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Gwynn, they made me kill my own father. I have to go. It's time that their weapon was turned against them.
Garret to Gwynn in "The Only Way"

King Garret Spears, born Garret Wythers, formerly known as Blade of The Three, is the former Captain and Base Commander of the Gallwood Outpost. He is the son of former Gate Marshal Wythers. Garret has a strong sense of duty and is often seen helping people who are in need or ask for his guidance.

Following Gwynn's exit from the Outpost, Garret's role in the Outpost shifted drastically. Talon named him her second-in-command and a representative for the humans. He seemingly regained his position as Captain within the remaining royal guards. After Gwynn was freed from The Hive and resumed her role as the leader of the Outpost, she named him her Chief Advisor. He held the position until her death, at which point, he became the Gate Marshal of the Outpost at King Tobin's behest. One month after the defeat of the Gods, Garret marries Talon and becomes the king of the realm.


Garret was born to a watchman, Wythers, and a washerwoman. When Garret was fourteen, he witnessed a prime order soldier trying to seduce his mother. His mother declined the soldier's advances and her throat was slit as a result, under the guise of "treason".

Garret and his older brother Jaelon enjoyed getting into mischief together. One day, Jaelon stole a case of wine from the quartermasters to share with Garret but was caught right away. Wythers sent him to the lowest mineshaft. It was only meant to be for a day or two, however, Jaelon was surrounded by the criminals Wythers had sentenced. Within hours of his first day, he was beaten to death by the criminals. Garret never forgave Wythers for sending Jaelon to his death.

That same year, Garret enlisted as a solider against his father's wishes and left the Outpost. Because he joined the soldiers he was able to choose a surname for himself and chose Spears. He was once loyal to the soldiers but grew to resent them even more than his father. He dreamed of being able to overthrow them and restore the realms to the royals.

Years later, Garret was summoned back to Gallwood Outpost by Commander Calkussar and tasked with protecting Gwynn. Calkussar knew that Garret would keep Gwynn safe, as they had grown up and played together. Garret became Captain of the Border Guard at Gallwood Outpost and worked closely with Cornelius Calkussar. They came to realize they shared a desire to overthrow the Prime Order. That is why he was told of Gwynn's true identity as Princess Rosmund. Garret also maintained a secret affair with Gwynn.

Throughout The Outpost Series

Season 1

Season 2

Between his lowly post as a soldier compared to nobility, and Calkussar's warning that Gwynn was pledged elsewhere, Garret and Gwynn's relationship is tested. A fresh and budding relationship with Talon seems to lie ahead, intertwining his fate to hers, as well as Janzo.

201 Garret and men.jpg

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Garret leads a group of men after Everit Dred. It's been a two-week chase and they have managed to track Dred to Dun-Ebdin. Garret explains the history of Dun-Ebdin to one of his men before they ride into the former palace. At the gates, one of the men refuses to enter but Garret and the other men continue inside. Once inside, Garret and his men are ambushed by Dred and Essa. The duo kills all of Garret's men until Garret seemingly pins Dred. He proclaims that he is going to kill Dred for Talon's family and Gwynn's reign. When Garret is about to behead Dred he is stabbed through his armor by Essa.

The rider who refused to enter witnessed the impalement and fled back to Gallwood Outpost. The soldier told Gwynn and Wythers that Garret and everyone else was dead. Wythers left the Outpost to collect his son's body and bring him back to Gallwood.

In "This Is One Strange Town", Gwynn, Talon, and Janzo grieve Garret and try to find a new way to cope at the Outpost. Talon and Janzo recommend to Gwynn that she find a new Base Commander, despite her reluctance. Meanwhile, Wythers reaches Dun-Ebdin but doesn't find Garret's body. Instead, he finds a bloodstain and Garret's sword.

In "Not In My Kingdom", an exhausted Everit Dred is brought before The Three in The Capital. While crippled from pain induced by One, Dred reveals that Garret Spears is alive and could become their secret weapon. Two guards bring a barely breathing Garret into the chambers. Garret is soon sent to the infirmary to recover in the hands of their healer.

203 Garret.jpg

When Garret comes-to he is in a strange room. He asks what's going on and Sana tells him that he's at The Capital and under her care and The Three's protection. He asks how long he's been asleep for and she tells him that he's been in the Capital for two-week. She gives him a liquid that has been helping him heal and puts him to sleep.

Later, Garret awakens and tries to move despite his injuries. He collapses and Sana guides him back to the bed. He notes that he's lost a lot of blood before but was able to walk after two weeks. Sana tells him that he's never lost that much blood before, and if it weren't for her, he would be dead. He comments on her cockiness and she smirks. The Tormentor arrives with an agenda to kidnap Garret and get him to negate the false Queen, Rosmund. Garret refuses to do such a thing, saying that Rosmund is not a false Queen. Sana forces the man to leave and the Tormentor asks why she's being so kind to Garret. Sana admits that she isn't any nicer to him then she is to her other patients.

203 Garret2.jpg

The Tormentor returns and kidnaps Garret. He beats Garret in an attempt to get him to negate Rosmund, but Garret refuses. Sana manages to save Garret from the Tormentor's cruelty. She warns the Tormentor that if he came near Garret again she would report him to The Three. She then took a barely awake Garret back to her chambers.

Garret and Sana are talking in her chambers and he insists on knowing why she cares so much for him. In hopes of gaining his trust, a reluctant Sana tells Garret that he reminds her of Brion, her husband who died. Garret expresses his sympathies for her loss. Sana explains that Brion was a diplomat sent by The Three to the East Quarter to inquire about the village that had been sacked and burned. He was brutally killed at the hands of a Blackblood. Garret tries to tell her that there aren't any Blackbloods left, most likely to protect Talon's identity. Sana knows that one remains. According to her, The Three were unaware of Everit Dred's mission to kill the Blackbloods and would have stopped them in time if they had known. Garret doesn't believe this or that she could know that a Blackblood killed her husband. She explains that she witnessed the event and a woman with mud-black hair kill six men and walk away with only a scratch. But the fight was enough for Sana to see her oil-black blood. Garret is quiet at that as the description matches Talon.

