speak up about it. With the influx of people to the outpost, the soldiers can’t keep up. Gwynn remains unfazed and changes the subject. She wasn't an update on the Plagueling problem, as it hs only grown since she made a law against colipsum. Wythers mentions that people want forbidden things more then they care about their own health.

Gwynn meets a rider at the front gates and is shocked to learn that Garret didn't survive his mission to capture Dred. She collapses into Naya's arms sobbing. Naya takes Gwynn away. Later, Gwynn speaks with Wythers who wants to retrieve Garret's body from Dun-Ebdin. Gwynn initially doesn't think it's a good idea as she needs him at Gallwood to help her find the traitor. Wythers tells her he wants to bring his boy home, and she hugs him and tells him to bring him back safely.

During a conversation with Naya, Gwynn reveals she only has 3,000 soldiers who are mostly untrained and ill-equipped, while the Prime Order could have 50,000 men at the Outpost gates in twenty-days time to kill her. She threatens the legitimacy of their reign and they won't hesitate to kill her. Naya and Gwynn talk about how the regional governors were once Barons and Baronesses. They are proud families who were forced to give up their titles and surrender allegiance to the Prime order. Naya thinks they might still remember and want to overthrow the Prime Order and have them replaced by a royal heir. Gwynn thinks this is too much of a risk of exposing herself to Dred and the Prime Order. Naya suggests she send riders to ever former noble calling them to arms and dare them to stand with her and against the Prime Order.

202 Drunk Gwynn

In "This Is One Strange Town", a drunk Gwynn causes a scene at the Nightshade Inn. Janzo gives her Skybalt Venom. It sobers people up fast but leaves a blistering headache that will last for hours. She reveals to Talon and Janzo that every nobleman, magistrate, and governer responded to her letters by swearing their allegiance to the prime order and not her. Not a single one wanted to help her. Talon and Janzo tell her that the Outpost is in disarray. The gates aren’t being closed after nightfall, the men are unruly, and the fortification efforts have basically stopped. But Gwynn refuses to appoint a new commander as no one is properly qualified. Talon tells her that no one will ever be Garret, but someone has to lead their people in war. Both Talon and Janzo believe that Gwynn can do it, much to her disbelief.

202 Gwynn-Naya

Once in the throne room, Tobin and Gwynn converse slightly before he extends his offer. Tobin is willing to pledge his army, men, and his life and loyalty to the crown forever - if Gwynn marries him. He isn’t asking Gwynn to love him, only that they share the same bed long enough to father a son. Gwynn doesn't respond but disapproves of the idea. He elaborates that he doesn’t want to be King or make a grab for her throne, he only wants to be her consort. He isn’t asking Gwynn to give herself to him, as she can have other lovers just as he will. He only wants her to remain loyal long enough to father a son. He wants a legacy and to father Kings and Queens so his bloodline will sit on the throne for generations that will track back to him. Gwynn asks him if he plays cards and he notes that he does of course. She tells him he’s tipped his hand and reminded her that she is the only remaining royal. Her betrothal is the top-ranking card in the game. He raises this by saying that there is only one card that matches hers in the deck, which Gwynn doesn't agree with. Tobin gives her three days to consider his offer before she is on her own.

Talon invites Gwynn to the Nightshade to talk to her and play a private game of Octor with her. Gwynn tells Talon that Garret loved Talon which makes Talon smile. Talon wants to drop the conversation. She explains that all the men in her life either betray her or die on her. Gwynn brings up Janzo which shocks Talon. She admits to loving him but not as a romantic partner. Talon and Gwynn play Octor and Talon ultimately wins. She thinks Gwynn let her win, but Gwynn insists she didn't.

203 Gwynn

In "Not In My Kingdom", Tobin waits impatiently for Gwynn to see him. When she finally does let him in her throne room, after purposely making him stew, he admits he wants to play Octor with her. They decide to make a bet after Gwynn dismisses his idea of strip Octor. If Gwynn wins she gets his army without the condition of marriage. If Tobin wins she’ll agree to marry him. He turns down her offer because a gentleman should never play for those stakes with a lady. Gwynn begins to shuffle and deal and he makes a comment that the man usually deals Octor, but Gwynn tells him, “not in my kingdom”. He merely smiles at this.

OUT203 0003b

Later, as they are playing Octor, Tobin comments that Gwynn hasn't started the mines again. She tells him that she stopped work in the mines as it is slave labor and she refuses to partake in it. She plans to use the work to create jobs and pay the men fairly. Tobin asks how she plans to pay for it, and she admits that she doesn't know. They argue briefly before Gwynn ends the game having won, and leaves the room.

203 Gwynn2

Gwynn receives a visit from the new Blackblood in town, Rebb. She introduces herself as Rebb from a blackblood village that no longer exists. She wants to make a deal with Gwynn to lead the army of Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods herself. She doesn't need the Dragman, for she already knows the name of every creature on the other side. The creatures will also follow her willingly, and that Talon can't control the Lu-Qiri because of her history. In exchange, Rebb wants Gwynn to command Talon to give the Asterkinj to its rightful owner - her.

