We’re friends now. We’re two women in a world of men. Each has what the other is lacking, but together, we have it all. You have the brawn and I have the brains. We’re like fire and ice, you and I.

Queen Gwynn Calkussar (born Rosmund) is the rightful heir to the throne and last-living member of the royal family. She was taken in by Cornelius Calkussar when the Prime Order overthrew the royal family.

Cornelius and Rosmund, now Gwynn, moved to Gallwood Outpost where Calkussar was the new commander. There, Gwynn assumed the identity of Calkussar's daughter and hid her true identity as Queen of the realms.

Upon revealing her true ranking, she ascended to being the Queen of those who knelt before her. She became the leader of the Outpost and soon aligned herself with Baron Aegisford to help her lead The Coalition against the Prime Order.


Early Life

210 SC5

Rosmund was born to King Ranulf and Queen Annesendra in a time where the royals were at there weakest and the prime order lurked in the shadows. She had a younger brother, Alton, whom she remained close with despite their young age. Her playmate, Gwynn Calkussar, was the daughter of the King's most loyal Minister, Cornelius Calkussar. When the Prime Order overthrew the palace they captured and beheaded the royal family. To preserve the loyal lineage, the King commanded that Calkussar sacrifice his daughter, Gwynn, in the place of Rosmund. Calkussar obeyed his King's command and switched Gwynn and Rosmund.

After the purge, Calkussar was praised by the prime order and given an Outpost. It was then, that Calkussar and Rosmund, who now took the identity of Gwynn Calkussar, moved to Gallwood Outpost. Gwynn was then raised by a Governess who gave her a very specific education of languages, arts, and cultures. She was looked after for years by the military at the Outpost before she was under the protection of Captain Garret Spears. With his and Calkussar's help, she planned to one day overthrow the prime order and reclaim her kingdom.


In "The Book of Names", Gwynn reveals her true identity to the soldiers Calkussar and Garret have been recruiting. While they are reluctant to believe her at first, she takes it upon herself to interact with a select few. She recalls specific memories she shared with each of them as a child. The men she approached were all commoners compared to her then-Princess status, but she took care to remember, or almost remember their names. The men she spoke to kneeled before her and swore on their lives that Gwynn was Rosmund. The rest of the encampment kneeled before her, chanting, "all hail the Queen!".

201 Gwynn

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Gwynn is settling into her new position as Queen. She is working closely with Marshal Wythers to find the traitor responsible for freeing Everit Dred. Wythers informs her that the soldiers are overworked and tired and too afraid of her to speak up about it. With the influx of people to the outpost, the soldiers can’t keep up. Gwynn remains unfazed and changes the subject. She wasn't given an update on the Plagueling problem, as it has only grown since she made a law against colipsum. Wythers mentions that people want forbidden things more then they care about their health.

Gwynn meets a rider at the front gates and is shocked to learn that Garret didn't survive his mission to capture Dred. She collapses into Naya's arms sobbing. Naya takes Gwynn away. Later, Gwynn speaks with Wythers who wants to retrieve Garret's body from Dun-Ebdin. Gwynn initially doesn't think it's a good idea as she needs him at Gallwood to help her find the traitor. Wythers tells her he wants to bring his boy home, and she hugs him and tells him to bring him back safely.

During a conversation with Naya, Gwynn reveals she only has 3,000 soldiers who are mostly untrained and ill-equipped, while the Prime Order could have 50,000 men at the Outpost gates in twenty-days time to kill her. She threatens the legitimacy of their reign and they won't hesitate to kill her. Naya and Gwynn talk about how the regional governors were once Barons and Baronesses. They are proud families who were forced to give up their titles and surrender allegiance to the Prime order. Naya thinks they might still remember and want to overthrow the Prime Order and have them replaced by a royal heir. Gwynn thinks this is too much of a risk of exposing herself to Dred and the Prime Order. Naya suggests she send riders to ever former noble calling them to arms and dare them to stand with her and against the Prime Order.

202 Drunk Gwynn

In "This Is One Strange Town", a drunk Gwynn causes a scene at the Nightshade Inn. Janzo gives her Skybalt Venom. It sobers people up fast but leaves a blistering headache that will last for hours. She reveals to Talon and Janzo that every nobleman, magistrate, and governer responded to her letters by swearing their allegiance to the prime order and not her. Not a single one wanted to help her. Talon and Janzo tell her that the Outpost is in disarray. The gates aren’t being closed after nightfall, the men are unruly, and the fortification efforts have stopped. But Gwynn refuses to appoint a new commander as no one is properly qualified. Talon tells her that no one will ever be Garret, but someone has to lead their people in war. Both Talon and Janzo believe that Gwynn can do it, much to her disbelief.

202 Gwynn-Naya

Once in the throne room, Tobin and Gwynn converse slightly before he extends his offer. Tobin is willing to pledge his army, men, and his life and loyalty to the crown forever - if Gwynn marries him. He isn’t asking Gwynn to love him, only that they share the same bed long enough to father a son. Gwynn doesn't respond but disapproves of the idea. He elaborates that he doesn’t want to be King or make a grab for her throne, he only wants to be her consort. He isn’t asking Gwynn to give herself to him, as she can have other lovers just as he will. He only wants her to remain loyal long enough to father a son. He wants a legacy and to father Kings and Queens so his bloodline will sit on the throne for generations that will track back to him. Gwynn asks him if he plays cards and he notes that he does of course. She tells him he’s tipped his hand and reminded her that she is the only remaining royal. Her betrothal is the top-ranking card in the game. He raises this by saying that there is only one card that matches hers in the deck, which Gwynn doesn't agree with. Tobin gives her three days to consider his offer before she is on her own.

Talon invites Gwynn to the Nightshade to talk with her and play a private game of Octor. Gwynn tells Talon that Garret loved Talon which makes Talon smile. Talon wants to drop the conversation. She explains that all the men in her life either betray her or die on her. Gwynn brings up Janzo which shocks Talon. She admits to loving him but not as a romantic partner. Talon and Gwynn play Octor and Talon ultimately wins. She thinks Gwynn let her win, but Gwynn insists she didn't.

203 Gwynn

In "Not In My Kingdom", Tobin waits impatiently for Gwynn to see him. When she finally does let him in her throne room, after purposely making him stew, he admits he wants to play Octor with her. They decide to make a bet after Gwynn dismisses his idea of strip Octor. If Gwynn wins she gets his army without the condition of marriage. If Tobin wins she’ll agree to marry him. He turns down her offer because a gentleman should never play for those stakes with a lady. Gwynn begins to shuffle and deal and he makes a comment that the man usually deals Octor, but Gwynn tells him, “not in my kingdom”. He merely smiles at this.