The next day, Sana and Garret are walking around her room. She tells him that Gwynn couldn't be Rosmund and that Gwynn is lying. Garret refuses to believe this and tries to convince her that Rosmund is the true Queen. Sana is surprised that he is still loyal to Gwynn after everything that happened. Garret asks her to elaborate, and though reluctant at first, tells him the truth. She disobeyed The Three and sent word to Gwynn under the offering to return Garret to her. Gwynn had simply responded that she already had a new commander. Garret sat on the bed in surprise, clearly trying to process the information. Sana claims to have done it because she cares about him, and Garret says that she doesn't care about him as Rosmund does. But Sana says she does and kisses him.

Sana tries to fend off the Tormentor and his men when they come for Garret but is knocked aside. That night, The Tormentor is apologizing to The Three for going too far in his abuse of Garret, who is on the brink of death. Sana is there and convinces the Three to allow her to continue her method of negative conditioning. She promises them that Garret will be loyal to them by the end of the week. In return, Two heals Garret for the brink of death but leaves him weakened.

204 Garret.jpg

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Dred and Garret are in neighboring cells. Dred tells Garret of his visions of a realm full of Lu-Qiri and people dying while the Blackbloods ruled over everyone. Garret refuses to believe that this is true. Dred admits he didn't consult The Three before killing the Blackblood people. He claims he didn't have time as the Blackbloods would have summoned their demons and killed everyone if he hadn't acted first. Garret reasons that they were a peaceful people. According to Dred, the real Rosmund had a misshaped face from being kicked by a horse as a child. Calkussar had destroyed most portraits but “Gwynn” snuck one out of the palace as a keepsake of her childhood friend. Garret seems to have doubts about Dred's story but is beginning to believe the lies. Sana arrives and frees Garret from the cells, warning the Tormentor that if he came near Garret again she would kill him. Sana then left with an injured Garret. When they were gone, Dred is transferred into Garret's cell. He had struck a deal with the Tormentor for a bigger cell in exchange for placing doubt in Garret's mind about Gwynn being Rosmund.

204 Garret3.png

Garret is recuperating back in Sana's room. He converses with a maid who tells him about her time at The Capital. Before the purge, the capital was the royal palace. She reminisces about the design and furniture the palace had. She also mentions that the Prime Order plastered over the portraits and mirrors in the room. Sana arrives moments later and the maid leaves. Garret requests to see the letter that Gwynn sent. Sana leaves under the guise that she's retrieving the note. In reality, she consults a forger that pieces together the letter using three different dispatches. Sana returns and warns Garret that the message will only cause him pain. He takes the note and reads it aloud, clearly heartbroken to read, "Regarding the matter of Garret Spears, I already have a new base commander. Signed her majesty, Queen Rosmund". Garret woefully admits that he's read hundreds of Gwynn's letters and knows her handwriting better than his own. He confirms that the message must have come from Gwynn. He asks Sana to leave and she obeys.

204 Garret2.png

Garret stumbles to his feet and burns the letter using the flame from a candle. Then, in a fit of rage and emotion, he punches the wall. His punch breaks the plaster and he repeats his action until a portrait of the royal family is revealed. He begins frantically tearing the boards down revealing each member of the royal family. He remembers Dred's claims that Rosmun had a misshapen face, and is devastated to see that Rosmund was painted in that way Garret grabs his hair in emotion, clearly betrayed, hurt, angry, and confused.

204 Sana-Garret.jpg

That night, Sana wraps Garret's bloodied hands and they talk. Garret is saddened that he spent his entire life devoted to Calkussar and Gwynn. He believes that he was fooled by them. He accepts Sana's offer to move on and be with her instead. They prepare to be seen by The Three, and Garret wears Prime Order armor. She reminds him that they have to do this so they can leave together in peace. He tells her that's all he wants now. Once in the chambers of The Three, Garret kneels while Sana addresses them. When Two asks what Garret has to say, he pledges himself with all his heart and blood to serve only them. He swears to never stray from this path again.

205 Garret-Medication.png

In "The Blade of The Three", Garret and Sana go for a walk around the institute. He admits that he was hoping he would get to see more of The Capital, but she tells him he's still healing. Besides, she wants to be by his side when they walk those streets to find their home. She pushes him against a wall and kisses him which leads to them making out. While kissing her neck he hallucinates Gwynn and proclaims that he's missed her, which Sana finds silly because she hasn't left his side. His grip on Sana's neck is tight but not overbearing. She asks if he's taken his medication yet and when he says he hasn't she tells him to take it immediately. He obeys and opens a satchel holding several vials of red liquid. He removes a vial and drinks it. They begin kissing again once he does.

205 Garret-Sana.jpg

Wythers finds Garret looking over The Capital ground. Wythers calls out to Garret who is surprised to see the man. Garret asks why Wythers is there and they reunite with a hug. Wythers explains his plan to rescue Garret and is surprised when his son doesn't want to come with him. When Garret begins spouting about the false Queen and evil Blackbloods, Wythers smacks him and demands he stop spouting such nonsense. Garret thinks Wythers is being manipulated as he once was and calls for the guards. Wythers is shocked that Garret would call the guards on his father, but Garret claims it is for Wythers' good. As Wythers is dragged away screaming he asks Sana what they've done to Garret. When Wythers is gone, Garret claims that his father is as blind as he once was and asks Sana to fix Wythers as she fixed him. She promises to try and he kisses her hand.

205 Garret-Wythers.png

The Three summons Garret to their chambers so he can prove his loyalty to them. Garret kneels and recites the pledge to The Three. The Three tell Garret that they think he is ready for his first task. Garret claims that he is ready. Two covenant agents and the Tormentor drag Wythers into the chambers. They throw him to the ground. Garret is visibly confused and the Three demand that Garret kills Wythers. Wythers stands and Garret hesitates for a moment before drawing his sword. He then impales his father through the stomach. Wythers mutters his son's name before Garret removes the sword and Wythers falls to the ground. Garret shows no emotion as his father dies. With Wythers now dead, Garret is tasked with returning to the Outpost to kill Talon and kidnap Gwynn.

206 Garret.jpg

In "Because She's Worth It", Talon is hunting in the woods when she hears the sound of a horse. She turns her bow to the rider. As the rider comes into view she is stunned to see that the rider is Garret. Garret dismounts and asks Talon nonchalantly what she is doing out there. She is happy to see him and remarks that she thought he was dead and embraces him tightly. They hug for a moment. Garret's hand goes to his dagger and he stabs Talon in the side. She stumbles in his embrace but he keeps hold of her. She looks up at him in shock but he has no emotion in his eyes.

