Garret Spears (born Garret Wythers, formerly Blade of The Three) is the former Captain and current Base Commander of the Gallwood Outpost. He is the son of Marshal Wythers. Garret has a strong sense of duty and is often seen helping people who are in need or ask for his guidance.


Early Life Edit

Garret was born to a watchman, Wythers, and a washerwoman. When Garret was fourteen, he witnessed a prime order soldier trying to seduce his mother. His mother declined the soldier's advances and her throat was slit as a result, under the guise of "treason".

Garret and his older brother Jaelon enjoyed getting into mischief together. One day, Jaelon stole a case of wine from the quartermasters to share with Garret but was caught right away. Wythers sent him to the lowest mineshaft. It was only meant to be for a day or two, however, Jaelon was surrounded by the criminals Wythers had sentenced. Within hours of his first day, he was beaten to death by the criminals. Garret never forgave Wythers for sending Jaelon to his death.

That same year, Garret enlisted as a solider against his father's wishes and left the Outpost. Because he joined the soldiers he was able to choose a surname for himself and chose Spears. He was once loyal to the soldiers but grew to resent them even more than his father. He dreamed of being able to overthrow them and restore the realms to the royals.

Years later, Garret was summoned back to the Outpost by Commander Calkussar and tasked with protecting Gwynn. Calkussar knew that Garret would keep Gwynn safe, as they had grown up together and played together. Garret became the Captain of the outpost and worked closely with Cornelius Calkussar, as they both came to realize they shared a mutual desire to take down the prime order. Garret also maintained a secret affair with Gwynn.

Adult Life Edit

Between his lowly post as a soldier compared to nobility, and Calkussar's warning that Gwynn was pledged elsewhere, Garret and Gwynn's relationship is tested. A fresh and budding relationship with Talon seems to lie ahead, intertwining his fate to hers, as well as Janzo.

201 Garret and men

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Garret leads a group of men after Everit Dred. It's been a two-week chase and they have managed to track Dred to Dun-Ebdin. Garret explains the history of Dun-Ebdin to one of his men before they ride into the former palace. At the gates, one of the men refuses to enter but Garret and the other men continue inside. Once inside, Garret and his men are ambushed by Dred and Essa. The duo kills all of Garret’s men until Garret seemingly pins Dred. He proclaims that he is going to kill Dred for Talon's family and Gwynn's reign. When Garret is about to behead Dred he is stabbed through his armor by Essa.

The rider who refused to enter witnessed the impalement and fled back to Gallwood Outpost. The soldier told Gwynn and Wythers that Garret and everyone else was dead. Wythers left the Outpost to collect his son's body and bring him back to Gallwood.

In "This Is One Strange Town", Gwynn, Talon, and Janzo grieve Garret and try to find a new way to cope at the Outpost. Talon and Janzo recommend to Gwynn that she find a new Base Commander, despite her reluctance. Meanwhile, Wythers reaches Dun-Ebdin but doesn't find Garret's body. Instead, he finds a bloodstain and Garret's sword.

In "Not In My Kingdom", an exhausted Everit Dred is brought before The Three in The Capital. While crippled from pain induced by One, Dred reveals that Garret Spears is alive and could become their secret weapon. Two guards bring a barely breathing Garret into the chambers. Garret is soon sent to the infirmary to recover in the hands of their healer.

203 Garret

When Garret comes-to he is in a strange room. He asks what's going on and Sana tells him that he's at The Capital and under her care and The Three's protection. He asks how long he's been asleep for and she tells him that he's been in the Capital for two-week. She gives him a liquid that has been helping him heal and puts him to sleep.

Later, Garret awakens and tries to move despite his injuries. He collapses and Sana guides him back to the bed. He notes that he's lost a lot of blood before but was able to walk after two weeks. Sana tells him that he's never lost that much blood before, and if it weren't for her, he would be dead. He comments on her cockiness and she smirks. The Tormentor arrives with an agenda to kidnap Garret and get him to negate the false Queen, Rosmund. Garret refuses to do such a thing, saying that Rosmund is not a false Queen. Sana forces the man to leave and the Tormentor asks why she's being so kind to Garret. Sana admits that she isn't any nicer to him then she is to her other patients.