OUT203 0003b

Later, as they are playing Octor, Tobin comments that Gwynn hasn't started the mines again. She tells him that she stopped work in the mines as it is slave labor and she refuses to partake in it. She plans to use the work to create jobs and pay the men fairly. Tobin asks how she plans to pay for it, and she admits that she doesn't know. They argue briefly before Gwynn ends the game having won, and leaves the room.

203 Gwynn2

Gwynn receives a visit from the new Blackblood in town, Rebb. She introduces herself as Rebb from a blackblood village that no longer exists. She wants to make a deal with Gwynn to lead the army of Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods herself. She doesn't need the Dragman, for she already knows the name of every creature on the other side. The creatures will also follow her willingly, and that Talon can't control the Lu-Qiri because of her history. In exchange, Rebb wants Gwynn to command Talon to give the Asterkinj to its rightful owner - her.

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Gwynn is visited by a charming Tobin who brings her a gift as a token of his love for her. In the box is a see-through white nightgown that he wants her to wear on their wedding day. She regards him as a snake eating its tail, and a self-destructive, narcissistic, presumptuous liberty. He doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong and is kicked out of the throne room by an enraged Gwynn. On his way out, he offers the gown to Naya and Gwynn yells at him to leave.

Rebb visits Gwynn and denies ever having killed the Dragman. Rebb summons Ekkundi who slaughters the guard squad and gives Rebb her staff. She kills Gwynn’s guards and kidnaps Gwynn. Naya is tasked with finding Talon on the request of Rebb.

206 Elinor-Gwynn

In "Because She's Worth It", Gwynn watches a shirtless Tobin working hard amongst his men to arm the foxholes the soldiers dug previously. She is joined by Elinor and tries to compose herself and act as though she weren't staring. Elinor smiles and comments that Tobin is not hard to look at. Gwynn scoffs saying that it's a pity that is all he's good for. Elinor remarks that his men seem to like him so he might be more then he seems, but Gwynn doubts it due to his drinking and acting like a pig. Elinor states that Tobin runs one of the most prosperous districts in the realm, but Gwynn thinks this has more to do with Gertrusha then Tobin. Elinor assures Gwynn that Gertrusha isn't doing that all on her own even if she's pretending otherwise. When asked, Gwynn assures her that she doesn't like Tobin. He's merely tried the stick and is now trying honey, but she is not a dog. Elinor laughs and is impressed by Gwynn's attributes. Elinor looks over at Tobin and remarks it is nice to have him around, but Gwynn reminds her that their army is still too small even with Tobin's men. Gwynn thinks she should attract more suitors, but Elinor slyly says that she and Tobin would make beautiful babies. This receives only a look from Gwynn and Elinor says she will leave Gwynn now so she can reflect on her royal obligations. She starts to leave but comes back to whisper "beautiful babies" in Gwynn's ear one last time before leaving.

206 Gwynn

Gwynn consults Elinor about the miners. The miners are already talking about going on strike, but Elinor insists she paid them fair wages and they are just pushing the boundaries. Gwynn notices the cart of dead animal carcasses and asks what is troubling the townspeople. She learns that the Lu-Qiri demon is hunting all of the townspeople’s animals. She tells Elinor to refund the townspeople out of the treasury and to handle the miners.

An infuriated Gwynn ambushes Zed and takes him captive. She then has Talon brought to her throne room and they fight about Zed and Vikka. Gwynn is angry that Talon and Zed disobeyed a royal decree and Talon reminds Gwynn that Zed and Vikka saved her life. Gwynn reminds Talon that she only needed saving because of another demon and Blackblood. If the Blackbloods stayed where they belong she wouldn’t be in the mess. Talon is hurt by this and asks where they do belong then, but Gwynn claims she didn’t mean anything by her comment. They make a deal: if Zed returns Vikka to the Plane of Ashes Gwynn will pardon Zed of all his offenses. She has to protect her people and their livestock that Vikka is slaughtering. She also wants Zed to go back from whence he came but Talon insists that Zed should stay. He is teaching her about her history, her people, and the prophecy. Gwynn can’t trust him and wants him gone. Talon tells her that if Zed goes they’ll leave the demon out in the wild killing. Gwynn doesn’t believe Talon would do it, and Talon gets close to Gwynn and tells her, “try me”. If Zed does anything wrong Talon will banish him herself. Gwynn warns her that if any more demons are summoned without her permission she will banish them both. They shake hands on their new deal and angrily walk in different directions.

Tobin and Gwynn have dinner together that night in an attempt to get to know one another more. Tobin turns down alcohol for he has decided to abstain from the beverage. Gwynn does so as well, out of respect for him. Tobin opens up about his family and what happened to them after his father bent the knee for the Prime Order. He explains that the Prime Order demanded it and so, his father did instead of fighting back. The Prime Order killed Tobin's sister in front of everyone despite this, just to show Ravannus who he was kneeling for. Gwynn expresses her sympathies and she asks if he only wants her on the throne to get revenge. He claims it isn't, that he wants an honest and compassionate leader on the throne - that will be his legacy. They then begin talking about Garret Spears. Tobin doesn't pry but expresses his sympathies for the loss of her lover. He asks if the traitor was hung but Gwynn says that they never caught him. Tobin promises to get on the case about the traitor and hang the bastard who was responsible. Naya spills some water when he says that and he seems to take note of it while Gwynn doesn't notice.

OUT206 0004bc

Later, Tobin rides past Gwynn and Elinor with two horses. Elinor and Gwynn stop on the steps of a grand building to look at him. He informs Gwynn that it’s come to his attention that she hasn’t visited her fields as of late. The townspeople want to see their Queen just as much as the rich. He offers Gwynn a ride and Elinor assures Gwynnt hat she will handle the fops. Gwynn accepts the ride and she mounts the horse next to Tobin's. They ride off and Elinor smiles as they go.

206 Gwynn-Tobin

The pair rides to a cliff that overlooks the kingdom. Gwynn remarks on the beauty of the kingdom but that it has seen better days. Tobin, looking only at Gwynn, remarks that it’s beautiful and he wants to get to know her better. Gwynn notes that he’s supposed to be looking out at the Kingdom but he likes his view just fine. When asked if he’s wooing her he says it depends on if itis working or not. She smiles and tells him that it might be - a little bit. She tells him there is something he can do for her and he is eager to please. However, when she asks him to make peace with his cousin, his face falls and he grows dark responding only that he will never. Gwynn tells him that Milus has a sizable army and is Tobin’s blood, after all. Their people are alike and should be united. Tobin argues that while their people are alike, Milus is worse than a snake.