207 Garret2.png

In "Where You Go, People Die", a now stabbed Talon staggers away from Garret. She is wounded but not fatally. She asks what he's doing and why. Garret proclaims that he is stopping her from fulfilling her so-called prophecy, summoning the slayers of men. He tells her that where she goes, people die. They engage in a sword fight and Talon learns he's been brainwashed by The Three. She drops her sword and stops fighting back. She doesn't think he can kill her but he hails the three before stabbing at her. She opens the portal to the plane of ashes and is sucked through. Garret starts to go after her but is repelled by the blue light which causes him to stagger back.

207 Garret.jpg

Gwynn and Tobin's wedding ceremony is about to start when the sound of horses is heard, distracting everyone. The doors to the church fly open causing everyone to gasp. Garret walks in and everyone begins to murmur. Gwynn stands and rushes to him, throwing her arms around his neck. He pulls away and tells her that it isn't safe here and she needs to come with him. He grabs her hand and pulls her out of the church. Tobin asks who the man was, to which Munt and Janzo simultaneously say, "Garret".

207 Garret-Gwynn.png

Once outside he tells her that someone is trying to harm her and she has to leave with him. She tells him that it's her wedding day but he doesn't say much. Garret claims they don't have much time and mounts his horse. She wants to know who is after her, but he counters asking if she trusts him. Because Gwynn does, she takes his hand and mounts his horse and they ride off with everyone watching them. Once out of the Outpost, she remarks that she's happy that Garret's alive. He accuses her of already knowing he was alive but not caring. She asks what he's talking about but he doesn't answer and the horse picks up speed as they ride into the woods.

208 Gwynn-Garret.png

In "A Crown For The Queen", Garret and Gwynn ride through the woods until they stop. She asks where they're going then tells him that he's scaring her. Moments later, they are surrounded by prime order soldiers. One of the soldiers yanks Gwynn off the horse and she asks what Garret's what he's doing as she is the Queen. Garret calls her a traitor and tells the soldiers to tie Gwynn up. Once Gwynn is dragged away into the woods, Garret takes another vial of red liquid.

208 SC8.png

At the camp, Gwynn is restrained and gagged. She is joined by Garret who wants her to admit her lies to him. He offers her food, water, and removing the gag in exchange for her admitting the truth. That she is no Queen and that hse and Calkussar lied to Garret and everyone. He calls her a power-hungry greedy traitor. He asks if he can admit the truth and grabs her face as she cries. Riddled with emotion he asks her to set him and herself free. He puts his forehead on hers for a moment before pulling away. She nods but as soon as the gag is gone she screams for help. He yells at her that she can scream but no one is going to save her. He then shushes her and puts the gag back on before leaving her alone as she cries.

208 SC11.png

In the fort, Garret is about to put a bag over Gwynn's head when the sound of horses distracts him. Talon and her horse enter the fort. Garret commands the guards to stay with him and the prisoner, while the others kill Talon. She dismounts her horse and pushes it away. The guards form a line around Talon until one charges her. She instantly disarms them and begins a brutal fight armed with only a spear that she stole from one of the soldiers. Garret and Gwynn try to make their escape when Tobin arrives. He kills the first guard that comes after him and accuses Garret of being a coward. Garret and Tobin then begin fighting. Gwynn tries to escape but an archer shoots his arrow at Gwynn forcing her to take cover and hide. A guard takes over for Garret who rushes to Gwynn and forces her to mount a horse and ride off with him.

208 SC13.png

Talon mounts her horse and takes off after the fleeing pair. Gwynn manages to free her hands and elbow Garret across the face, knocking him off the horse. Talon dismounts her horse mid-stride and draws her sword as she stands. Garret frantically looks for his sword and finds it in the grass. They begin a vicious sword fight and Talon yells to Gwynn to run. Talon doesn't want to kill Garret but he assures her she won't have too before attacking her. She fends him off, managing to disarm him and bring him down. He stands unarmed and she stabs her sword into the ground so the fight is even. She eventually gets him into a submissive chokehold and puts him to sleep. Gwynn asks Talon if she's trying to kill him, but Talon comments that Garret is just unconscious.

208 SC15.png

Gwynn and Talon return to the Outpost and Captain Orlick raises the gates to allow them inside. Gwynn and Talon share a horse, while Garret is restrained on another horse which is being led by Gwynn. A badly injured Tobin rides on a third horse. Upon arriving in the Outpost, Gwynn commands Orlick to send for Janzo as Tobin is badly injured. She tells Orlick to send them both to her chambers. He asks about Captain Spears, to which she bitterly tells Orlick to lock Garret away and double the guards. Talon gives Garret a cold stare for dismounting her horse and leaving. Garret obeys Orlick's command to dismount and is led away by two guards.

208 SC19.png

Gwynn visits Garret in the prisons. Once they are alone, she slowly approaches the cells in which Garret is held in. She softly tells him he's breaking her heart before asking if he is still himself. He asks if it scares her that and the Prime Order knows but she doesn't understand what he's talking about. She wants to know what they have done to turn him to which he claims they opened his eyes. He now sees her as an imposter but she tells him he sounds insane. The Prime Order slaughtered her family and she is the Queen. He leans against the bars telling her that she just a selfish little girl playing dress-up. She slams her hand against the bars in anger. He slowly retreats saying that she's about to form a strategic union to a marriage that would have gained her thousands of soldiers and gold to fund her army. A smart move and something a Queen would do. But instead, she left with him - an old flame and commoner. He calls her selfish just as Janzo enters. Gwynn instructs Janzo to find a way to fix Garret.

208 SC22.png

Janzo is puttering around his lab before collecting his notebook and standing by Garret's cell. He asks where Everit took Garret after the ambush at Dun-Ebdin, to which Garret replies to see the holy three and bask in their glory. Janzo is wildly unimpressed, takes a moment, and writes that Garret was held captive in the Capital. Janzo asks how long Garret was there, to which Garret says until he was ready to receive his purpose. Janzo asks if it was one moon or two, but Garret doesn't answer, which leads Janzo to write that Garret has no sense of the passage of time. He asks if Garret slept for an unusually long amount of time, took any potions, or pills.

Perfect vision.

