Gwynn is the daughter of the commander of the Outpost. She saved Talon from her execution and now they are both linked to each other. If Talon breaks the law, Gwynn will suffer the consequences with her.

It is later revealed that (long story short) Gwynn isn't even her real name, her real name is Rosmund, as the rightful queen. Before the whole royal family was killed, the real Gwynn and Rosmund swap places so that Rosmund would survive. Calkussar allowed his daughter to be killed so that the princess would survive, and that's why his wife killed herself. After that, he and Rosmund (now "Gwynn") came to the Outpost


-Swiched so she survive,

-Raised by Calkussar

-In love with Garett

-A rightful queen




Garett- In love with, mutual. Really cares for him.

Talon- Good friends. potential love rival for Garett. Talon is her first real friend.

Calkussar- He's like a father to her, he raised her and she really loves him. She feels a bit sad because Calkussar's real daughter dies for her

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