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Garret: A dirty little town, forgotten at the end of the world.
Gwynn: Yes, but its more than that. It’s a place of promise. A last refuge of hope. Beyond these walls, countless thousands of my people all looking to me to somehow bring them peace and happiness.
Garret and Gwynn describing Gallwood

The Gallwood Outpost is a fortification on the edge of the realm that protects its inhabitants from the dangers of the area around it. Future inhabitants of the outpost used to require approval by Gate Marshal Wythers to enter, before the laws of Gallwood changed. Throughout the years, Gallwood has proven to be a safe place for outsiders seeking refuge, and is a now a peaceful place for humans, Blackbloods, and Kahvi alike. It serves as the headquarters for the Royals.

Early History

Gallwood was originally a Blackblood citadel that housed Blackbloods and brought them together. The Blackbloods stored a Kinj that could allegedly open a portal to paradise that would allow them to live in peace away from humans. When the Blackbloods were imprisoned, the humans built an Outpost on top of the citadel.

The land beneath is rich with oil and minerals, which allowed them to forge weapons. When the royal family fell, the soldiers delivered the weapons to the prime order at a specific time.

Three seasons before "One Is The Loneliest Number", the Greyskins attacked the outpost and scaled the walls. Garret Spears and his men fought them off, which caused them to retreat to the woods. The Greyskins still have a camp in those woods.

Present Day

Rising of a Queen

In "The Colipsum Conundrum", three men from the encampment overhear Raelius talking about their true purpose - overthrowing the Prime Order. Due to their loyalty, they each draw beads to determine who will warn the prime order. They are all captured by Raelius, who takes them to the Marshal's office. While torturing them, Gwynn arrives and commands him to stop. When the man refuses to give up his accomplices she is forced to behead him for desertion and disloyalty to their Queen. When the man is beheaded, Gwynn instructs the remaining men to return to the encampment and tell them what they witnessed. She tells them that she doesn't believe in torturing and executing people for no reason. The men kneel in front of her, showing that their loyalties may have changed.

Across the realm, Everit Dred and Ilyin return to their outpost and receive a letter from Gallwood. It informs him of the death of the Bones and that Blackblood stains were found at the death sites. Dred also learns that the last Blackblood is a woman and plans to ride there and kill her himself. Dred is angered to hear that Calkussar has been negating his duties. He writes a despondent letter reprimanding Calkussar for not delivering the last order of armor, failing to capture the Blackblood, and failure to report the Blackblood's existence. He then strips Calkussar of his title and informs the Outpost that someone more loyal to the prime order will be sent to take over.

108 PO Army.jpg

In "Beyond The Wall", Everit Dred leads a battalion to the gates of Gallwood Outpost. A soldier warns Calkussar of Dred's impending arrival. Calkussar takes this time to warn Gwynn that she should escape, just in case the Prime Order is onto their rebellion. He then stands on the wall and communicates down with Dred and his men. Dred tells him that his group of soldiers never returned, and Calkussar fakes surprise. He tells Dred that the area around the Outpost is riddled with enemies. Dred more-or-less commands Calkussar into letting him in. Calkussar goes to greet Dred and tells him that his men will make sure that all of their accommodations are met. He goes to shake Dred's hand when Dred stabs him in the ribs two. Calkussar falls to the ground dead, and Dred commands that his men locate Calkussar's daughter, Gwynn. Gwynn, who witnessed the whole ordeal, is bustled away by Naya. Meanwhile, the covenent soldiers storm into the Outpost.

In "The Vex Rezicon", Gwynn escapes the impending prime order soldiers by sneaking through the sewers that run under the town. She witnessed covenant soldiers ripping women from their homes and slicing their palms, looking for a woman who bleeds black.

OUT109 0020.JPG

At The Nightshade Inn, Mistress and Munt are glowering at the soldiers that have taken up residence in the inn. They don't pay for their meals and are rambunctious. Mistress jokes that the “Gluttony, Debauchery, and Greed” are the three pillars of the prime order. They are actually, “Loyalty, Purity, Strength” according to Munt. Moments later, covenant soldiers burst into the inn, and Everit Dred appears behind them. Mistress welcomes him and offers him food, but he rudely declines and commands all the women to stand in a line with their palms up. When the women's hands are sliced Mistress asks if she can help him find whatever he's looking for. He asks if she's seen anyone with black blood, but she claims she hasn't and pricks her finger to prove it isn't her. Her nonchalant attitude angers Dred and one of the soldiers tosses her aside. Dred demands that the soldiers destroy all the bottles and barrels in the establishment, and declares that he wants the Outpost "dry" - alcohol-free.

