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The Golukinj was a living creature called a Kinj that relies on the survival of a host to stay alive. This purple-tinted kinj gives its host the ability to manipulate minds of any living being. The golukinj is one of seven original kinjes. It was destroyed with the death of Golu.


Originally part of the God Golu, it would later be removed from his body by his brother Aster, after Golu's failed attempt to have Tallya kill their child. It was then stored in the Shire of Vor-Anden, where it would remain their for many centuries. Humans have tried claim it, but the host (a tiny bug) chewed its way to the bottom to avoid being taken. It was only until Talon came along with Zed to the Shire was it finally able to be brought back into the world. He would then use it to his needs when he came back from the Plane of Ashes. With the betrayal of Yavalla and the rise of The Hive the golukinj would protect him from being infected and becoming a member of The Hive. With the return of the 'Gods', Zed had received a vision of Vorta. She and the others of her species seek out his kinj along with the other kinjes.


The golukinj was originally hosted by the God Golu, before he became entombed. Afterwards it remained dormant in the Shire of Vor-Anden, cohabiting a bug. It would remain there for many centuries. Humans have tried to claim it, not realizing that it was hiding in a hole at the bottom of the container. However, when Talon noticed that there was another hole in the empty container, Zed took his knife out to force the bug out of its hiding hole and pass it on to him. The next day on their way back to Gallwood Outpost, he went to scout ahead. He then saw covenant soldiers eating a meal by a fire pit. Zed then used his newly acquired kinj to force one of them to stick his hand over the fire as the soldier looked in horror and in pain. After a few minutes of this Zed stopped using his kinj releasing the soldier. The next day after a passionate night with Talon, Zed notices a Greyskin about to smash Talon's head. He then uses his kinj to freeze the Greyskin in place as Talon kills it. While thankful that Zed saved her life (though never actually saying so) she demands what happened and asked what his kinj does. Zed then tries to avoid the subject, and even politely ask her to release their people from the Plane of Ashes, she refuses. He then says that he regrets about what is going to 'try' and happen. Using his kinj on her, he commands her to open the portal using the Asterkinj. However, he was unaware that her own kinj protects her from the use of others. After a fight between the two, she banishes him back to the Plane of Ashes. However, she once again summoned him back to the Outpost. She then asked him to use his kinj on the incoming army. He then explains that his kinj can only be used one at a time, and from close range. After the battle and the Blackblood takeover, he would use his kinj to force those who wouldn't follow his rule.

During his reign as the Outpost leader, one of the Blackfist attempted to murder Queen Rosmund in her chamber at night. However Zed used his kinj to stop the attack. A few days later four blackfist lead by their leader, Zed's cousin Yobhan, tried to kill Zed and take control over the entire outpost. Using his kinj Zed was able to have Yobhan not participate in the fight for a while. However he was quickly overwhelmed and had to release Yobhan from his control. With the help of Talon he was able to defend himself and used his kinj one last time to fire a warning shot towards Yobhan. A few days later, it was discovered that Yavalla's kinj does not open a portal to paradise but instead creates a Hive. While Talon, Garret Spears, and Janzo were debating on what to do in this situation and not to trust anyone, Talon says that there is one person they can trust. They try to convince Zed that Yavalla betrayed them all, and that because he has his own kinj he is immuned to the Vortakinj's infection. After Wren finally convinces him, and with the arrival of the Aegisford and Relman soldiers at the outpost. The group abduct Tobin Aegisford to see if he is infected. While question him, Zed decides to use his kinj on him making Tobin dance in his cage. Convinced that he isn't infected they release him and explain the situation. The group the confront Yavalla in the citadel throne room along with a bunch of infected bodyguards. Just as one of them is about to kill Zed, he inadvertently uses his kinj to stop his attacker. Realizing that he can control the infected Hive members, he tries to see if his kinj works on Yavalla, only to be pushed away from Yavalla's own protection. Later on would use his kinj to help with mission against Yavalla and the infected hive members. It is because of the golukinj in him, that there was never a need to see if he was infected whenever he came back to the outpost.

After it was discovered that all of the Lu-Qiri had gone missing from The Outpost, Talon and Zed decided to track them down. They came across a group of them harassing humans. After Xaba had killed one human, Zed uses his kinj to stop Vikka from killing another. That is when he received a vision of Vorta stopping him from doing anything more. Weeks later, Zed used his kinj once again on his friend Vikka, only to be knocked out again by a different Lu-Qiri.


Transferring Hosts

As any other kinj, Zed could transfer it to someone else. However, upon reunting with it's original host, the kinj would remain with Golu until it was destroyed along with him.

Known Hosts

  • Insect (Formerly)
  • Zed (Formerly)
  • Munt (Formerly)
  • Nedra (Formerly)
  • Golu (Currently)

Powers and Abilities

  • Mind Manipulation: The golukinj grants its host the power to manipulate the minds of any living creature. Either by saying the commands out loud or with the thought in the mind of the host, the victims of the kinj are forced to obey them. The victims are aware of their manipulated actions but are unable to do anything other than look in horror or scream if they are in pain.


  • Control Limitation: The kinj can only be used on one person at a time, and from a relatively close range. The only people immune to its powers are those with a Kinj of their own, with the exception of the Vortakinj's offspring the yellow kinjes.
  • Mental Restrictions: The kinj can only control the body and voice of other beings. The kinj's can't grant its host the power to read other people's minds. As Zed states "Tell me the words and I'll make him say them!" indicating that while the kinj may be the puppeteer, the kinj can't make people answer question truthfully.

Notes and Trivia

  • While not shown properly the golukinj had the power to grant its host some level of telepathy. When Zed used his kinj on Talon, she could hear and feel the influence of the golukinj. However because of her own kinj she was protected from its manipulation. It will never be seen if this works with all being and not just those that have kinjes in them.