206 Gwynn-Tobin3

Gwynn mentions that her advisor told her of a feud, and Tobin tells her that Milus’ father and Grandfather were both scums and they don’t need someone like him. They still need allies but Tobin refuses to ask Milus. He explains that Milus’ Grandfather built a wall in his Grandfather’s land and claimed it as his own. When Tobin’s Grandfather tore down the wall they went to war. Gwynn’s history lessons informed her that Tobin and Milus’ fathers made peace but never actually spoke, and she wonders if there was another crime committed after that she wasn’t aware of. He coldly tells her no but that Milus is a snake who can’t be trusted. Milus wants Tobin’s land. Gwynn tells him that disputes can be settled and he should give Milus the disputed land in exchange for Milus’s support in their war. She states that doing so is the greatest gift he could ever give his Queen. He is reluctant to do so as his men might lose faith in him, but Gwynn suggests that he convince his people it is a victory and not a surrender. He tells her she is something else and they return to gazing at the Kingdom.

207 Gwynn-Tobin

In "Where You Go, People Die", Gwynn surprises Tobin as he is working on the strapping. She pretends to be a commoner so he doesn’t look at her when she offers to bring food to the workers. When she clears her throat he looks at her and is surprised. She stops him from calling her the Queen and invites him to sneak away with her. She brought food for both of them. Tobin tells his men to handle the strapping and leaves with her. Gwynn gives him unfermented wine and some food. He bites into the food and asks what’s in it. She tells him and he realizes there is a lot of Carmack in it. Gwynn made it herself but soon realizes that it must taste awful. Tobin assures her he’s eaten worse - he has eaten rancid venison once. He laughs and she tells him it isn’t funny. She orders him to stop laughing but he can’t. They flirt and she says she just wanted to show her appreciation for his hard work and thank him for saving her life, despite him being drunk at the time. He interrupts her by pulling her in for a kiss.

207 Aegisford Gwynn Meeting

During Milus’ meeting with Gwynn, she reminds him that he owns no land - the Prime Order owns it and he merely manages it at their bidding. She asks for his title and he tells her he is a Lord Baron. Gwynn reminds him that using that term is heresy, as he is merely a humble servant to the Prime Order like anyone else in the realm. He has no title and he has nothing of his own. While he isn’t thrilled about the Prime Order, he also doesn’t stick his neck out either. He thinks she’ll be grossly overwhelmed when the Prime Order attacks, but Gwynn thinks most of the realm will come to their side once the revolution starts. He tells her he is better off keeping what he has even if it is under the Prime Order’s thumb and asks why he should risk it. She takes a moment to think before offering Milus all of Tobin’s land and not just the lowlands. She states that she is the Queen and she will retake the realm and when she does, she will remember those who helped her and those who did not. The first of which, will be richly rewarded. Tobin doesn’t seem pleased with Gwynn’s offer but remains silent.

207 Gwynn-Tobin2

Gwynn tells Milus that Tobin won’t need any land as he’ll be married to the Queen. This catches Tobin and Gertrusha’s attention, and Tobin asks if he will to which she assures him of it. She offers Milus the Aegisford title and land if he reunites the entire Aegisford family under one banner loyal to the Queen. Milus smirks telling Tobin he is a sly dog before agreeing to help Gwynn, even calling her “your majesty”. His army will make preparations to march immediately, bows, and leaves. Tobin asks Gwynn if that was an acceptance of his proposal from days ago, to which she responds that it was. She knows she’s past the deadline but hopes it is alright. He happily lifts her from the ground, spins her, and they kiss.

207 Gwynn-Janzo

Gwynn’s new handmaiden attempts to manage Gwynn’s hair and is excused when she can’t manage. Janzo visits Gwynn a few moments later, and she asks about his progress on a cure. He tells her he’s getting close but that it isn’t the reason for his visit - he wants to plead mercy for Naya. He wants her to change the laws and show mercy for Naya, but she refuses because if she makes one exception then all the spies after Naya will expect the same treatment. Janzo thinks he owes her after everything he’s done for her, but she angrily tells him she owes him nothing as she is the Queen. He begs her to do this one thing for him as his friend, before admitting to loving Naya. Gwynn is a little surprised by this before taking a moment to think. She admits to loving Naya too but it only makes this more difficult.

207 Elinor-Gwynn

Elinor interrupts their meeting to tell Gwynn that the prisoner has cooperated fully and she thinks they have all the information. The prisoner’s execution is scheduled for first light. Janzo tearfully asks his mother that if there’s one thing she is going to do in his life, he wants it to be this. Naya doesn’t deserve to die. Elinor’s expression softens for a moment before she coldly tells Janzo that Naya does deserve to die. Janzo tearfully exclaims that he doesn’t know who either woman is anymore and storms out of the room. Elinor tells Gwynn that the wedding is arranged with all advantages to their respects. Elinor then helps Gwynn with her hair, reminding her that just because Gwynn is Queen doesn’t mean she can’t be human. Gwynn tells her that Naya was her closest friend aside from Talon. Elinor finishes Gwynn’s hair and tells her she did the right thing before leaving.

207 Wedding2

At the wedding, Tobin enters the church and walks down the aisle. He kneels at the altar in front of the priest. A few moments later, the doors open again Gwynn enters wearing a wedding gown. The church gasps and murmurs as she walks down the aisle, nervously glancing at everyone. She then kneels beside Tobin. They exchange a smile before placing their hands on a wooden slate. The sound of horses is heard and the doors fly open causing everyone to gasp. Garret walks in and Gwynn stands. She rushes to him and throwing her arms around his neck. He tells her that it isn’t safe here and she needs to come with him. He grabs her hand and pulls her away.

207 Garret-Gwynn

Once outside he tells her that someone is trying to harm her and she has to leave with him. She tells him that it's her wedding day but he doesn't say much. Garret claims they don't have much time and mounts his horse. She wants to know who is after her, but he counters asking if she trusts him. Because Gwynn does, she takes his hand and mounts his horse and they ride off with everyone watching them. Once out of the Outpost, she remarks that she’s happy that Garret's alive. He accuses her of already knowing he was alive but not caring. She asks what he’s talking about but he doesn’t answer and the horse picks up speed as they ride into the woods.

208 SC1

In "A Crown For The Queen", Garret and Gwynn ride through the woods until they stop. She asks where they’re going then tells him that he’s scaring her. Moments later, they are surrounded by prime order soldiers. One of the soldiers yanks Gwynn off the horse and she asks what Garret’s what he’s doing as she is the Queen. Garret calls her a traitor and tells the soldiers to tie Gwynn up. Once Gwynn is dragged away into the woods, Garret takes another vial of red liquid.

