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Golu is one of the seven Blackblood Gods, a former Master of the Kahvi population, and host of the purple kinj. Thanks to the powers of his kinj, he can be described as the most manipulative of the group.


Similar to that of his companions Tera, Vorta, Janya, Kultor, Levare, and Aster, Golu ruled over the Kahvi in the Plane of Ashes until the world was nothing but ash and dirt. Aster traveled to the Green World to find a new realm for the Gods to occupy, and found that the Human residences were weak which was perfect for their settlement. The seven gods brought their people to the Green World, at which point, Aster grew to care for the humans. He cared for one particular woman which upset Vorta and the others, as they viewed this as a betrayal. They plotted to kill the object of his affection - the woman and her newborn child. Golu manipulated the woman into raising a knife above her child, and would have orchestrated the murder if Aster had not returned from fetching wood in time to stop him. Aster attacked Golu and ensured the safety of the child and mother. What happened next is unclear, as the Blackblood texts speak of six gods leaving while one remained, Aster, to walk amongst the Blackbloods and teach them. The Gods were separated from their life essence and put to sleep. Aster eventually became entombed himself in a sarcophagus beneath Vor-Anden.

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Physical Appearance

Powers and Abilities

As one of the seven Masters, Golu possesses extraordinary powers that earned him the title of a God. His kinj carries a portion of their power - the ability to open manipulate those who do not bear a kinj themselves. As the original host of the Purple kinj, he could manipulate more than one mind at a time, something his kinj-bears could not do.



Season 4

Notes and Trivia

  • He is amongst the last two creatures to be seen in the series. He shares this title with Aster.