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Time makes love grow. And you'll be with me, not Rosmund. And I'm confident that your old feelings for me will return in time.
Falista to Tobin in The Key to Paradise

Queen Falista Relman[1] was a wealthy and powerful noble who has a romantic past, and future, with Tobin Aegisford. She rides to Gallwood Outpost to find Tobin when he fails to return home and becomes the new host to the Kultorkinj. She reveals herself as the distant cousin of Queen Rosmund, and takes the throne following Rosmund's death. She also agrees to an alliance with The Three, which puts her directly in the crosshairs of a once indifferent Talon. However, in the end it was her blind devotion to the Gods that lead to her ultimate demise and death.


Falista grew up in Aegisford alongside Tobin, and they were childhood friends. They soon fell in love and had a romantic relationship for the majority of their teen years. This relationship was rather serious, however, Falista's father betrothed her to Lord Relman, a much older man who was very wealthy. She and Tobin wished to be wed but she was forced to marry Relman and leave Aegisford behind.

Her marriage to Lord Relman lasted a few years before he passed away and left her a widow. During that time she grew up to be a beautiful woman who was unhappy with her marriage. Falista also inherited all of Relman's lands and wealth. It was around this time that her father also died, leaving his plans and wealth to her as well. She quickly became one of the richest nobles and planned to return to Aegisford to win over an old flame.

Throughout The Outpost Series

Season 3

OUT304 2884.jpg

In The Key to Paradise, Falista visits Tobin who has returned to Aegisford on a mission to retrieve his army and help Queen Rosmund overthrow her new oppressors. Falista begged Gertrusha to allow her to see Tobin, who wasn't happy with her presence due to their foiled history. Since inheriting her husband and father's armies, Falista has the manpower that Tobin needs to save the Queen. However, she refuses to part with her army unless Tobin marries her. He declines her offer.

304 Tobin Falista.png

She visits him that night in his chambers, though her surprise sparks a war reflex in Tobin who pulls a knife on her throat. He apologizes but is confused by her arrival. She kisses him, saying that she wanted to remind him of old times and what he would be missing. They reminisce over their childhoods with him reminding her that she left him for Old Relman, but Falista reminds him that as a teenager and a woman she didn't have the choices that Tobin does now. She couldn't break her betrothal and run away with Tobin. She tells him that her father died and passed on his army and wealth to her. He gives his condolences for the loss of her father, but she hated the man and Relman so she's glad to be rid of them.

304 Falista.png

The next morning, Tobin tries to offer payment in exchange for the use of her army, but she refuses as she wants to be married to Tobin. She claims she loves him and wants to be with him forever. He insists that if they were to marry it wouldn't be because he loves her, as he loves Rosmund. She knows this but is also confident that his old feelings for her will return with time.

304 Tobin Falista Wedding.png

With no other option to save Rosmund, Tobin agrees to marry Falista, and a minister weds them in front of the people of Aegisford. She happily says "I do" and is hurt when Tobin is more reluctant to say the vow. He also asks the minister to give them the shortened version of the ceremony. After the ceremony, Falista gives him his wedding gift - her army. She tells him that once he saves Rosmund he will return to Aegisford with her. Falista also reminds him of the vows he made in front of the Gods and the witnesses.

In Under Yavalla's Control, Tobin accidentally tells Talon, Zed, and Garret that he married Falista.

In Dying Is Painful, Falista rides to Gallwood Outpost when Tobin fails to return to Aegisford promptly. She brings a group of female warriors with her and is greeted by Prime Order soldiers at the gates. She is confused and tries to use her rank to command them but fails. Jaaris grants her entry to the Outpost but sacrifices her horses for supper. Once inside, Falista confronts Janzo about the whereabouts of Tobin and he toys with her regarding the fact that Tobin is infected and left with Queen Rosmund.

308 Red Kinj2.png

She leaves the Nightshade and locates the fighting arena. She is disturbed by the forced fighting of the Blackbloods. When Wren is volunteered by Jaaris to fight him, Falista can't stand by any longer and tries to command him to stop, but he doesn't care about her noble stance. He forces her to watch him beat Wren. Talon interrupts and defeats Jaaris, killing him so that his Kultorkinj which inflicts pain will die with him. Falista watches the scene smugly but doesn't notice the Kinj survive and crawl into her.

In She Is Not a God, Falista enters The Nightshade Inn just as the celebration is about to start. She hugs her husband in front of everyone, before revealing her identity to Queen Rosmund. The next day she finds her husband drunk in the same place. After losing her temper a little, she accidently uses her kinj on him. This, ironically enough, helps him sober up to get back in shape to do his duties. Together they leave the outpost.