In "The Dragman is Coming", Everit Dred and his army is waiting for Talon, Janzo, and Garret when they arrive back the outpost. He threatens to kill Janzo by dropping him down the wall if she attacks, so she stands down. To force Talon to summon the demons, he puts her, Janzo, Garret, Danno, Mistress, Wythers, and Munt on a hanging block. Each time Talon doesn’t show herself by using her power one of them will die. Marshal Higgs recites the proclamation of execution.

110 Gwynn and army.jpg

Unbeknownst to anyone, an army of soldiers sneak into the Outpost and stealth attack the Prime Order soldiers. When Higgs is stating the proclamation, the stealthy soldiers each stand behind a prime order soldier. When Higgs is about to pull the lever to kill everyone, the new soldiers slit the throats of the Prime Order men. A riot breaks out and a soldier tells Dred that an army waving yellow banners is approaching. Dred realizes that they are under attack and commands his men to kill them all. The men inside overthrow the guards at the execution but Ilyin and Higgs escape. The soldiers open the gate and let in Gwynn, who is leading an army of her own waving a yellow banner. Dred commands his man to kill everyone on the block now, starting with Talon. The man cuts Talon's rope and she falls through the base and to safety. The man removes his helmet and reveals himself as Raelius. During the battle, men on both sides die, including Raelius.

OUT110 0030.JPG

Gwynn and her men overtake the Outpost and take Everit Dred prisoner. Gwynn plans to execute Dred at sunrise for his crimes against the realms, the Blackbloods, and the royals. She announces that she has appointed Garret Spears as base commander of the Outpost. After Dred is taken away, Gwynn reinstates Marshal Wythers as Gate Marshal of the Outpost. That night when everyone is celebrating, Naya sneaks into the cells and frees Dred in the hope he will, in turn, free her family. After a fight with Talon, Dred escapes the Outpost.

Talon is looking for herbs to help a wounded Janzo when Garret interrupts her. He states that he is assembling a team to go after Dred and invites her to join them. The group would leave within hours. She passes on his offer as she has to stay and take care of Janzo.

Aegisford Politics

In "This Is One Strange Town", The Outpost is in disarray following the news of Garret Spears' death, and the departure of Marshal Wythers. The gates aren’t being closed after nightfall, the men are unruly, and the fortification efforts have basically stopped. Gwynn refuses to appoint a new base commander as no one is properly qualified to take over Garret's former position. Janzo strongly recommends that she find someone and fast. The following day, Baron Tobin Aegisford arrives at the Outpost in response to Gwynn's letters asking for allies in the fight against the Prime Order.

In "The Blade of The Three", Gwynn tells Talon that she's changed her mind about summoning a demon army to fight in her war. She orders Talon to return Zed and his demon back through the portal.

205 Gallwood Meeting.jpg

That afternoon, Captain Orlick arranges a meeting with Gwynn. Several other townspeople are there to voice their concerns as well. Orlick explains that the soldiers are exhausted and have bleeding hands from digging trenches day and night. They also have nothing to line the newly dug trenches with. They need steel not just for weapons but for the men too. Another townsman says that men are willing to go into the mines for a good day’s wage. A woman proclaims that there is no food, earning a scolding from Orlick. Gwynn asks them all for more time in solving their financial issues and lack of manpower. To solve the food crisis she decides that the winter storehouse usually used to feed soldiers, would go to the people instead so they wouldn’t starve. Orlick protests as the storehouses are usually used to feed the soldiers, but Gwynn insists so he stays quiet.

OUT205 0001bc.jpg

Later that day, Gwynn rejects Tobin's proposal and terms. He threatens to leave with his gold and men but she remains unfazed and insists that she's sure of her decision. He storms out of the throne room. Meanwhile, the residents of the Outpost don't take kindly to Zed's new residency there. They stare at him and call him "filthy". Despite this, Zed offers to help Talon in exchange for not being sent through the portal. She reluctantly agrees to let him stay but only if he stays at the Smith’s house and doesn't wander about.

