Garret Spears is a captain in the Gallwood Outpost. He has a strong sense of duty and changed his name from Wythers to Spears when he enlisted


Garret's mother was a washer and his father a watchman. Against his father's wishes, he enlisted as a soldier when he was 14 years old, at which point he chose his new name. He loves Gwynn and maintained a secret affair. Between his lowly post as a soldier compared to a noblewoman, and her father's warning that Gwynn was pledged elsewhere, Garret told Gwynn they had to cease their secret meetings. A fresh and budding relationship with Talon seems to lie ahead, intertwining his fate to hers, as well as Janzo.


Garret is a prepossessing and charming man with a deep sense of loyalty and an enduringly strained relationship with his father. Marshal Wythers. Despite their tensions, an underlying attempt to bridge the divide seems to hang between them. He is quick with tall tales and flirtation, playful embellishments, and often curious.


Garret dons classic plate mail. Pieces include a gothic breastplate emblazoned with a hydra insignia, a gorget, gauntlets and vambrace, greaves, pauldrons with leather gardbraces and rerebraces, and a tasset among other pieces. At times he is seen without his armor, instead wearing what appears to be an armor padding layer as common attire to allow for quick dress.


  • Marshal Wythers - Jake's somewhat estranged father.
  • Gwynn Calkussar - Romantic, but terminated at the request of her father.
  • Talon - A rapidly developing but strange trust and tension with futures to be seen.
  • Janzo - Reliance on the local alchemist to help solve the Plaguelings will no doubt lead to more teamwork.
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