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Greyskins aren't particular about who they kill, as long as they're human.
Wythers about Greyskins

Greyskins is a species of dangerous orc-like creatures that are known for terrorizing villagers and inhabitants of Outposts. Their numbers seem to multiply daily.


Three seasons before "One Is The Loneliest Number", the Greyskins attacked the outpost and scaled the walls. Garret Spears and his men fought them off, which caused them to retreat to the woods. The Greyskins have since formed several camps that seem to be multiplying daily.

In "Two Heads Are Better Than None, Garret reports that fifty new Greyskins camps have appeared in the woods. He notes that there are hundreds more growing by the day. Calkussar plans to use that to the Outposts advantage by telling the Prime Order that the Greyskins are approaching and they need more money for recruits.

In "The Colipsum Conundrum", Janzo and Talon meet with the colipsum supplier on behalf of Mistress. They are both surprised to learn that the suppliers are three Greyskins. There was brief hostility, mainly because Janzo couldn't understand the language of the Greyskins, but they seemingly understood enough of what Janzo was saying. They give Janzo the colipsum and take the gold as payment before leaving without so much as a fight.

In "Beyond The Wall", Janzo, Talon, and Garret are lured into a trap by the Greyskins. The Greyskins had filled barrels with dirt to lure travelers in under the guise of water only to kill the travelers. Talon and Garret attempted to fight the Greyskins off but were overpowered and outnumbered. Janzo poured acid over the Greyskins head and wounded it enough that it ran away.

Across the realm, Essa Khan stalked and murdered a Greyskin. She later consumed the flesh off of its leg.

In "The Vex Rezicon", deep in Greyskins territory Talon, Janzo, and a recently wounded Garret, are attacked by a group of Greyskins. They are knocked unconscious and taken to a Greyskin camp. When the woke up they were tied to wooden poles and surrounded by a dozen or more Greyskins, all whom Janzo established wanted to eat the trio. The Greyskins offer Garret colipsum as they can smell the Plagueling venom in his blood. Because of the venom, Garret will be spared of being eating alive. When the Greyskins turn to Janzo and are about to eat him, he pleads for Talon to do something. She then summons Baphnoro from the plane of ashes to help them escape. She commands him to free her and then kill the Greyskins. Talon, Janzo, and Garret use this as an opportunity to escape. When Talon looks back she witnesses Baphnoro being overpowered by the Greyskins and killed.

In "The Only Way", Talon wakes up to a Greyskin looming over her with a boulder. Zed saves her by using his Kinj to command it to freeze and stay still. It obeys, clearly not understanding why he's listening. Talon then kills the creature.


Greyskins have hulk-like features and hard, ridged, rock-like grey skin. Most of them seem to have golden eyes. For clothing, they wear bird feather garments. According to Janzo, Greyskins bleed red just as humans do.


Greyskins have similar weaknesses to that of humans, however, they have a higher pain and stamina tolerance.

Notes and Trivia

  • Greyskins speak a different language than English. It is unclear if they understand English or just enough to get by during trades.
  • They don't believe in leaving the body of a dead enemy as it is a waste of food.
  • Despite being reference throughout the show, they were only seen in the first and second seasons.