208 SC7

At the camp, Gwynn is restrained and gagged. She is joined by Garret who wants her to admit her lies to him. He offers her food, water, and removing the gag in exchange for her admitting the truth. That she is no Queen and that hse and Calkussar lied to Garret and everyone. He calls her a power-hungry greedy traitor. He asks if can admit the truth and grabs her face as she cries. Riddled with emotion he asks her to set him and herself free. He puts his forehead on hers for a moment before pulling away. She nods but as soon as the gag is gone she screams for help. He yells at her that she can scream but no one is going to save her. He then shushes her and puts the gag back on before leaving her alone as she cries.

208 SC11

In the fort the next morning, Garret is about to put a bag over Gwynn’s head when the sound of horses distracts him. Talon and her horse enter the fort. Garret commands the guards to stay with him and the prisoner, while the others kill Talon. Garret and Gwynn try to make their escape when Tobin arrives. He kills the first guard that comes after him and accuses Garret of being a coward. Garret and Tobin then begin fighting. Gwynn tries to escape but an archer shoots his arrow at Gwynn forcing her to take cover and hide. A guard takes over for Garret who rushes to Gwynn and forces her to mount a horse and they ride off.

Talon mounts her horse and takes off after the fleeing pair. Gwynn manages to free her hands and elbow Garret across the face, knocking him off the horse. She stops the horse and watches Garret and Talon fight. Talon eventually gets Garret into a submissive chokehold and puts him to sleep. Gwynn asks Talon if she’s trying to kill him, but Talon comments that Garret is just unconscious.

208 SC14

Talon and Gwynn return to the fort to aid Tobin, who has now been shot four times with hours. The archer is about to take a fatal shot when he is killed by Talon’s throwing knife. Gwynn dismounts the horse and rushes to Tobin’s side. She doesn’t know what to do so Talon heats her dagger and tells Gwynn to pull out the arrow. Talon cauterizes the abdominal wound then tells Gwynn to do it three more times. When Garret stirs she stands and knocks him out with the hilt of her sword.

208 SC15

Gwynn and Talon return to the Outpost and Captain Orlick raises the gates to allow them inside. Gwynn and Talon share a horse, while Garret is restrained on another horse which is being led by Gwynn. A badly injured Tobin rides on a third horse. Upon arriving in the Outpost, Gwynn commands Orlick to send for Janzo as Tobin is badly injured. She tells Orlick to send them both to her chambers. He asks about Captain Spears, to which she bitterly tells Orlick to lock Garret away and double the guards. She then angrily walks away.

208 SC16

In Gwynn’s chambers, Janzo is looking after Tobin. He commends Talon for his cauterizing skills. He then begins treating the wounds and Gwynn asks if Tobin is going to be alright. He doesn’t answer for a moment then tells both women they did an admirable job. However, Tobin has lost a lot of blood and some of the wounds are worrying. But there isn’t anything more they can but wait. Gwynn whispers to Talon that this is all her fault, but Talon shakes her head in disagreement.

208 SC18

Gwynn visits the prisons and learns of Naya’s escape. She informs the guard that he will be giving his full reports to her not Elinor. Whoever was responsible for Naya’s escape will suffer the consequences, but in the meantime, they will not repeat this mistake with Captain Spears. He assures her that it won’t happen again. She then asks him for a moment alone with Captain Spears and to send her Janzo. The guard obeys and everyone leaves.

208 SC19

Now alone, Gwynn slowly approaches the cells in which Garret is held in. She softly tells him he’s breaking her heart before asking if he is still himself. He asks if it scares her that and the Prime Order knows but she doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. She wants to know what they have done to turn him to which he claims they opened his eyes. He now sees her as an imposter but she tells him he sounds insane. The Prime Order slaughtered her family and she is the Queen. He leans against the bars telling her that she just a selfish little girl playing dress-up. She slams her hand against the bars in anger. He slowly retreats saying that she’s about to form a strategic union to a marriage that would have gained her thousands of soldiers and gold to fund her army. A smart move and something a Queen would do. But instead, she left with him - an old flame and commoner. He calls her selfish just as Janzo enters.

208 SC20

Gwynn tells Janzo she has a new task for him. The Prime Order has done something to Garret’s mind and she wants Janzo to fix him. Janzo is apprehensive as he’s already trying to cure plagulings, but she is sure that he can find time to manage both projects. She instructs Janzo to take Garret down to his lab along with a contingent of guards, that aren’t just for Garret. She would put Janzo in jail at that moment for freeing Naya if she could. Janzo asks how she knows to which she asks who else it would have been. Gwynn states that she needs him. She instructs him to find a cure for the plagulings, heal Master Tobin, and bring Garret back to his right mind. Janzo tearfully asks what will happen after, to which she responds they will find a sentence suitable for someone who freed a traitor of the crown.

208 SC28

Gwynn looks after a still sleeping Tobin. He groggily holds his hand up and she takes it. He comments about this being what it takes to finally get into her bed which makes her laugh. She asks if he needs anything saying she should call for Gertrusha. He tells her no as he wants a moment of silence with her. He asks her to sit down but she hesitates. He tells her he won’t get handsy as he can barely move his arms. She sits next to him on the bed. She thanks him for coming to get her despite everything that happened. He asks what she thinks of that choice now, to which she admits to feeling stupid, selfish, and unworthy. He asks what she feels unworthy of and his surprised when she says him, Talon’s friendship, and the crown. He tells her not to put herself down as only one of them can be wounded at a time. She wants to talk about their deal but he asks her not to spoil this with talks of deals and lands. He just wants this moment with her. She puts her hand on his head as he drifts to sleep, their hands entwined on his torso.

208 SC29

Gwynn visits Talon to thank Talon for coming to her rescue again and hugs her. When the hug is over Talon states that she has to go, but Gwynn doesn’t understand why Talon has to go with Zed. Neither of the women trusts Zed. Gwynn asks if Talon ever thought about why her mother never tried to free the Blackbloods, to which Talon says she has but she might not have known more then Talon. Gwynn counters by saying that she might have known more. Talon states she has to figure this one out alone, and Gwynn tells her to be safe.

209 SC2

In "There Will Be a Reckoning", Milus, Gertrusha, Elinor, and Gwynn have a meeting in her throne room to discuss everything that happened. Milus wants Gwynn to uphold her end of the deal and give her Tobin’s lands, regardless if she married Tobin or not. Gertrusha tells Milus that he can’t expect Tobin to still marry Gwynn after she absconded with another man. Elinor interjects that Gwynn was kidnapped, but Gertrusha notes that it looked as though she went willingly. Gwynn shouts at them all to stop. She wants to negotiate more and Milus is willing to talk about what she is offering and wants in return. She assures him that his deal will still be honored with time, to which he asks if she is still planning to marry Tobin, a decision that relies on Tobin getting better. Elinor assures Milus that Tobin is getting the best possible care, but Milus finds this unlikely as Janzo is a barkeep. He comments on Janzo’s medicine being liquor, to which Elinor lunges at him from across the table but is pulled off by Gertrusha. Milus wants a written deed to Tobin’s lands by nightfall. Tobin enters wrapped in bandages and asks Milus what he will do if he doesn’t get the deed. Gwynn hurries to Tobin’s side to help support him, while Milus states that he was promised all of Tobin’s lands because he would be King. Tobin tells him that deal is off the table, for now, forcing Milus to angrily walk over to Tobin. Tobin puts his arm up protectively around Gwynn. She witnesses the argument between Milus and Tobin.

