Is this because I called you poor? You want to prove that you're wealthier then me? Well, my dear sister, I freely admit it. I have no wealth of my own. But I live in a mansion the size of this whole Outpost. I have servants that wait on my day and night. And I have the ear of the future King. It's not about money, dear sister. It's about power.
Gertrusha to Elinor in "The Blade of The Three"

Gertrusha is the most-trusted council to Baron Tobin Aegisford and a prestigious member of society. She is also the elder sister of Elinor Chadwick.

Biography Edit

In "This Is One Strange Town", Gertrusha arrives at Gallwood Outpost by Baron Tobin Aegisford's side. When she enters the Outpost, Elinor takes note of Gertrusha and hurries inside the inn.

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Gertrusha doesn’t believe that Elinor knows Gwynn but Janzo defends Elinor by saying it’s true and that he’s friends with her as well. Elinor yells at Janzo to be quiet. Gertrusha wants Elinor to tell her information about Gwynn’s financial status. Gertrusha also wants to know if Gwynn likes men or women, which Janzo finds a confusing thing for her to ask. Gertrusha insinuates that Gwynn isn’t interested in the rich, attractive, baron, but pays more attention to her chambermaid. When Gertrusha turns her anger and insults on Elinor, Janzo respectfully comes to his mother’s defense and Gertrusha leaves.

That night at The Nightshade Inn, Tobin and Gertrusha are drinking together with him more intoxicated then her. Tobin recaps his disaster over giving Gwynn lingerie, and Gertrusha scolds him for his lack of an emotional or even decent gift. She tells Tobin that Gwynn is a Queen and requires more tasteful shows of affection. When a guard arrives and announces the Queen is being held hostage, all the soldiers leave the Inn to help. Gertrusha insists that Tobin go and help as this could be his chance to prove himself.

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Gertrusha is a strong and determined woman. She refuses to face her past and instead, wants to put it behind her, and seems to ignore it altogether.

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Gertrusha has long strawberry blonde hair which she usually wears in a variety of different styles that are pulled away from her face. She has hazel eyes, fair skin and is of moderate height compared to those around her. Gertrusha wears beautiful gowns with an armored appearance of various colors and patterns along with matching headpieces and jewelry which befitted her station as a high-ranking woman.

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