Garret angrily says that Gwynn is a false Queen while Talon is a dirty Blackblood. Janzo comments that Garret must not be interested in either of them anymore. Janzo begins to examine Garret with a magnifying glass which triggers Garret to rant about Gwynn. He says the Prime Order will skelter her uprising and when they do, brilliant minds like Janzo will be rewarded. Janzo wants to test Garret's eyesight and holds up his notebook for Garret to read. On the page are the words “Shut Up” with a smiley face sticking its tongue out. Garret reads it then sighs upon realizing what it says. Janzo smiles cheekily and comments on Garret's perfect vision before walking off. He yells over his shoulder that he'll be back.

208 SC27.png

A few minutes later, Garret looks up at the sound of someone entering the lab and stands when he sees its Talon. He tells her he's glad she's alive and well before apologizing. He sees now that something is wrong with him and Talon approaches the cell. She puts her hand on his hair as he speaks. Mid-sentence she slams his head against the bars saying that was for Gwynn. He calls her a filthy Blackblood and lunges at her. She steps just out of his reach before twisting his arm and punching him in the gut. She angrily tells him that was for her before turning and leaving. He angrily throws himself against the bars as she walks away.

208 SC31.png

In Janzo's lab, a soldier brings Garret supper. Garret remarks that he doesn't know this guard despite knowing all of them. He claims that he's new and calls Garret a Commander. Janzo corrects him saying that Garret is a prisoner so the soldier owes him no respect. The guard gives Garret his food and then when Janzo isn't looking, he places three fingers over his chest to show his loyalty. When the guard is gone, Garret stands and rests his arms through the bars smiling to himself.

209 SC5.png

In "There Will Be a Reckoning", Janzo is giving Garret another exam and notes that his eyes aren't dilating the way they should, but Garret still doesn't think anything is wrong with him. Janzo angrily says that if Garret doesn't want his help there are other important things that he should be doing, like curing the Plaguelings. Garret tells Janzo to go do that instead, as he is fine - he only knows the truth while Janzo doesn't. Now angrier, Janzo blows out the candle and tells Garret to rot in the cage.

209 SC11.png

Garret is getting antsy, pale, and sweaty in the cell. The guard loyal to The Three takes over for the soldier watching Garret. The soldier begins approaching a sleeping Janzo, and Garret yells at the guard to stop, but he doesn't listen and begins smothering Janzo who has earplugs in. Janzo grabs a pot of hot water and throws it in the guard's face. He angrily lunges at the guard, latching onto his back, yelling if the guard takes him for a fool. Janzo begins screaming for Talon and then Garret. Munt hears the commotion and enters the lab. He smashes a jar over the soldier's head, rendering him unconscious. Janzo angrily tells Munt that the solider tried to kill him, then approaches Garret. He screams at him that all night Garret couldn't shut up, but then he's quiet as a mouse when someone tries to kill him! Garret tries to defend himself as he didn't want the guard to kill Janzo, he just wanted the guard to let him out. Janzo screams at him to shut up and calls him a backstabber, saying he should be turned into a Plagueling because of that. He grabs a discharged Plagueling from his table and holds it in front of Garret, threatening to turn him. Garret reminds Janzo that he doesn't use colipsum, and either way, Janzo wouldn't hurt him. Janzo says that he's right that commands Munt to punch Garret in the face, which he does. Garret falls backward in the cell.

209 SC19.png

Gwynn visits Janzo to ask how the prisoner is doing. He mistakes her question for asking about him and sarcastically tells her he's fine no thanks to her guards. She clarifies that she was asking about Garret, to which Janzo tells her that there is no change as Garret is still an idiot. She approaches Garret calmly asking him how many traitors are in The Outpost. He didn't know about that one. He stands and apologizes saying he hasn't been himself lately. She doesn't believe him and he clarifies that the things he said were wrong but he doesn't know what's been going on with him lately. He's been so confused. She assures him that it's alright as whatever he's going through Janzo is going to set him right. Janzo scoffs from across the room. Garret looks at Janzo then back at Gwynn. He apologizes for calling her false and a liar, as that wasn't right of him. He tells her that she's someone he's always loved. She returns the sentiment and approaches him saying that Janzo is going to get him better. Before she can finish he grabs her by the throat pulling her to the bars. The guards clamor to Gwynn's rescue and hit Garret on the head causing him to release the Queen. She stumbles back gripping her throat. Janzo examines her throat asking if she is alright. Strained, she tells him to either fix Garret or kill him - she can't bear to see him like this. Garret slumps in his cell, clearly affected by his actions.

209 SC35.png

The guard watching Garret falls asleep, and Garret uses this opportunity to steal the guard's pole and attempt to either escape or reach his belt. Janzo enters his lab and wakes the guard which stops Garret from escaping. He yells at the Guard that if Garret wasn't so stupid he would have escaped if it were up to the guard. They all exchange insults with Garret warning Janzo that when he escapes, he will make Janzo pay for the torture. This angers Janzo who exclaims that he's only trying to help him and that if he keeps acting this way, Gwynn will have his head. Garret eerily remarks that won't happen if he takes her headfirst.

209 SC43.png

Janzo is examining Garret when he notices he keeps looking at his belt that is cast to the side. Janzo picks it up and takes note that this was what Garret was trying to reach. Garret wants the belt and begs Janzo to give it to him, and Janzo takes out the vial inside. Garret pleads with Janzo to give it to him, but Janzo instead sniffs the vial then tastes it. He recognizes the taste but can't place it. Garret explains that after he was assaulted by Dred he was badly injured, so the healer at the Capital gave him the drugs to heal. Janzo places the drug as Nyssa and asks if they gave it to him in large doses and if he slept for a long time. Garret confirms all of it but says that he was sick and it made him better. Janzo finds the description of the drug and reads it, confirming that the drug does alleviate pain but also places subjects in a vulnerable state to be swayed. Janzo realizes this is why Garret is so messed up and throws the vial into the fire, much to Garret's pain. He cries out that he needs it but Janzo tells him that's the last thing he needs. Garret clarifies that Sana told him that if he didn't take the medicine he will get sick and maybe even die. Janzo doesn't know who this Sana person is, but he's assuming she's the same person who spewed the nonsense about Gwynn. Garret claims that there was undeniable proof. Janzo states that the tonic is what is allowing them to pump Garret full of all these lies, but Garret claims it's medicine. Janzo remarks back that it is medicine alright, but it's the medicine that is making Garret turn on all his friends and come to Gallwood to do the Prime Order's dirty work. Garret remarks that it isn't true, but Janzo ignores him and hands him a pint of something. He solemnly tells Garret to drink it, and once the Nyassa root is out of his system, Garret might remember who his real friends are. He sets it on the ground and walks off, taking Garret's belt with him. He pauses to tell him sadly that he forgives Garret, as he can't hold someone responsible for their actions when they are drugged. A moment passes and he gestures to Garret to drink up, now annoyed. Garret picks up the mug and drinks from it, much to Janzo's surprise, yet relief.