Elinor visits Gwynn with a proposal. She will give Gwynn gold that can pay to restart the mines, fill the stores, and buy the Queen time. In return, she wants to be made Royal Advisor to the Queen. Gwynn is reluctant to accept the funds as they come from questionable sources and Elinor is a criminal. Elinor knows that Gwynn needs a criminal seeing as she’s going to war. She can also offer the Queen a perspective that she has never seen before. They bargain, with Gwynn wanting Elinor to step away from her business and come to her before going on any other endeavors. Elinor agrees but only if she is made treasurer of the realm in addition to her Royal Advisor position. Gwynn accepts her proposal and they shake on their agreement.

With the papers signed to reopen the mines, Elinor is about to leave when Tobin and Gertrusha arrive. Tobin announces his change of heart and apologizes for his brutish and rude behavior earlier. Tobin decides to give Gwynn his men and himself catch-free. Gwynn accepts his proposal even though she is reluctant to do so. Unbeknownst to her, Tobin offers his proposal out of the guidance and insistence of Gertrusha.

In Where You Go, People Die, Milus Aegisford arrives at Gallwood Outpost, having received Tobin's letter offering his portion of the lowlands in exchange for peace between their warring tribes. Milus is greeted by Gertrusha and Tobin, who eventually, convinces Milus to meet with Gwynn, who Milus doesn't believe is the Queen. In the meantime, Janzo makes strides in curing the Plagueling epidemic and also learns that Naya is the traitor who released Everit Dred all those weeks ago. He helps her escape the Outpost.

207 Aegisford Gwynn Meeting.png

Gwynn and Milus struggle at first to reach an agreement until offers Milus all of Tobin’s land and not just the lowlands. She states that she is the Queen and she will retake the realm and when she does, she will remember those who helped her and those who did not. The first of which, will be richly rewarded. Tobin won’t need any land as he’ll be married to the Queen. She offers Milus the Aegisford title and land if he reunites the entire Aegisford family under one banner loyal to the Queen. Milus agrees to help Gwynn. His army will make preparations to march immediately.

207 Wedding3.png

Gwynn and Tobin are set to officially be married, having fallen in love with each other. Elinor and Gertrusha scramble to coordinate an epic wedding that requires all of Gallwood to help them execute. At the wedding, Garret Spears arrives after having been presumed dead for months and begs Gwynn to leave with him as she isn't safe. Having trusted Garret and being in love with him, she agreed and they rode away from Gallwood.

In A Crown For The Queen, Talon returns from her trip to warn Gwynn and Tobin that Garret has been manipulated by the Prime Order and plans to deliver Gwynn to them. She and Tobin are forced to work together to save Gwynn. They bring Garret back to Gallwood with them, battered and bruised, and Janzo is tasked with finding a cure for him. In the meantime, Milus is angered that the wedding between Gwynn and Tobin fell through and he won't receive his portion of lands after all.

209 SC22.png

In There Will Be a Reckoning, When Tobin makes it clear that Milus won't be receiving the deed to Tobin's lands, Milus is enraged and storms out of the Outpost with his army that was supposed to help fight the Prime Order. Milus decides to overthrow the Outpost and make a play for the crown, using his vast army of men to pressure the Queen. A rider from Milus' camp delivers the message. Milus has two demands - hand over Rosmund and all others will be spared so long as they pledge loyalty to her Lord Milus. Gwynn tells the archer to shoot a little closer this time so he obliges. She warns the messenger to tell Milus that if he comes anywhere near her walls she will put an arrow in each of his eyes, and if he doesn’t leave, she will nail him to her gates - alive. The rider leaves to relay the message to a waiting Milus.

After agreeing to a meeting for a parley, Milus meets Tobin, Elinor, and a handful of guards halfway to the Outpost. Milus claims that Rosmund doesn't have nearly enough troops to fight his army. The insults are slung from both Elinor and Milus before Tobin offers to parle. He clarifies that he meant between the two of them. Elinor offers to go with him, but Milus will only speak to Tobin. Tobin tells Elinor she will have to trust him, which she thinks is unlikely, before the cousins part ways from the group.