In From Paradise to Hell and Back, she is first seen with Tobin after they have left the outpost. They discuss something before they head out to Aegisford. She can later on be seen basking in the celebration with her husband when they return with food for the residents of the outpost. Later on she is seen together drinking tea with Queen Rosmund. Here Falista reveals their family connection, and offers her husband as Rosmund's chief advisor. When Rosmund causes Falista to become a little annoyed, if not angry, she again loses control of her kinj momentarily before leaving. When it is announced that Garret Spears will be the new chief advisor, she is greatly disturbed. Fortunately, Tobin is able to calm her down.

311 Falista Promo.png

In The Hardest Part of Being Queen, Falista watches the newly appointed royal advisor Garret Spears train the soldier of Gallwood Outpost. He moves onto Tobin's men, who are reluctant to listen to him without orders from Falista. They even pull their weapons on Garret when he gets close to Falista. She reminds Garret that the men listen to her and Lord Tobin, not Garret. She believes he needs her approval before her men act on any orders even though Rosmund has given Garret authority to command the Aegisford fleet. She allows the men to train but Garret's annoyance is clear.

311 SC10.png

Falista is summoned to the throne room where Rosmund tells her to hand over control of the fleet and swear her allegiance to the Queen or get out of Gallwood. She also wants Falista to stay out of her way. Falista remarks to Garret that he was so threatened by her that he went running to the Queen, but he assures her that he's not threatened by her. She turns her attention to Rosmund, reminding her that Lord Tobin commands the fleet not her. Rosmund quips back that Tobin isn't the problem, Falista is. Falista kneels before Rosmund saying that as long as Lord Tobin serves Rosmund she will. When Falista begins to leave Garret whispers to Rosmund that Tobin will always love her and not Falista. This triggers Falista and she uses the Kultorkinj against them, causing them immense pain. Rosmund tries to object but Falista begins to inflict the pain on her too. A few moments pass before Falista begins to feel the pain too. She ceases her kinjes power as she screams. Falista is arrested by Garret and placed in a cell.

Tobin visits an emotional Falista who doesn't understand what's happening to her. She felt something in her head when she hurt Rosmund and Garret. She didn't mean to hurt them, or at least she doesn't think she meant to. She got so angry that maybe she did want to hurt them. Tobin tries to console her despite the distance they are forced to keep. He agrees to plead her case to Rosmund to get her freed, but Falista is worried that he's still in love with Rosmund. He denies the claims as he's married to her. He then leaves to attempt to reason with Rosmund.

Janzo visits Falista to see if he can help her, per Tobin's request. He explains what a kinj is and the known ways to get rid of one; death or passing it on. He believes that because the Kultorkinj was able to infect Falista that death might not be an option. Falista is concerned that the kinj is a parasite but he assures her that the kinj shouldn't hurt her. She realizes she can pass it onto someone else, but he warns her against that action. He reminds her that in the wrong hands the kinj could be dangerous.

Rosmund visits Falista later that afternoon, much to Falista's surprise. She makes a snide comment about Romsund coming herself, but the animosity between them fades when Rosmund admits to being conflicted on whether or not to set Falista free. Falista doesn't want to be let out as she's worried she will hurt someone. She notes that she finally sees what Tobin sees in Rosmund; she's wise, thoughtful, and dignified. As they talk Rosmund stands closer to Falista, who wants to pass the Kultorkinj onto Rosmund. She thinks Rosmund will be able to learn how to use it for good and it will protect her from Yavalla. Rosmund refuses to accept the kinj because she doesn't want to rule by fear. Rosmund admits that she sees what Tobin sees in Falista, telling her about Tobin begging for her release. Rosmund frees Falista as she believes she misjudged Falista, as her willingness to pass off the kinj means she isn't power-hungry. She tells her to see Talon and Zed, as they'll teach her how to control it. When Falista is released she kneels before Rosmund, finally acknowledging her as a Queen.

Falista locates Talon and Zed, who are on their way out of the Outpost. She tells them that Rosmund set her free and told her that they could help her control the kinj. Talon and Zed admit that they can't help Falista with controlling the kinj as she has to learn about it on her own. They warn her to use it wisely and control her temper. Talon answers some of Falista's questions, but the girl is on her own as each kinj is different.

Falista later visits Tobin but is afraid she'll hurt him, warning him to keep his distance. He doesn't believe she'll hurt him and approaches him. They talk about her kinj and Rosmund, with Falista admitting that she understands why Tobin loves Rosmund. If she were a man she would love Rosmund too. She admits to being selfish in her quest for marriage and chooses to release him from their marriage vows so he can marry Rosmund if he chooses. Her army will also remain loyal to him. She returns his ring and leaves before he can say anything.

312 Falista Tobin.png

In Where Death Lives, she returns to her chambers where she is visited the next evening by Tobin. She doesn't want him to see her in such disarray, but he doesn't mind and tells her that he's made his choice. She asks when the wedding is and hopes he will forgive her for not attending. He sits by her and states that it already happened, much to horror, as she scolds him for not making an event of it. He chuckles and tells her that the wedding was theirs, not his and Rosmund's. He confesses his love for her and promises to be the best husband he can to her. He takes her hand in his and kisses it. The newlyweds kiss passionately before consummating their marriage.