That night, Garret shouts at the guard, Lomack, to get him a blanket as it's cold. Lomack continues to sleep to which Garret insults him, calling him a pig face. Lomack hears him but just tells Garret to shut up. He continues to insult Lomack, pressing that if he were still commander of this Outpost, Lomack would be flogged for dereliction of duty. Lomack reminds Garret that he isn't a base commander anymore, so he doesn't have to put up with his shit. Garret continues to insult Lomack, taunting him by calling him lazy and unfit to wear the uniform. Now angered, Lomack tries to attack Garret, claiming it is something he's wanted to do since Garret took command. When he strikes his spear at Garret, he dodges it and grabs the spear. He yanks Lomack into the bars and bashes his head against the metal until he falls to the ground. He then steal s the keys and uses them to escape, remarking that Lomack is always so angry making it easy for him to taunt Lomack. He remarks that he has a job to finish, grabs his belt and sword, and sneaks out of the lab.

In "The Only Way", Garret sneaks through the Outpost, carefully avoiding the guards. He scales the walls to Gwyyn's balcony, where he enters her room. She sleeps peacefully with her crown on a few feet away. Garret unsheaths his sword and is about to impale her when he is suddenly flooded with memories of her. He struggles against the memories and staggers back, unable to complete the task. He tries again but remembers what Dred told him about the real Rosmund having a misshapen face. The portrait is in a secret compartment in her armoire. He remembers pulling the drywall off to see the portrait of the real Rosmund. He stops and quickly searches her armoire until he finds the picture of Gwynn with her family. In this picture, she doesn't have a misshapen face. He drops the portrait onto the bed emotionally. He kneels to the ground, ready to impale himself in the chest with the sword. Gwynn awakens and calls to Garret, telling him to put the sword down. He ignores her at first but eventually throws it aside. He emotionally asks what he's done as she watches him from the bed.

Gwynn and Garret stand in her room, two guards by Garret. She doesn't understand as Garret came here to kill her. He tells her that Janzo destroyed the medication. He is emotional and tells her about the painting they showed him of the royal family - but it had a different little girl in it. He emotionally tells her that when he saw the real painting it was as if a fog just poured out of his mind. He frantically states that he can't stay in the Outpost and tries to get up but the guards shove him back down. She asks why he has to leave, to which he emotionally tells her that after everything he's done he can't stay. He came to the Outpost to try and kill Gwynn, he tried to kill Talon, and then emotionally remembers what he did to Wythers. He cries as he admits that he killed his father, much to Gwynn's shock. Garret tells her again that he has to go, as it is time that the Prime Order's weapon was turned against them. She tells him that if he wants is revenge than he should stay here and help them defeat the Prime Order, as getting himself killed will accomplish nothing. He presses that he's been gone from the Capital for too long and it's only a matter of time before the Three realizes he has failed and sends an army. They haven't sent an army because they don't think he's failed yet. He knows that after everything he's done she can't possibly still have feelings for him and mentions Baron Aegisford. Gwynn states that she thought he was dead and that a lot has happened. He wants to know if he's still a prisoner, to which she responds by telling the guards that Garret isn't a prisoner any longer. He's free to come and go as he pleases. She commands them to leave. She takes the painting and sits by his side. A moment passes and they share a kiss but she ends it, saying she can't do this. He mutters your majesty, gathers his sword, and leaves.

Garret comes to the Nightshade and Janzo initially hides commanding the guards to get Garret. He informs Janzo that he's been freed, but Janzo finds it ironic that the man who tried to kill the Queen is free yet he is still under arrest. Janzo notes several changes in Garret's physicality returning. Garret asks him for a favor to find Talon. Janzo asks if Gwynn rejected him and if that is why he's going to run into the arms of Talon, calling him predictable. Garret claims it isn't like that as he needs her help to get back to the Capital. They begin to argue as Janzo believes he's rash and not fully cured while GArret counters that he's trying to save the Queen and the realm. Now provoked, Garret slams Janzo's arm against the counter scaring the bartender. Garret isn't interested in another drink and only wants revenge. Janzo finally caves saying that Talon went to find the shrine of Vor-Anden, but Garret doesn't understand what that is. Janzo gives him a look as he just told him its a shrine. He draws him a map but warns him that she will probably kill him on sight. He warns him about Milus's army then states that he might be able to enlist the help of Talon's new Blackblood friend. A lovely chap, handsome, hates humans, and he's sure they pair will get on well. Janzo hands him the map and Garret thanks him and leaves, ignoring his remarks about Zed.

Garret visits Tobin at the Nightshade Inn to request his help on breaking out of the Outpost, as Tobin is the new Base Commander. Garret wants to know what the new commander is doing to break the siege. Tobin stands up and pats Garret on the should as he leaves.

Tobin meets with Gwynn and Elinor, only for Garret to appear. He congratulates Elinor on the promotion but is almost removed twice under the orders of both Tobin and Elinor. Tobin believes Garret is drunk, despite the man's objects. Gwynn allows him to stay as she wants his opinion on the plan. Elinor proceeds to open the gates and let out all the live Plaugelings, who swarm the camps where many soldiers are taking colipsum. Garret is astounded that Gwynn is using Plaugelings to fight her battles and she believes she's done a horrible thing. Elinor claims that it's a choice a good Queen makes. Garret agrees that it isn't good but necessary, calling it an ingenious plan. Elinor remarks that she knew she liked him.