209 SC32.png

Milus and Tobin discuss the current situation, with Milus noting that they are in a stand-off. Milus offers Tobin the ability to return to Aegisford and sit on his father's throne once again - a leader in his own right. Instead of the original arrangement, it will be under Milus’ government. All Tobin has to do is bring him the false queen.

War with the Prime Order

Arrival of the Blackbloods

Hive Outbreak

303 Kinj4.png

Yavalla uses her newfound Kinj to infect Gwynn and manipulate her using mind control. They are bonded by The Hive connection, with Gwynn being forced to do Yavalla's bidding without freedom of thought. Gwynn's Kinj multiplies and she passes it onto Sammy, thus, starting an outbreak of infected people loyal only to Yavalla. Her plan to control the entire realm is derailed when Talon and Zed prove immune, and with the help of their friends, plan to stop the outbreak. The Hive escapes with Tobin Aegisford's army, who is also infected and plans to spread the Hive across the wider world. With the Queen gone, the people are without leadership which raises tensions between the humans, Blackbloods, and Blackfist. As the only person to have successfully lived amongst all three of the people, Talon is elected the leader of the Outpost. She names Garret Spears and Zed as her second in commands to serve as representatives to the humans and Blackbloods respectively.

Talon ensures that no one inside the Outpost is infected before locking it down. She puts a message out across the lands that a new plague has emerged but Gallwood is a safe place to come. Her decision to let strangers in is met with resistance from Zed who worries that these people will only bring more Kinjes. She is adamant in her choice as she can tell the difference between those who are infected and those who aren't. Janzo and Wren work tirelessly to find a cure for the Hive, but the more they investigate the more troubling the situation becomes.

In the meantime, a group of fanatical humans begins sacrificing women to Lu-Qiri. Garret and a concerned Munt investigate the cult and are rescue Warlita before she can be sacrificed. Talon also claims mastership over the Lu-Qiri, Xaba, who was feeding on the sacrifices. Xaba was only committing her crimes because she was masterless following the execution of Yobhan. Talon, Garret, and Zed left Gallwood to rescue Rosmund so Talon left Janzo and Wren in charge until her return. Under his rule, a group of Prime Order soldiers led by Jaaris trick their way into Gallwood.

308 SC15.png

Jaaris wants to take the food storage for himself and his men. This leads to a confrontation with the remaining Royal guards and the Blackbloods. Wren calls the Lu-Qiri to help defeat the soldiers, but Jaaris cripples everyone with the Kinj he stole from One's Handmaiden. He uses it to force everyone to submit to him, enslaves the Blackbloods, and tortures the Lu-Qiri. He kills a few Blackbloods and refuses to give food to those who are young, old, sick, or injured. Janzo convinces the Lu-Qiri to help him get food for the people in the form of lambs and cows. After ruling the outpost for several days, Jaaris has made the Blackboods kill each other for sport and entertainment. Later on, when Talon arrives back with the freed Gwynn and Tobin, she kills Jaaris and has the rightful rulers of the Outpost restored.

Garret then proposes an expansion plan to Rosmund that would bring in more farmland. He suggests a new wall be built half a league from the main, which would incorporate over 330 acres of farmland that is currently abandoned due to the epidemic. The expansion would allow Gallwood to replenish their food stores under Outpost protection. Rosmund worries that they don't have the resources, but Garret suggests using the rocks from the quarry the Blackbloods forced them to reopen. He believes that the people will long for a purpose and be willing to help them build the expansion. Rosmund agrees and has plans drawn up immediately.

In the meantime, Baron Tobin Aegisford left Gallwood for several days, only to return with the remainder of the Aegisford food supplies. He and Falista gifted them to Gallwood in the hopes of helping the residents and gaining Rosmund's trust. Rosmund viewed the food as her looking weak in front of her people, and wasn't pleased with the symbol. Her displeasure was furthered when Falista tried to pressure her into appointing Tobin as her chief advisor. Rosmund lately appoints Captain Garret Spears as her chief advisor, replacing a role that was once held by Elinor Chadwick

War and Sacrifice

"Is this all that remains of the small world I've conquered? It's almost a pity." Yavalla arrives in Gallwood

312 Tobin Dying2.png

With The Hive closing in around them and no place in the realms uninfected, Rosmund turns to her last remaining soldiers. They rally together and place a barricade around the citadel, working together to hold off the Hive until Talon can return with a potential way to stop Yavalla. They face the first of many devastating losses when Baron Tobin Aegisford is shot in the back with arrows while trying to save Falista. He dies on the steps of the citadel surrounded by his wife and Queen. His dying wish is that his wife uses her power to protect the Queen.