209 SC6

Gwynn and Tobin watch Milus leave and she remarks that her last hope at victory is leaving. Tobin doesn’t think they need him as they are better off without Milus and reminds her that she still has his men. She wants to know why he is still helping her after everything she did to him. He remarks that she is the rightful Queen and both the only and best chance they have against the Prime Order. Gwynn thinks it’s because he’s past the point of no return with the Prime Order, to which he agrees that factors into his choice. A moment of silence passes before he walks away.

209 SC10

Elinor, Tobin, and Gertrusha have a meeting regarding Milus, while Gwynn stands off to the side. One of Elinor’s affiliates told her Milus left the city two days ago. Gertrusha worries Milus will try and take Tobin’s lands. Elinor adds that Tobin’s been away a long time and Milus could try and take more than he was promised. Tobin is confident that Milus can’t breach his city’s walls, as each of his men is worth three of Milus’. Elinor doesn’t think the men can hold the city without a leader, but Tobin has to stay at Gallwood in case the Prime Order attacks. Elinor stands beside Gwynn, saying that she doesn’t see a reason why Tobin should have to leave, seeing as he has his advisor who can go home and look after his affairs. Gertrusha believes her place is by Tobin’s side, which Elinor strongly disagrees with and asks Tobin for his opinion. Tobin believes Gertrusha should go if she thinks she can handle it, but Elinor is insistent that Gertrusha can handle it. Gwynn states the matter is settled and asks Tobin what his cousin is up to.

209 SC16

Gwynn visits Janzo to ask how the prisoner is doing. He mistakes her question for asking about him and sarcastically tells her he’s fine no thanks to her guards. She clarifies that she was asking about Garret, to which Janzo tells her that there is no change as Garret is still an idiot. She approaches Garret calmly and asks him how many traitors are in The Outpost. He lies that he didn’t know about the one who attacked Janzo. He stands and apologizes saying he hasn’t been himself lately. SHe doesn’t believe him and he clarifies that the things he said were wrong but he doesn’t know what's been going on with him lately. He’s been so confused. She assures him that it’s alright as whatever he’s going through Janzo is going to set him right. Janzo scoffs from across the room. Garret looks at Janzo then back at Gwynn. He apologizes for calling her false and a liar, as that wasn’t right of him. He tells her that she’s someone he’s always loved. She returns the sentiment and approaches him saying that Janzo is going to get him better. Before she can finish he grabs her by the throat pulling her to the bars. The guards clamor to Gwynn’s rescue and hit Garret on the head causing him to release the Queen. She stumbles back gripping her throat. Janzo examines her throat asking if she is alright. Strained, she tells him to either fix Garret or kill him - she can’t bear to see him like this.

209 SC21

Across the Outpost, the guards ring a warning bell. Tobin and Gwynn hurry to the overwatch to look down at the approaching army below. Gwynn is confused to see Milus leading the charge and mistakes him for wanting to join their cause. Tobin remarks that Milus is after something, noting how his men are spread. A woman rides closer to the wall to tell them that Lord Milus has a greeting for the False Queen. Gwynn signals for her archers to correct the woman and they shoot an arrow at her feet, making her horse skitter. The woman presses that Milus has two demands - hand over Rosmund and all others will be spared so long as they pledge loyalty to her Lord Milus. Gwynn tells the archer to shoot a little closer this time so he obliges. She warns the messenger to tell Milus that if he comes anywhere near her walls she will put an arrow in each of his eyes and if he doesn’t leave, she will nail him to her gates - alive. The messenger rides off while Tobin looks at Gwynn incredulously.

209 SC25

Tobin and Gwynn walk back into town and he asks her what the plan is. She tells him that they will give Milus a few moments to calm down then parle. It’s customary among her people - they exchange insults, put on a show, and then they will negotiate. Tobin asks who will be negotiating to which she tells him that it will be them, of course. He doesn’t think it’s safe and a parle is supposed to be between two people of equal stations. He tells her he will go alone and leaves to saddle up his horse. Elinor asks Gwynn if she trusts Tobin, to which Gwynn responds that she takes it Elinor doesn’t. Elinor clarifies that after what Gwynn did to him, she doesn’t trust Tobin one bit. Gwynn takes a moment to think before instructing Elinor to go with Tobin since she can’t go. As Gwynn walks away Elinor smiles and yells after her about the things she does for the Queen.

209 SC31

Gwynn watches the meeting between Elinor, Tobin, and Milus from the overwatch. On the overwatch, Janzo notes to Gwynn that Milus and Tobin have flanked off on their own. He asks Gwynn if she thinks Tobin will betray them, but she merely tells him to get back to work. She then stares off at the groups with a distant look on her face.

Gwynn is in her chambers when Tobin visits her with grape juice. He gives it to the maid to pour two drinks. She asks what Milus offered him to betray her, to which he counters asking if she thinks he somehow betrayed her. She doesn’t think that but is certain Milus would try to persuade him. Tobin admits that Milus did offer the lands back and to serve as Governor under him. Gwynn remarks that the deal is pretty good and asks what’s stopping him. He remarks that maybe his plan is to poison her with the grape juice, but she drinks it anyway. They both cringe at the sourness and he throws it away. Despite everything that’s happened he still cares about her well-being. She asks if he feels that way even after what she did on their wedding day. He pretends not to remember the day, blaming it on his injuries that he doesn't remember that day or anything after. Thus, giving her - and their relationship - a clean slate. She kisses him.

210 SC2

In "The Only Way", Garret scales the walls to Gwyyn’s balcony, where he enters her room. She sleeps peacefully with her crown only a few feet away. Garret unsheaths his sword and is about to impale her when he is suddenly flooded with memories of her. Her face smiling. Telling him to come back to her. Kissing. Laughing. He struggles against the memories and staggers back, unable to complete the task. He tries again but remembers what Dred told him about the real Rosmund having a misshapen face. The portrait is in a secret compartment in her armoire. He remembers pulling the drywall off to see the portrait of the real Rosmund. He stops and quickly searches her armoire until he finds the picture of Gwynn with her family. In this picture, she doesn’t have a misshapen face. He drops the portrait onto the bed emotionally. He kneels to the ground, ready to impale himself with the sword. Gwynn awakens and calls to Garret, asking him to put the sword down. He ignores her at first but eventually throws it aside. He emotionally asks what he’s done as she watches him from the bed.