Gwynn notices Garret leading a horse to the gates and asks if he's leaving already. Het ells her the fever's broken so he can go now. Tobin states it is a shame they didn't get to know each other better seeing as they have so much in common. Garret assures him there might be time for that when he returns. This surprises Tobin but he then states he looks forward to that, taking Gwynn's hand. He tells her that Elinor wanted to speak with them and they leave. He tells her goodbye and she looks over her shoulder as she walks away, watching him mount his horse and ride off.

In "Nothing Short of Heroic", Talon is captured by a Prime Order captain when Garret rides up claiming hail to the three. He dismounts than thanks the guard for apprehending his prisoner, stating that he is the Blade of the Three. The captain doesn't believe Garret's claims and asks him to finish a saying, in which Garret does effortlessly. The captain welcomes his covenant brother saying that they'll bring Talon in together and share in the glory. Garret looks to Talon clearly surprised, but she only glares back at him fighting against her restraints.

Later that day in the camp, the guard approaches Garret and gives him a dagger to interrogate Talon with, so he takes it and slowly approaches her. He tries to wake her up by whispering her name but she doesn't stir so he kicks her boot. She jolts awake and calls him a bastard asking how he escaped. He lowers to the ground acknowledging that she's angry but tells her they don't have time for apologies. She threatens that if he laid a hand on Gwynn but he interrupts her saying that Gwynn is fine, but he needs her to listen. Janzo fixed his mind and told him where she was going, and that is how he found her. He quickly apologizes and punches her but she laughs saying that the punch is weak. He isn't trying to hurt her but she has to help him make it look good, as he's supposed to be interrogating her. He backhands her and then asks if she can fight. She starts to say something sarcastic but he tells her he just needs to know if she can fight. She reminds him that she heals fast. He nods telling her that there are two guards to her left and three to her right. She doesn't have a choice but to fight him. He wants her to sell that he's cutting her as he starts sawing at her ropes. She beings to shout and scream and tells her not to overdo it. She gives him a look to which he responds that he's supposed to be interrogating her not hacking her apart. She tells him to make up his mind of what he wants but he tells her to just act. She acts hurt then whispers that after she kills all of them she's going to kill him. He grips the back of her head telling her that she won't because she's smarter than that. He tells her to attack him after he cuts her wrists, determining that she wants the sword. She bitterly tells him he's no good with a knife. HE cuts her ties and the guard charges at them and they begin to fight. She saves Garret's life by tossing him a knife. She is pinned against a tree by the guard and Garret throws the dagger into the captain's back. More troops flood into the camp forcing Garret and Talon to mount their horses and escape.

Garret and Talon walk through the woods, leading their horses by their reins. He hopes she knows that it wasn't really him that tried to kill her as the Prime Order completely altered his mind. Talon knows that especially since he freed her when he could have easily killed her. She remarks that Janzo did cure him with Garret praising Janzo as a genius. She ponders that it makes her uneasy they were able to turn him into a cold-blooded killer but he thinks he was always a killer; he just pointed his rage in the wrong direction before. He loads his belongings into a boat explaining that he has to stop the people who did this to him. She realizes he only came to get her so he could get revenge. She wants to know how he plans to ride into the Capital and kill everyone, but he corrects that he's only going to kill the ones who corrupted his mind and tried to get him to kill Gwynn, Talon, and the ones who made him kill Wythers. Garret remarks that Wythers didn't have Talon's black blood to help him survive being stabbed in the gut. He asks her for her help in getting revenge but she retorts that the Garret she knew wouldn't have done something so rash and stupid just to get even. He quickly responds that the Garret she knew is gone. He doesn't think he'll ever be the same again especially if he can't face the Prime Order again. Something he can't do without her help. She asks for his plan but he doesn't have one. She sarcastically notes that it keeps getting better as they start to push the boat into the lake. They exchange a longing look as he tells her that he missed her. She smiles only responding that she knows.

Garret and Talon approach the entrance of the capital with Talon asking if they'll recognize him. He doesn't think it's likely without his armor - if they stick to the story they'll be fine. She doesn't like his story but he dismisses her claim as nonsense as his story is perfect. The guard asks what their business is at the capital and Garret exclaims they're getting married and takes Talon's hand, much to her hesitance. The guard requests their names so Garret hastily tells him his name is Garrison, with Talon claiming her name is Teala. When asked about the judge granting their marriage, Garret and Talon both fumble over the names causing suspicion. They are about to be ousted when a large explosion rocks the ground, distracting everyone from the mere couple. Garret and Talon sneak into the Capital undetected.

Season 3

Season 4


"How about he's honest? Loyal. He'd die for me without a second thought. Garret lives by a code and he finds a way to do what needs to be done without betraying his friends." Talon about Garret

Garret is a prepossessing, charming man with a deep sense of loyalty. He lives by a code of honor, duty, and morality that has been with him since he was a child. Garret had an enduringly strained relationship with his father, Marshal Wythers. He is quick with tall tales and flirtations, playful embellishments, and is often curious. He is very confident in himself and his abilities. Garret is loyal to those he cares for and will do anything for his selected circle of friends. His gallant traits and blind bravery often cause him the most trouble get him into trouble with those of higher positions. He has a sense of honor and morality, traits that are hard to find in the Outpost. His painful past has left him harboring guilt, anger, and an air of distrust for newcomers.

After breaking the conditioning done to him by the Prime Order, Garret was overcome with grief and regret about his horrific deeds. He didn't want to stay at Gallwood as he couldn't bear to look at those he tried to hurt. He wanted to punish himself and even became suicidal for a brief moment before Gwynn stopped him. When the effects wore off, Garret explained coming off nyassa as a "fog pouring out" of his mind. Despite being cured, he was still angrier than usual and more on edge than he was before. He has a heightened sense of jealousy and recklessness, specifically in his personal endeavors. This could be due to him no longer have responsibilities at Gallwood and being free to enact his revenge.

He soon returns to a form of his old self. He returns to fighting for Rosmund and The Coalition. He also begins to act on his impulses more and less on logic. He gained a sense of sarcasm, wittiness, and shows an inquisitive nature that wasn't evident before. Garret begins to show an interest in solving crimes like Marshal Wythers did. But the mentioning of his father brings out anger and a sense of guilt he has yet to deal with. Garret also extends olive branches to Zed, who was responsible for his enslavement, starvation, and beatings during the Blackblood rule at Gallwood.