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Gwynn is visited by a charming Tobin who visits Gwynn with a gift to show a token of his love for her. In the box is a see-through white nightgown that he wants her to wear on their wedding day. She regards him as a snake eating its own tail, and a self-destructive, narcissistic, presumptuous liberty. He doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong and is kicked out of the throne room by an enraged Gwynn. On his way out, he offers the gown to Naya and Gwynn yells at him to leave.

Rebb visits Gwynn and denies ever having killed the Dragman. Rebb summons Ekkundi who slaughters the guard squad and gives Rebb her staff. She kills Gwynn’s guards and kidnaps Gwynn. Naya is tasked with finding Talon on the request of Rebb.

Physical AppearanceEdit

OUT107 0019

Gwynn is a beautiful young woman with a pale complexion, natural light blonde hair, light blue eyes, full lips, and pale light skin. She is a tall and slender woman with high, sharp cheekbones that contrast beautifully with her otherwise soft features. She usually styles her hair down in ringlets but will pin it up on occasion. She always wears very elegant dresses that show her rank and stature in the community. Even before her real identity was revealed, Gwynn's dresses and accessories were always above the stand of other women's. Her color palette was pastel, wearing lots of yellows, whites, and peach tones. She wore lots of patterned dresses with a mono-tone cloak to off-set the patterns. Her style was very feminine and soft, often showing her more romantic side. She wore lots of earrings or simple necklaces, rings, or bracelets. She frequently wore cloaks or gloves. She wears moderate makeup for someone of her ranking.

S2 Gwynn Style

Upon revealing herself as Queen, Gwynn's style underwent a drastic change. Physically, she cut her hair short so it reached the tops of her shoulders in waves. Upon reclaiming the Outpost, Gwynn's overall sense of style became more refined and simplistic. This is evident in her simple yet elegant gowns. Her color palette changed to reds, oranges, and browns with the occasional yellow highlights. The bright patterns were replaced with solid tones or a patterned cloak. She stopped wearing multiple accessories and instead, went for a single large accessory, such as a thick belt or her crown. She wore hair pulled away from her face in tight braids or elegant stylings. Gwynn also wore more natural makeup, especially around her eyes. When going into battle, Gwynn's style changes completely and she wears an armored, yet feminine, outfit fit for fighting.


Gwynn is passionate and poised even when she was forced to pretend she wasn't royalty. During that time, she is shown to be a skilled actress, having convinced everyone in the Outpost that she was like any other inmate, but in truth, she is a Queen. She proves herself to be a formidable foe for anyone that stands in her way. She is also a great ally, as she wants to put her people before herself, but isn't always able to make that choice. She has been acknowledged as a strong, equality-driven, kind Queen, but often lacks the political skills to rule successfully over the realm.


OUT106 0014
  • Garret Spears: Garret is Gwynn's boyfriend and former personal guard. Garret was recruited by Gwynn's adoptive father, Cornelius Calkussar, to watch over her. Garret was entrusted with Gwynn's secret and kept it with his life. As time passed, Gwynn and Garret grew closer and began seeing each other romantically. Their relationship was frowned upon by Calkussar, which is why they had to hide their relationship. When Gwynn revealed her true identity, they no longer needed to hide their romance. Garret's protectiveness over Gwynn makes him a dangerous enemy. They were separated when Garret followed Everit Dred, and Gwynn grieved him when she thought he had been murdered. Garret, under the manipulation of Sana, was tortured until he negated Gwynn's claim to the throne. His refusal to do so almost cost him his life. Garret's resistance to the abuse, combined with the mental manipulation from Sana, was a testament to his love for Gwynn. They share a mutual love and connection, willing to do just about anything for one another.
OUT104 0010
  • Talon: Gwynn and Talon's relationship fluctuates almost daily. Gwynn found Talon fascinating when she first arrived at [the Outpost and thought they were kindred spirits. Talon wanted the Bones dead and Gwynn mistook this as them being allies as Gwynn also needed the Bones dead. Though their reasons appeared vastly different, their mutual disdain for them brought the pair together. It became evident that Gwynn needed Talon to protect her, while Talon needed Gwynn's mind to think out attacks. They are two women in an Outpost and world, full of men that want to destroy both of them. When it's just the two of them, they get along merrily and can have quite a lot of fun together. They play Octor, drink, and bring out the light-heartedness in one another. Their differing views politically and personally are often sources of conflict between them. Gwynn knows that Talon has feelings for Garret Spears, Gwynn's boyfriend, despite Talon's objections to the opposite. When Gwynn became Queen she wanted things to remain the same between them, but her actions led Talon to believe that she was nothing more than a tool in Gwynn's war against the Prime Order. When this proved to be untrue, they grew close and Talon is Gwynn's only real friend and most trusted ally at the Outpost.
  • Tobin Aegisford:
  • Cornelius Calkussar: Cornelius was like a father to her, he raised her so she views him as her father figure.


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Notes and Trivia Edit

  • Gwynn is a highly-skilled Octor player, able to best almost all of her opponents.

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