203 Garret2

The Tormentor returns and kidnaps Garret. He beats Garret in an attempt to get him to negate Rosmund, but Garret refuses. Sana manages to save Garret from the Tormentor's cruelty. She warns the Tormentor that if he came near Garret again she would report him to The Three. She then took a barely awake Garret back to her chambers.

Garret and Sana are talking in her chambers and he insists on knowing why she cares so much for him. In hopes of gaining his trust, a reluctant Sana tells Garret that he reminds her of Brion, her husband who died. Garret expresses his sympathies for her loss. Sana explains that Brion was a diplomat sent by The Three to the East Quarter to inquire about the village that had been sacked and burned. He was brutally killed at the hands of a Blackblood. Garret tries to tell her that there aren't any Blackbloods left, most likely to protect Talon's identity. Sana knows that one remains. According to her, The Three were unaware of Everit Dred’s mission to kill the Blackbloods and would have stopped them in time if they had known. Garret doesn’t believe this or that she could know that a Blackblood killed her husband. She explains that she witnessed the event and a woman with mud-black hair kill six men and walk away with only a scratch. But the fight was enough for Sana to see her oil-black blood. Garret is quiet at that as the description matches Talon.

The next day, Sana and Garret are walking around her room. She tells him that Gwynn couldn't be Rosmund and that Gwynn is lying. Garret refuses to believe this and tries to convince her that Rosmund is the true Queen. Sana is surprised that he is still loyal to Gwynn after everything that happened. Garret asks her to elaborate, and though reluctant at first, tells him the truth. She disobeyed The Three and sent word to Gwynn under the offering to return Garret to her. Gwynn had simply responded that she already had a new commander. Garret sat on the bed in surprise, clearly trying to process the information. Sana claims to have done it because she cares about him, and Garret says that she doesn't care about him as Rosmund does. But Sana says she does and kisses him.

Sana tries to fend off the Tormentor and his men when they come for Garret but is knocked aside. That night, The Tormentor is apologizing to The Three for going too far in his abuse of Garret, who is on the brink of death. Sana is there and convinces the Three to allow her to continue her method of negative conditioning. She promises them that Garret will be loyal to them by the end of the week. In return, Two heals Garret for the brink of death but leaves him weakened.

204 Garret

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Dred and Garret are in neighboring cells. Dred tells Garret of his visions of a realm full of Lu-Qiri and people dying while the Blackbloods ruled over everyone. Garret refuses to believe that this is true. Dred admits he didn’t consult The Three before killing the Blackblood people. He claims he didn’t have time as the Blackbloods would have summoned their demons and killed everyone if he hadn’t acted first. Garret reasons that they were a peaceful people. According to Dred, the real Rosmund had a misshaped face from being kicked by a horse as a child. Calkussar had destroyed most portraits but “Gwynn” snuck one out of the palace as a keepsake of her childhood friend. Garret seems to have doubts about Dred's story but is beginning to believe the lies. Sana arrives and frees Garret from the cells, warning the Tormentor that if he came near Garret again she would kill him. Sana then left with an injured Garret. When they were gone, Dred is transferred into Garret's cell. He had struck a deal with the Tormentor for a bigger cell in exchange for placing doubt in Garret’s mind about Gwynn being Rosmund.

204 Garret3

Garret is recuperating back in Sana's room. He converses with a maid who tells him about her time at The Capital. Before the purge, the capital was the royal palace. She reminisces about the design and furniture the palace had. She also mentions that the Prime Order plastered over the portraits and mirrors in the room. Sana arrives moments later and the maid leaves. Garret requests to see the letter that Gwynn sent. Sana leaves under the guise that she's retrieving the note. In reality, she consults a forger that pieces together the letter using three different dispatches. Sana returns and warns Garret that the message will only cause him pain. He takes the note and reads it aloud, clearly heartbroken to read, "Regarding the matter of Garret Spears, I already have a new base commander. Signed her majesty, Queen Rosmund". Garret woefully admits that he's read hundreds of Gwynn's letters and knows her handwriting better than his own. He confirms that the message must have come from Gwynn. He asks Sana to leave and she obeys.