Gwynn and Garret stand in her room, two guards by Garret. She doesn’t understand as Garret came here to kill her. He tells her that Janzo destroyed the medication. He is emotional and tells her about the painting they showed him of the royal family - but it had a different little girl in it. He emotionally tells her that when he saw the real painting it was as if a fog just poured out of his mind. He frantically states that he can’t stay in the Outpost and tries to get up but they guards shove him back down. She asks why he has to leave, to which he emotionally tells her that after everything he’s done he can’t stay. He came to the Outpost to try and kill Gwynn, he tried to kill Talon, and then emotionally remembers what he did to Wythers. He cries as he admits that he killed his father, much to Gwynn’s shock. Garret tells her again that he has to go, as it is time that the Prime Order’s weapon was turned against them. She tells him that if he wants is revenge than he should stay here and help them defeat the Prime Order, as getting himself killed will accomplish nothing. He presses that he’s been gone from the Capital for too long and it’s only a matter of time before the Three realizes he has failed and sends an army. They haven’t sent an army because they don’t think he’s failed yet. He knows that after everything he’s done she can’t possibly still have feelings for him and mentions Baron Aegisford. Gwynn states that she thought he was dead and that a lot has happened. He wants to know if he’s still a prisoner, to which she responds by telling the guards that Garret isn’t a prisoner any longer. He’s free to come and go as he pleases. She commands them to leave. She takes the painting and sits by his side. A moment passes and they share a kiss but she ends it, saying she can’t do this. He mutters your majesty, gathers his sword, and leaves.

Janzo discovers Elinor's secret colipsum dealings and confronts her horrendous mission of creating more plaguelings. He plans to tell Gwynn but she stops him then flips it around to use the colipsum to save the outpost. They awaken Gwynn, who is less than pleased to have been awakened. Janzo tells Gwynn about Elinor’s dealings, but Elinor claims that in her defense colipsum is what funds the Outpost and her army. Gwynn doesn't retort and merely listens to Elinor's plan. Elinor wants to free the live plaguelings and use them to stop the siege, elaborating, rather reluctantly, that she can assure Gwynn all the soldiers are using colipsum. Janzo assures Gwynn that he believes he’s close to finding a cure.

Tobin meets with Gwynn and Elinor, only for Garret to appear. He congratulates Elinor on the promotion but is almost removed twice under the orders of both Tobin and Elinor. Tobin believes Garret is drunk, despite the man's objections. Gwynn allows him to stay as she wants his opinion on the plan. Elinor proceeds to open the gates and let out all the live Plaugelings, who swarm the camps where many soldiers are taking colipsum. Garret is astounded that Gwynn is using Plaugelings to fight her battles and she believes she’s done a horrible thing. Elinor claims that it’s a choice a good Queen makes. Garret agrees that it isn’t good but necessary, calling it an ingenious plan. Elinor remarks that she knew she liked him.

Gwynn and Tobin ride out to the depleted camps to check for survivors. They take in the damage noting the wounded and few people who weren’t bitten or killed. Tobin begins looking for Milus’s body, believing he might be alive. He disappears into a tent and returns dragging Milus's dead body. Tobin stands on a pile of debris so he can overlook the people. He states his name and title, claiming the army along with the people as the sole surviving relative of Milus. He offers them sanctuary alongside Gwynn, who promises them a potential cure. The people can either kneel and pledge their loyalty to Gwynn's cause, or leave. After a moment, the people kneel.

Back at Gallwood, Janzo is trying to organize the influx of people. He realizes a man is clammy and quarantines him in section one, then moving onto the next. Gwynn asks him about their progress. Janzo explains that he's dividing people into healthy and unhealthy sections along with symptomatic ones. She asks how many are healthy to which he responds that only 10% are healthy. He assures Gwynn he almost has a cure but she tells him to work faster so he begins commanding guards to bring more men in.

Gwynn notices Garret leading a horse to the gates and asks if he’s leaving already. Het ells her the fever’s broken so he can go now. Tobin states it is a shame they didn’t get to know each other better seeing as they have so much in common. Garret assures him there might be time for that when he returns. This surprises Tobin but he then states he looks forward to that, taking Gwynn’s hand. He tells her that Elinor wanted to speak with them and they leave. He tells her goodbye and she looks over her shoulder as she walks away, watching him mount his horse and rides off.

In "Nothing Short of Heroic", Janzo leads Gwynn, Tobin, and some guards to Elinor’s colipsum supply against Elinor’s wishes. Gwynn asks him why he’s doing this against his mother's wishes, to which he explains that Gwynn is getting ride of the Plaugeling’s for a good reason as they are a scourge that should be eradicated. That is more important to him than pleasing that woman. Gwynn remarks that she knows Elinor and calls Janzo brave for doing this. Tobin scoffs that it’s no so brave seeing as she has a plague now. Janzo confirms this but states that he has every intention of finding a cure, even though Elinor will kill him when he does so. He leads them into the farm and Gwynn is disgusted. Tobin clamps his hand over his nose. Tobin finds Elinor’s vault, to which Gwynn tells him to send for the miners as they will have a way to drill it open.

Gwynn and Tobin stand in her throne room with Captain Orlick, having received a box addressed to Queen Rosmund from within Milus’s camp. She is worried about what might lie in the box - whether it be a deadly poison or snake. Tobin places his hand on her shoulder and offers to open it, telling her to stand back. She does so and he carefully opens the box revealing a letter inside. He states that the letter is claiming loyalty to the crown he hands her a metal object, and Orlick remarks that it is a wolf. It is a symbol of the Moore clans, meaning that it belongs to Baronness Willemere - they have another ally. Tobin remarks that her mountains are only beginning to thaw so she can’t march on them yet. None-the-less, Gwynn’s coalition is working. Orlick remarks that more people might join and Gwynn remarks that she believes that they will.

Gwynn paces along the rooftops when a guard calls to her. He tells her they stopped a man at the gate who claims to be of close relation to her. She remarks that she has no close relations and asks what the man’s name is. The guard tells her that the man calls himself Alton, which stops Gwynn in her tracks. She asks to be brought to him immediately and hurries through the square to the guards who have a man between them. The man calls out to her as his sister but the guards restrain him.

