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As you've seen, I cannot die. Gallwood Outpost is now the greatest threat to peace in our world. We must prepare to show them the power of The United!

From Paradise to Hell and Back is the tenth episode of the third season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on December 13, 2020.


UNITY – Yavalla's strength is tested as Wren, her own daughter, confronts her as Janzo, Talon and Zed attempt an assassination. Meanwhile, Tobin's loyalty is questioned.


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  • This episode's title is a line said by Rosmund to Garret when referring to her time in The Hive and his time being brainwashed.
  • Cornelius Calkussar is mentioned. He was last seen in the Season 1 episode, "Beyond The Wall".
  • Elinor Chadwick is indirectly mentioned. She was last seen physically in the Season 2 episode, "This Is Our Outpost".
  • Rosmund appoints Garret as her new chief advisor, going against Falista's recommendation to choose Tobin.
  • Wren and Munt both become infected by kinjes. Wren, however, is freed from the Hive when Janzo infects her with fictor's sap.
  • Falista is revealed to have a very distant claim to royalty. She claims her father's great uncle's cousin was Kelton the Green, who was nephew to Rayner of Ostrib, whose great-grandson was Ranulf, Rosmund's father. This makes Rosmund and Falista distant cousins, though this many times removed in the familial line they most likely share no blood connection.