204 Garret2

Garret stumbles to his feet and burns the letter using the flame from a candle. Then, in a fit of rage and emotion, he punches the wall. His punch breaks the plaster and he repeats his action until a portrait of the royal family is revealed. He begins frantically tearing the boards down revealing each member of the royal family. He remembers Dred's claims that Rosmun had a misshapen face, and is devastated to see that Rosmund was painted in that way Garret grabs his hair in emotion, clearly betrayed, hurt, angry, and confused.

204 Sana-Garret

That night, Sana wraps Garret's bloodied hands and they talk. Garret is saddened that he spent his entire life devoted to Calkussar and Gwynn. He believes that he was fooled by them. He accepts Sana's offer to move on and be with her instead. They prepare to be seen by The Three, and Garret wears Prime Order armor. She reminds him that they have to do this in order to leave together in peace. He tells her that's all he wants now. Once in the chambers of The Three, Garret kneels while Sana addresses them. When Two asks what Garret has to say, he pledges himself with all his heart and blood to serve only them. He swears to never stray from this path again.

205 Garret-Medication

In "The Blade of The Three", Garret and Sana go for a walk around the institute. He admits that he was hoping he would get to see more of The Capital, but she tells him he's still healing. Besides, she wants to be by his side when they walk those streets to find their home. She pushes him against a wall and kisses him which leads to them making out. While kissing her neck he hallucinates Gwynn and proclaims that he’s missed her, which Sana finds silly because she hasn’t left his side. His grip on Sana’s neck is tight but not overbearing. She asks if he’s taken his medication yet and when he says he hasn’t she tells him to take it immediately. He obeys and opens a satchel holding several vials of red liquid. He removes a vial and drinks it. They begin kissing again once he does.

205 Garret-Sana

Wythers finds Garret looking over The Capital ground. Wythers calls out to Garret who is surprised to see the man. Garret asks why Wythers is there and they reunite with a hug. Wythers explains his plan to rescue Garret and is surprised when his son doesn't want to come with him. When Garret begins spouting about the false Queen and evil Blackbloods, Wythers smacks him and demands he stop spouting such nonsense. Garret thinks Wythers is being manipulated as he once was and calls for the guards. Wythers is shocked that Garret would call the guards on his own father, but Garret claims it is for his own good. As Wythers is dragged away screaming he asks Sana what they've done to Garret. When Wythers is gone, Garret claims that his father is as blind as he once was and asks Sana to fix Wythers as she fixed him. She promises to try and he kisses her hand.

205 Garret-Wythers

The Three summons Garret to their chambers so he can prove his loyalty to them. Garret kneels and recites the pledge to The Three. The Three tell Garret that they think he is ready for his first task. Garret claims that he is ready. Two covenant agents and the Tormentor drag Wythers into the chambers. They throw him to the ground. Garret is visibly confused and the Three demand that Garret kills Wythers. Wythers stands and Garret hesitates for a moment before drawing his sword. He then impales his father through the stomach. Wythers mutters his sons name before Garret removes the sword and Wythers falls to the ground. Garret shows no emotion as his father dies. With Wythers now dead, Garret is tasked with returning to the Outpost to kill Talon and kidnap Gwynn.


Garret is a prepossessing and charming man with a deep sense of loyalty and an enduringly strained relationship with his father, Marshal Wythers. Despite their tensions, an underlying attempt to bridge the divide seems to hang between them. He is quick with tall tales and flirtation, playful embellishments, and often curious. He is very confident in himself and his abilities. He is loyal to those he cares for and will do anything for his selected circle of friends. His gallant traits and blind bravery often cause him the most trouble. He has a sense of honor and morality, traits that are hard to find in the Outpost. His painful past has left him harboring guilt, anger, and an air of distrust for newcomers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

104 Garret3

Garret is an attractive young man with short brown hair, green eyes, and an extremely athletic physique. He spends his spare time training and has a very muscular appearance. He usually has some form of facial hair that is carefully kept. For clothing, he dons classic plate mail. Pieces include a gothic breastplate emblazoned with a hydra insignia, a gorget, gauntlets and vambrace, greaves, pauldrons with leather guard braces and rerebraces, and a tasset among other pieces. At times he is seen without his armor. On these occasions, he wears what appears to be an armor padding layer as well as common attire to allow for a quick dress.