313 SC18.png

Now in Gallwood, Yavalla offers the remaining coalition members the chance to surrender and join her. Rosmund turns her away and tells her men what it's like to be infected, how it's a slow and painful death. She assures them that they can win today but they have to stay strong. They choose to support their Queen as they chant her name. But the Queen's words are just that, words, as she confides in her advisor that they can't win this war. She knows this is the end for them as she would rather die than be United. Garret agrees to fight alongside her until the end though he believes they still have a chance of winning.

313 SC35.png

Faced with rejection once more, Yavalla commands her army to attack the barricaded area resulting in an overwhelming wave of terror. The Coalition is able to gain the upper-hand when Falista finally learns to control her kinj and uses it to send waves of pain through the attacking Hive members. She kills those she inflicts but is shot through the stomach with an arrow, rendering her unable to use her power. Janzo sneaks away to fetch herbs from his lab but is infected by Munt. When Janzo returns her knocks Falista unconscious, which allows the Hive to burst through the barricade once more. With the troops surrounding them and more members of The Coalition being infected, Rosmund retreats to the steps of the citadel. She is soon joined by Talon who has returned with Zed, Wren, and her father Sai-vek Redwan who possesses the power to kill Yavalla.

"Talon: But who will rule the realm when you're dead?
Rosmund: You'll figure it out.
" ― Talon and Rosmund

313 SC64.png

Talon, Sai-vek, and Rosmund witness Garret become infected and flee to the throne room. They are attacked by a Lu-Qiri who throws a pole through Sai-vek and into the wall. As Rosmund attempts to pull the pole out of Sai-vek, Talon fights the Lu-Qiri until Xaba, the Lu-Qiri she mastered, rescues them. The women work together to remove the lodged object but fail. Sai-vek refuses to give his kinj to Talon as she already as one. By destroying the white kinj he will also be destroyed, and the two kinjes will kill each other and the host's bodies. With the realms at war just feet from them, Rosmund reaches for Sai-vek and he willingly transfers his kinj to the young Queen before dying. Talon shouts in protest as her friend and Queen will die, but Rosmund understands the sacrifice.

313 SC81.png

Working together, Talon and Rosmund reveal that they survived the Lu-Qiri's attack and face Yavalla and the force of The United. Yavalla is shocked to see that they are alive and frantically realizes that Sai-vek transferred his kinj to one of them. She orders her soldiers to kill them, but Talon unsheathes her sword, using every ounce of training she has to defeat the attackers. Rosmund uses her kinj to kill those she needs to clear a path toward Yavalla. She uses their crippling bodies to leap off and lunge at Yavalla. She pins the woman to the ground, reminding her that she's lost then screams for her to die. The power of their kinjes creates a blinding white light before their bodies turn to stone and crumble to ash.

"Garret: They chose you as their leader.
Talon: They had a leader.
Garret: Long live their
new leader." ― The realm chooses Talon as their leader

313 SC87.png

With the death of Yavalla and the ejection of the white kinj, the realm is freed from the Hive. The celebration is short-lived when they realize that the price of their freedom was their Queen's life. Talon picks up Rosmund's armor solemnly and is joined by Zed and Garret Spears, who share her grief. Much to Talon's shock, the villagers bend the knee to her. Garret explains that they have chosen her as their new leader. He bends the knee followed by Zed, Wren, and the remaining Blackbloods.

Choosing a Leader

Arrival of The Seven

A Ruler Is Crowned

Notable Inhabitants

Current Inhabitants

Former Inhabitants


Notes and Trivia

  • The area around the Outpost is called the Outlands. And the forest near it is call Gallwood Forest.
  • Some known threats outside Gallwood are the Nordejori bandits and Denalese smugglers.
  • The Mistress used a secret passageway in the mines to smuggle objects in and out of the Outpost. These tunnels have been used multiple times to help residents during a siege.
  • During The Hive pandemic, areas of newcomers were set up as quarantined for safety measures. Some of these areas still existed after Jarris took over the outpost, mainly to keep people under his thumb.



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