Alton asks if she really has nothing to say to her long-lost baby brother, but Gwynn states that her brother was executed along with the rest of her family. He claims that isn’t true as he was spirited away like she was and swapped with a court scribe who looked like him. She claims that Calkussar never spoke of him, but he states he was never told of her either as it was probably safer that way. He only heard about her when she sent word to the Cormick’s asking for help against the Prime Order. She thinks he was raised by the Cormicks but he states that isn’t quite true, as he became the scribe he was swapped with. He doesn’t want to go over all the boring details and calls her Rossy. The nickname is familiar to her as that is what Alton used to call her. The boy tells her that he is Alton and the guards allow him to approach but she isn’t sure if she should believe him. She asks him what happens now but he doesn't know, he’s just happy to see her. He asks for a hug calling her his sister, but she moves away from him as it is all overwhelming for her.

She walks in a circle around him and he states that he understands and should let it sink in. He just wants a place to sleep and they will be coming reacquainted. This causes her to stiffen as she refuses to relinquish her throne to a stranger but he claims he just wants to get to know his sister. SHe doesn’t believe that, because if he really is Alton the throne belongs to him. He states he just wants to spend time with her, and she warns him that if he’s lying she will kill him. She gives him one last chance to remove his claim but he doesn’t. She asks him for proof and he shows her a staff that belonged to her father. Alton claims to have taken it when he was spirited away. She is surprised and notes that if he is who he claims to be she won’t forgive herself for being harsh to him but it is a lot to process. He understands and she gives him to her handmaiden who will arrange sleeping quarters.

Alton is enjoying food while Gwynn watches. He exclaims that seeing her face is bringing all of his memories back, so she tests his memory by asking if he remembers if the gardener had a dog. He corrects that it was a cat, not a dog, reminding her about the time they tied a fork to its tail. They reminisce about a figure from their past when the doors to the room open and Tobin enters. Gwynn wants Tobin to meet Alton, and Alton asks who the brawny man is. Gwynn explains that he’s Master Tobin, who’s filling in as base commander and is her loyal friend. Alton thanks him for helping his sister’s plan which shocks Tobin as he didn’t know Gwynn has a brother. She responds that Alton claims he survived just as she did. Tobin questions how she knows that it’s really him so she turns to Alton. She lied to their mother once because he was worried her father had been angry, and asked what Alton had done. He hesitates and thinks it over before responding that he stole a ham from the Quarter Master’s cart and ate it under the stairwell. She laughs about how awful they were prompting him to ask if she remembers the coachman who always gave them sweets from his cart, bringing up the candies they used to get. Tobin interrupts the conversation to remind Gwynn that if Alton is the only son then he’ll replace Gwynn as heir. Gwynn nods but claims that Alton is not yet of age, asking when her brother will turn eighteen. He answers the ninth of the second moon on the festival of constellations. She wants to celebrate grandly this year but has things to do in the meantime. He gets up to go taking cheese and food with him as he does. With Alton gone, Tobin questions the nickname the boy gave Gwynn but she rolls her eyes telling him she can’t do this now. He leaves while she writes a letter and seals it. She hands the letter to a servant instructing him to give it to the postmaster immediately.

Gwynn looks over things as Tobin enters questioning why she summoned him. She wants to go over future tactics with him but Tobin only asks why Alton isn’t here since he’ll be the future King. She asks if the possibility that her brother wasn’t slaughtered somehow displeases him but Tobin claims he didn’t mean it like that. She snaps back that maybe Tobin’s plan should be to marry Alton instead of her. His plan wasn’t to marry her at least not for the reasons she’s implying, or not the reason that he’d fallen in love with her. He pauses then admits fully that he’s fallen in love with her. She turns to face him saying that is good to know. He asks if she believes Alton is really her brother to which she states that she really wants him to be. The things he knows, the way he talks, he even sounds like Alton and even knows things that their mother used to say to them. He also has his father’s cane. She has no more reason to doubt him as he has to doubt her. Tobin is annoyed that she trusts a man who walks into the Outpost with a story and a cane. She angrily retorts that Alton’s adopted father died in a fire which is why he doesn’t have any other belongings. She questions why Tobin is so eager to dismiss Alton to which he angrily states that her brother or not he doesn’t want Alton to be King. He wants her to be Queen as she is wise, fair, and honorable. He doesn’t care if he’s by her side or not. She kisses him but he pulls away saying that it doesn’t matter how many times she kisses him he won’t risk his life or the lives of his people for a random boy. She interrupts him by kissing him multiple times questioning his claim.

Gwynn visits Janzo’s lab and sees that Elinor is trying to free herself. The Queen didn’t believe Janzo at first which is why she had to visit herself. SHe remarks that her face looks painful and Elinor claims that it’s up to her son to find the most unpleasant cure in the world. She thanks the Queen for her help and wants to leave. Gwynn has her arrested than to serve a proper sentence. Elinor argues that the dead knew the risk of taking colipsum, not that it matters now that Janzo has found a cure/ Gwynn coldly states that Elinor will stand trial like any other criminal, and of course, her colipsum earnings will be forfeited to the crown. Elinor angrily states that she earned that money and it’s hers - every last bead. Gwynn reminds her that her criminal days were supposed to be over. She is guilty of skimming taxes and distributing and manufacturing a substance that the crown specifically outlawed. She instructs the guards to take her to the prison. Elinor snaps that after everything she did for Gwynn she can’t do this. She cries for the guards to let her go. Captain Orlick tells Gwynn to come quickly as something has happened that she needs to see.

Gwynn and Orlick emerge to find a haggard Janzo covered in stings with dozens of people behind him. He remarks that he’s brought her new recruits and a cure for the rest. She states that it’s remarkable which he agrees with as he walks past her, proud of himself. She watches him pass and then looks in awe at the swarms of people emerging into the Outpost.

Janzo meets with Gwynn, Alton, and Tobin in the throne room where he gives them a rundown on how he cured the plaguelings. The plagueling problem is officially over and he also returned Garret to his typically boorish state for Gwynn. She smiles a little at this statement which Alton takes notice of. He remarks that he betrayed his own mother in support of the crown, which Gwynn agrees that his recent work has been amazing. He agrees and assumes that all is forgiven. Alton chimes in that his good deeds don’t absolve the fact he is a traitor and that he should be lucky to be alive. Janzo retorts that he isn’t a traitor and asks who he is. Gwynn responds that Janzo did help the escape of a traitor and that, in of itself, is treason. Janzo reasons that Naya was only doing it to protect her family. Gwynn retorts that Naya freed EVerit Dred, their most hated enemy, and in doing so, killed many people. He asks what it is to kill someone as they won’t be able to make amends. He would do it all again if given the chance. Alton chimes in that he’s only making it worse. Now annoyed, Janzo points to Alton asking who he is. Gwynn ignores the question again, this time saying that she will spare his life due to all the good he’s done for the outpost. Janzo is happy someone finally has some sense and assumes he is free to go. Alton coldly states that Janzo is an impertinent scoundrel who thinks they will let him off free and clear. Gwynn looks to her brother saying that “we” won’t be making any decisions. Alton doesn’t think there is a worse crime then treason but Janzo crosses his arms bluntly saying that he can think of a few others. Such as murder, rape, torture, and begins to yell at Alton asking who he is and what he ever did to him. Gwynn interrupts shouting that despite all the good he’s done for this Outpost he’s still committed treason against the throne and it can’t go unpunished. She tells the guards to take him to prison. Janzo is in disbelief as the guards grab his arms. He states that he doesn’t even know who Gwynn is anymore. Alton chimes in again saying that her name is Rosmund as he bites an apple nonchalantly while Janzo is dragged out of the throne room.