204 Garret3

After being kidnapped by the Prime Order and spending weeks at The Capital, Garret's facial hair is notably thicker. His hair is longer and his general appearance is disheveled. He usually has bruises or cuts on his body from his time with The Tormentor. He is notably weaker than before, often seen with a bandage around his torso. He also began wearing Prime Order armor. Upon believing the false truth that Gwynn had been lying to him, Garret's facial expressions are blank and ghastly. For casual attire, he wore loose deep brown and beige vests over a darker brown shirt.

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OUT106 0014
  • Gwynn Calkussar: Gwynn is Garret's girlfriend and former personal guard. Garret was recruited by Gwynn's adoptive father, Cornelius Calkussar, to watch over her. Garret was entrusted with Gwynn's secret and kept it with his life. As time passed, Gwynn and Garret grew closer and began seeing each other romantically. Their relationship was frowned upon by Calkussar, which is why they had to hide their relationship. When Gwynn revealed her true identity, they no longer needed to hide their romance. Garret's protectiveness over Gwynn makes him a dangerous enemy. They were separated when Garret followed Everit Dred, and Gwynn grieved him when she thought he had been murdered. Garret, under the manipulation of Sana, was tortured until he negated Gwynn's claim to the throne. His refusal to do so almost cost him his life. Garret's initial resistance to the abuse, combined with the mental manipulation from Sana, was a testament to his love for Gwynn. With enough negative and positive conditioning, GArret began to believe Sana and The Three's lies. He negated Gwynn's existence and spoke poorly of her to others. He even called her the "false Queen" to Wythers. Fragments of his mind still remembered his love for Gwynn, for when he didn't take his medication he would hallucinate kissing her instead of Sana. They share a mutual love and connection, willing to do just about anything for one another.
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  • Talon: Garret and Talon have a complex relationship. They first met when she arrived outside the outpost and was attacked by Plaguelings. He saved her life and brought her into the Outpost. They were friendly and her mysterious agenda for being at Gallwood intrigued Garret and held his interest. His protectiveness over Gwynn and often drove them apart. Talon didn't care about rumors spreading about Gallwood while Garret needed Gallwood to remain quiet and overlooked for his agenda to work. Over time, they became allies, but they didn't fully trust one another until both their secrets were revealed. They have romantic feelings for one another but didn't act on them out of respect for Gwynn, Garret's girlfriend and love. They were each other's sparring partners, and Garret was the only person who challenged Talon physically - even though she ended up defeating him multiple times. Upon Garret being infected by Plagueling venom, Talon was insistent that Janzo would find a cure, despite it being a feasible effort. Garret insisted on joining Talon and Janzo on their quest to find the Book of Names despite his infection. He seemed to be interested in finding the Book only to help Gwynn win her war, however, there seemed to be more to his reasons that he didn't outwardly express. While traveling, Garret asked Talon to kill him if he did turn into a Plagueling. He told her that she was the only one who would - and could - do it. She agreed but told him she didn't want to kill him and wouldn't unless they had exhausted every option. When he was attacked in the water by a Terrpock she dove in and saved his life. She then banged on his chest and told a saddened Janzo that Nordejerian clerics claim that it can bring people back to life. She also breathed into his mouth and brought him back to life. When Garret caught up to an escaped Everit Dred, one of the reasons he proclaimed before almost decapitating was to avenge Talon's family. When Garret was believed to have been murdered by Everit Dred, Talon wanted to risk the Dragman and everything she worked for to kill Dred out of retribution.
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  • Janzo: Garret relies on the local alchemist to help him solve the issue of the Plaguelings. Their relationship is rooted in bickering and is rather humorous to Talon. Garret represents everything Janzo isn't - muscular, brave, and a soldier. This creates an inferiority complex on Janzo's part. Garret's dismissive and masculine attitude agitates Janzo. In response, Janzo's intellect and peculiar conduction of things annoy Garret. They are opposites and spend most of their bickering and looking down on one another. Garret and Janzo both have feelings for Talon and compete for her attention in their own way. Despite this, Garret cares about Janzo in his own way and is protective over the young alchemist.
  • Sana:

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  • Garret is the first main character to be seen in the Captial.

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