Garret under the influence of Sana

After being drugged with Nyassa Root, Garret became susceptible to manipulation and beliefs. He was then manipulated by Sana and forced through negative and positive conditioning treatments, Garret's entire sense of morality flipped. He stopped viewing the Prime Order as a threat and instead, as a source of trust and discipline. Garret was angry at Gwynn and his misplaced rage toward her and Calkussar fueled his desire to fulfill "his purpose". Despite holding on to some of his beliefs, he didn't hesitate to murder his father at the command of The Three. He showed no remorse for his actions, blaming it solely on Wythers having been brainwashed by the false Queen. While under their manipulation, Garret attacked and stabbed Talon, kidnapped Gwynn, and was verbally cruel to both women. He showed little regard for his former friends, including Janzo. His entire loyalty was to The Three and the Prime Order. Once apprehended by The Coalition, Garret tried to manipulate Talon so he could get his way. When this failed, he responded only with anger.

Physical Appearance

104 Garret3.jpg

Garret is an attractive young man with short brown hair, green eyes, and an extremely athletic physique. He spends his spare time training and has a very muscular appearance. He usually has some form of facial hair that is carefully kept. For clothing, he dons classic plate mail. Pieces include a gothic breastplate emblazoned with a hydra insignia, a gorget, gauntlets and vambrace, greaves, pauldrons with leather guard braces, and rerebrace's, and a tasset among other pieces. At times he is seen without his armor. On these occasions, he wears what appears to be an armor padding layer as well as common attire to allow for a quick dress.

204 Garret3.png

After being kidnapped by the Prime Order and spending weeks at The Capital, Garret's facial hair is notably thicker. His hair is longer and his general appearance is disheveled. He usually has bruises or cuts on his body from his time with The Tormentor. He is notably weaker than before, often seen with a bandage around his torso. He also began wearing Prime Order armor. Upon believing the false truth that Gwynn had been lying to him, Garret's facial expressions are blank and ghastly. For casual attire, he wore loose deep brown and beige vests over a darker brown shirt.

S3 Garret Poster2.png

Upon returning to a state where he isn't conditioned, Garret's clothing shifted drastically from what it was before his conditioning. He no longer wore armor or weighted clothing, instead opting for light and simple garments. His go-to colors are earth tones such as browns and burgundies. When investigating or fighting, he opts for a brown leather jacket over a lightweight shirt and a simple holster for his swords. Garret also begins wearing a small piece of brown cloth tied around his neck, an article that wasn't previously part of his wardrobe. His hair is initially longer, though during the interlude of faking hid death, he cut his hair to a shorter and more stylish cut. His hair is now shaved on both sides while the top remains longer. Most notably, Garret keeps his facial hair trimmed.


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Marshal Wythers

OUT110 0044.JPG

Wythers was Garret's once-estranged father. Garret and Wythers had a complicated relationship. Wythers wasn't active in Garret's life and didn't show much affection toward his son. Garret blamed Wythers for the death of his brother, as Wwythers sentenced Jaelon to work in the mines where he was murdered by other inmates placed there years before by Wythers. When Garret's mother was murdered, the gap between the remaining family deepened. Wythers disapproved of Garret becoming a covenant soldier, as a covenant soldier killed Garret's mother. Unbeknownst to Wythers, Garret joined so he could work to destroy the Prime Order and everything responsible for his mother's death. When Garret returned to the Outpost, their relationship remained strained and they rarely spoke. After the Outpost was attacked, Garret and Wythers sat down and shared le, seemingly putting their differences aside. Garret left with a group to track down an escaped prisoner when his unit was attacked. A stray soldier saw Garret impaled and returned to the Outpost saying that Garret had been killed.

Wythers was crushed and left immediately to find his son's body and bring him home. Upon arriving at Dun-Ebdin, Wythers didn't find Garret's body, only blood, and his sword. This launched him into a long and tiring journey to find his son once again. Wythers was eventually reunited with Garret but was shocked to learn he was working with the Prime Order and had been brainwashed by a healer. Garret had Wythers arrested in the hopes The Three could "fix" Wythers as they "fixed" him. The Three put Garret's localities to the test by commanding him to kill Wythers. Wythers stood several feet from Garret but didn't speak. Garret didn't hesitate and ran his father through with his sword. Wyther's last words were, "Garret" before he fell to the floor. Garret showed no remorse or grief for the death of his father. When Garret reclaimed his morality he was crushed to have killed his own father and sought revenge for those who forced his hand. Even after having his revenge, the mention of his father still causes him pain, as this reminds him of what he did. However, he does his best to look up and think about his father now that he has literally taken over his position. He now believes that his father would be proud of him, and more importantly Garret starts to finally make peace with what he did.

Gwynn Calkussar

OUT106 0014.JPG

Gwynn was Garret's ex-girlfriend and former personal guard. Garret was recruited by Gwynn's adoptive father, Cornelius Calkussar, to watch over her. Garret was entrusted with Gwynn's secret and kept it with his life. As time passed, Gwynn and Garret grew closer and began seeing each other romantically. Their relationship was frowned upon by Calkussar, which is why they had to hide their relationship. When Gwynn revealed her true identity, they no longer needed to hide their romance. Garret's protectiveness over Gwynn makes him a dangerous enemy. They were separated when Garret followed Everit Dred, and Gwynn grieved him when she thought he had been murdered. Garret, under the manipulation of Sana, was tortured until he negated Gwynn's claim to the throne. His refusal to do so almost cost him his life. Garret's initial resistance to the abuse, combined with the mental manipulation from Sana, was a testament to his love for Gwynn. With enough negative and positive conditioning, Garret began to believe Sana and The Three's lies. He negated Gwynn's existence and spoke poorly of her to others. He even called her the "false Queen" to Wythers.

313 SC30.png

Fragments of his mind still remembered his love for Gwynn, for when he didn't take his medication he would hallucinate kissing her instead of Sana. When the medication wore off, he was unable to go through with killing Gwynn. He was flooded with memories that they shared and became overwhelmed with emotion that he was able to break through the remainder of the medication. They share a mutual love and connection, though it isn't romantic anymore as they've both moved on. He still follows his oath to protect her no matter the costs and is willing to die for her. When The Hive overran Gallwood, Garret fought valiantly to protect her. She knew they wouldn't survive the war but was glad he could be with her in the end. He was heartbroken over Gwynn's death and was in a state of shock following her sacrifice, as only hours earlier he had assured her that they would find a way to survive.