Physical Appearance

OUT107 0019

Gwynn is a beautiful young woman with a pale complexion, natural light blonde hair, light blue eyes, full lips, and pale light skin. She is a tall and slender woman with high, sharp cheekbones that contrast beautifully with her otherwise soft features. She usually styles her hair down in ringlets but will pin it up on occasion. She always wears very elegant dresses that show her rank and stature in the community. Even before her real identity was revealed, Gwynn's dresses and accessories were always above the stand of other women's. Her color palette was pastel, wearing lots of yellows, whites, and peach tones. She wore lots of patterned dresses with a mono-tone cloak to off-set the patterns. Her style was very feminine and soft, often showing her more romantic side. She wore lots of earrings or simple necklaces, rings, or bracelets. She frequently wore cloaks or gloves. She wears moderate makeup for someone of her ranking.

S2 Gwynn Style

Upon revealing herself as Queen, Gwynn's style underwent a drastic change. Physically, she cut her hair short so it reached the tops of her shoulders in waves. When her hair grew out again, she wore it pulled away from her face in tight braids or elegant stylings. Upon reclaiming the Outpost, Gwynn's overall sense of style became more refined and simplistic. This is evident in her simple yet elegant gowns. Her color palette changed to reds, oranges, and browns with the occasional yellow highlights. The bright patterns she donned before were replaced with solid tones matched with a patterned cloak. She stopped wearing multiple accessories and instead, went for a single large accessory, such as a thick belt or her crown. Gwynn also wore more natural makeup, especially around her eyes. When going into battle, Gwynn's style changes completely and she wears an armored, yet feminine, outfit fit for fighting.


Gwynn is passionate and poised even when she was forced to pretend she wasn't royalty. During that time, she is shown to be a skilled actress, having convinced everyone in the Outpost that she was like any other inmate, but in truth, she is a Queen. She proves herself to be a formidable foe for anyone that stands in her way. She is also a great ally, as she wants to put her people before herself, but isn't always able to make that choice. She has been acknowledged as a strong, equality-driven, kind Queen, but often lacks the political skills to rule successfully over the realm.


OUT107 0001
  • Cornelius Calkussar: Calkussar rescued Rosmund from being murdered as a child. Rosmund's father, the King, commanded Calkussar to switch the real Gwynn and Rosmund so the royal line could continue. Because of Calkussar's sacrifice, Rosmund was able to assume the identity of Gwynn and escape with Calkussar. He was like a father to her, he raised her and she views him as her father figure. She grew up calling him father and he ensured she received a proper education fit for a future Queen and that she was well protected. He also respected her both as the future Queen and his daughter. When Gwynn's real identity was revealed her told her it was okay if she stopped calling him father. To his surprise, Gwynn took his hand and told him that she was lucky enough for both her father's and that Calkussar is still her father even now. They were each other's confidants. Gwynn witnessed Calkussar's unexpected murder and was devastated afterward. She ensured he had a proper funeral and burial for a man of his stature. She still speaks highly of him.
OUT106 0014
  • Garret Spears: Garret is Gwynn's ex-boyfriend and former personal guard. Garret was recruited by Gwynn's adoptive father, Cornelius Calkussar, to watch over her. Garret was entrusted with Gwynn's secret and kept it with his life. As time passed, Gwynn and Garret grew closer and began seeing each other romantically. Their relationship was frowned upon by Calkussar, which is why they had to hide their relationship. When Gwynn revealed her true identity, they no longer needed to hide their romance. Garret's protectiveness over Gwynn makes him a dangerous enemy. They were separated when Garret followed Everit Dred, and Gwynn grieved him when she thought he had been murdered. Garret, under the manipulation of Sana, was tortured until he negated Gwynn's claim to the throne. His refusal to do so almost cost him his life. Garret's resistance to the abuse, combined with the mental manipulation from Sana, was a testament to his love for Gwynn. He eventually gave in to the manipulation and began to believe Gwynn had tricked him and agreed to kidnap her per his assignment. They share a mutual love and connection, willing to do just about anything for one another.
208 SC29
  • Talon: Gwynn and Talon's relationship fluctuates almost daily. Gwynn found Talon fascinating when she first arrived at the Outpost and thought they were kindred spirits. Talon wanted the Bones dead and Gwynn mistook this as them being allies as Gwynn also needed the Bones dead. Though their reasons appeared vastly different, their mutual disdain for them brought the pair together. It became evident that Gwynn needed Talon to protect her, while Talon needed Gwynn's mind to think out attacks. They are two women in an Outpost and world, full of men that want to destroy both of them. When it's just the two of them, they get along merrily and can have quite a lot of fun together. They play Octor, drink, and bring out the light-heartedness in one another. Their differing views politically and personally are often sources of conflict between them. Gwynn knows that Talon has feelings for Garret Spears, Gwynn's boyfriend, despite Talon's objections to the opposite. When Gwynn became Queen she wanted things to remain the same between them, but her actions led Talon to believe that she was nothing more than a tool in Gwynn's war against the Prime Order. When this proved to be untrue, they grew close and Talon is Gwynn's only real friend and most trusted ally at the Outpost.
207 Gwynn-Tobin2
  • Tobin Aegisford: Tobin and Gwynn's relationship has been a complicated and emotional one. When Tobin first visited the Outpost after hearing her plea for help, his request for an uncommitted marriage that would only be for making heirs, in exchange for his army, offended Gwynn. As time went on, his brutish and outlandish behavior drove a wedge between the pair. She viewed him as an entitled narcissistic brute and had no qualms expressing her thoughts on him. When she rejected him, Tobin started listening to Gertrusha and worked to change his ways in an attempt to woo Gwynn. When Gwynn and Tobin were able to open up to one another without the pretenses of their titles, they began to form a connection. Gwynn brought him food one day and they flirted over her terrible cooking before he kissed her. During a meeting with Milus, Gwynn subtly accepted Tobin's proposal. When they had the room to themselves they hugged happily before kissing. Their respective advisors then launched planning for their wedding.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Gwynn is a highly-skilled Octor player, able to best almost all of her opponents.


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