See also: Talon and Garret

OUT109 0015.JPG

Garret and Talon have a complex relationship. They first met when she arrived outside the outpost and was attacked by Plaguelings. He saved her life and brought her into the Outpost. They were friendly and her mysterious agenda for being at Gallwood intrigued Garret and held his interest. However, his protectiveness over Gwynn and often drove them apart. Over time, they became allies, but they didn't fully trust one another until both their secrets were revealed. They developed romantic feelings for one another but didn't act on them out of respect for Gwynn, Garret's girlfriend, and Talon's close friend. They were each other's sparring partners, and Garret was the only person who challenged Talon physically - even though she defeated him multiple times. Upon Garret being infected by Plagueling venom, Talon was insistent that Janzo would find a cure, despite it being a feasible effort. When he was attacked in the water by a Terrpock she dove in and saved his life. Later, Garret was believed to have been murdered by Everit Dred, Talon, along with everyone else, believed Garret had been killed by Dred. When she learned Garret was alive she was thrilled and hugged him, but he had been conditioned by the Prime Order to hate her which resulted in him stabbing her.

They fought and she survived, later taking him on again when she was healed and winning. She brought him back to the Outpost where he underwent treatment by Janzo, which cured him, but not until after he called her a filthy blackblood among several other slurs. She punched him twice while he was imprisoned. She eventually forgave him when he was no longer conditioned and even helped him to seek his revenge on the Prime Order. They fought together against the Prime Order during the siege on Gallwood, but were overwhelmed so she summoned the Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri through the portal to help them. The Blackbloods took control of Gallwood and Talon seemingly sided with her people which hurt Garret, Janzo, and Gwynn. However, she still cared deeply for them and summoned Yavalla through the portal to save his life, as he had tried to escape Gallwood alongside Tobin and Gwynn. She admitted that she was pretending to be on Zed's side since Zed was the only thing keeping Gwynn alive. He realized he was wrong and understood her reasons. They shared a kiss before he had to leave. After he killed Kezzun Rah to avenge an attempt on Gwynn's life, Talon risked her station to save Garret during his trial. She worked with Janzo to fake Garret's death. She was angry at him for risking his life and made him promise not to do it again. They started a romantic relationship, and spent much time together while Garret was in hiding. After The Hive outbreak, Garret reveals himself to be alive. When Talon is chosen to be in command of the Outpost she chooses him to be her second in command for the humans. They, later on, become a couple. Garret tries to do what he can to support Talon in her new role as leader. However, after the retrieval of the remaining Blackbloods from the Plane of Ashes the two have become somewhat distant. This is because Talon believes that she let her people down, and she has thought about being with a Blackblood man to help continue her species. However, he still choices to propose to her, and after returning to the Outpost with her ancestor Aster, she says yes. A month after the final defeat of The Seven, the two end up getting married and become the rulers of the Realm.


OUT108 0003.JPG

Garret relies on the local alchemist to help him solve the issue of the Plaguelings. Their relationship is rooted in bickering and is rather humorous to Talon. Garret represents everything Janzo isn't - muscular, brave and a soldier. This creates an inferiority complex on Janzo's part. Garret's dismissive and masculine attitude agitates Janzo. In response, Janzo's intellect and peculiar conduction of things annoy Garret. They are opposites and spend most of their bickering and looking down on one another. Garret and Janzo both have feelings for Talon and compete for her attention in their way. Despite this, Garret cares about Janzo in his own way and is protective over the young alchemist. Even when Garret was manipulated by the Three he didn't want Janzo to die and even tried to warn Janzo of the soldier trying to kill him in his sleep. His inability to properly warn Janzo of his potential murder caused a rift between them, with Janzo calling him a traitorous backstabber. After learning that Garret was under the effects of Nyassa Root, Janzo expressed that he forgives Garret, as he can't hold someone responsible for their actions when they're drugged. Once Garret was freed from the influence of the Nyassa Root, they work together to destroy the Prime Order. However, after the take over of The Outpost from the Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri, they were prisoners treated badly. When Garret was about to be executed for killing a Blackfist, Janzo was able to save his life with a death like elixir. This shows that despite the awful person Garret was to Janzo back in the past, Janzo is more than willing to help his friend escape death. During the wedding of Garret and Talon, Janzo was in attendance as one of his groom's men.


205 Garret-Sana.jpg

Garret met Sana when he was kidnapped by the Prime Order and taken to The Capital. He was placed in Sana's care due to his extensive injuries. He was guarded but her kind demeanor and open personality allowed Garret to trust her. She saved him from the Tormentor's wrath and freed him from the prisons. Unbeknownst to him, Sana was working for The Three to turn to Garret against Gwynn and make him a Prime Order soldier. She used their newfound connection to manipulate him into relinquishing Gwynn and her claim to the throne. When he finally fell victim to her manipulation, he only wanted to be with her and wanted to run away with her. He agreed to receive his purpose under the hopes that he and Sana could live away from the Capital if he succeeded. After he was freed from her manipulation he realized his feelings toward her weren't real and wanted revenge. During the Prime Order's attempted siege on Gallwood Outpost, Garret snuck into Sana's commanders tent and pretended he was still in love with her. When she approached him he stabbed her and fulfilled his mission to ignite an explosive device and save the Outpost.


Zed and Garret have an uneasy relationship due to their mutual feelings for Talon. Zed has said that he dislikes and resents Garret, as Talon chose to be with Garret instead of him. When Zed first took over the Outpost, he abused Garret and the other residents of Gallwood Outpost, forcing them into manual labor or they would be beaten. Because Talon ultimately chooses to be with Garret, he tends to feel more superior to Zed. They gradually learn to tolerate one another when they are forced to work together to fight The Hive outbreak. Though they may never fully trust one another, they don't let their personal differences interfere with their duties. However, after the retrieval of the remaining Blackbloods from the Plane of Ashes the two now work close together, as both lost a family member from their actions. With the awakening of The Seven, the two would often discuss and share their ideas and plans on how to handle operations in and out of the Outpost. During the wedding of Garret and Talon, Zed was on of his groom's men.

Notes and Trivia

  • Garret is the first main character to be seen in the Captial.
  • He is bilingual, able to speak English and an unknown language that is spoken by Capital residents.