312 Falista2.png

The next day, Gallwood Outpost is under siege by The Hive while Falista is on her way back to her chambers. Her ladies arrive followed by the Gate Marshall, and he tries to pass his kinj onto her but she rejects it due to her owning a kinj. She uses her Kultorkinj to inflict pain on him and her ladies, who are also infected. She begins to scream in agony as the kinj hurts her too. She manages to escape and hide in her chamber behind a locked door. She fakes her exit through a small window while hiding under the bed. The Marshall believes that she's escaped and goes to leave, before reappearing suddenly at the edge of the bed. She screams in fear just as he is impaled - it's Tobin who's come to save her. He helps her stand and she kisses him before they escape.

312 Falista Tobin2.png

He aids her to the roof where they are forced to zipline across using his shirt, but he assures her he's done this before. They land on the next roof with Hive members chasing them and more members swinging swords at them from the ground. She is terrified and hides behind him while he tries to get them to safety. Tobin is overwhelmed by Hive members so Falista uses her kinj to inflict pain on the attackers but accidentally harms Tobin in the process. He eventually clears a path and she climbs over the wall with help from Aegisford soldiers. Tobin appears by the wall and is about to climb over with the help of the Aeigsford soldiers when he stiffens. The soldiers help him to the ground and Falista notices that he's been shot in the back twice by arrows, as well as, stabbed in the side with a blade. Garret appears and carries him to the citadel, as Falista screams for Janzo to help her.

312 Falista.png

Janzo emerges as Falista holds Tobin's head in her lap, her hands and dress drenched in his blood. She begs Janzo to save Tobin but he solemnly tells her that it's too late - Tobin has lost too much blood and his body is already going cold. Rosmund and Garret emerge in time to hear Janzo's prognosis, and Falista sobs heavily as she begs Tobin not to leave her. He begins to sputter and with his dying breath, asks her to use her power to protect the Queen. She sobs as he dies and puts her head on his chest.

313 SC13.png

In "Violence is Futile", Falista is heartbroken over the death of Tobin and is joined by Rosmund. Falista blames herself for Tobin's death as he only came back for her. She tells Rosmund that Tobin loved her, and tells her of Tobin's last words. Rosmund emotionally tells Falista that Tobin told her that he loved Falista before he left - it was the last thing he said to her. Falista apologizes for being selfish as Rosmund lost someone she loves too. They bond over their mutual love for the man they lost. Falista admits that she still can't control the kinj so she won't be of any help to Rosmund.

313 SC39.png

As the sun rises the impending war against Yavalla escalates. The war starts that morning when Yavalla commands The Hive to kill the Queen. Chaos ensues as everyone becomes involved in the fight, with Falista panicked at first. She sees Gwynn being overwhelmed, Janzo throwing rocks, and Garret commanding fleets while simultaneously fighting off attackers. She grips her head and finally learns how to channel her kinj properly by using her hands. She points at those she wants to target and incapacitates them and only them. She screams and unleashes a wave of kinj power that kills everyone near her. But seconds later, an arrow shoots her stomach and she falls. Janzo sees that the wound is severe and sneaks away to get things from his lab until the kinj can heal her. The Hive stays just out of Falista's radius as Yavalla ponders her next move.

313 SC85.png

When Janzo returns, no one notices that he is infected until he strikes Falista's head with a heavy rock. Once she is unconscious, the war continues now that Falista's power has been neutralized. Her fate is left unclear as she isn't given the medical attention she needs to stay alive while her kinj heals her wounds. That night when the war has ended with the deaths of Yavalla and Rosmund, who sacrificed herself to kill the Hive, Falista awakens as her kinj kept her alive long enough to heal her.

Season 4

In Someone Has to Rule, Falista recovers from the death of both her husband, and her distant cousin. She prepares his burial. However, when Talon doesn't take up the crown, she lays claim to it as the last royal, showing her family bloodline to the leaders of The Coalition as proof. Before Talon could lay her own claim, the other members of The Three offer her a spot in their ranks and even offer to revive her husband. However it will come at the cost of twenty people.


After her death, her husband Tobin became the sole ruler of the Realm. He used his kinj to try and stop The Seven and avenge his wife. After his death, the Leaders of the Coalition decided to let Garret Spears be in command of the Outpost and its operations. A month after the final defeat of the seven, Talon was crowned queen after her marriage to Garret.


Initially, Falista was a seductive woman who knows what she wants and sets out to achieve her goal with little regard for how her desires will affect others. This was largely due to the fact that as a child her needs and desires were squandered by her father, as he wanted to elevate the family's status so he forced her to marry someone older than her. She did so to keep her father happy, but she herself was in a very unhappy marriage. When both her father and husband died she was free to do things her own way for once. She wanted to marry Tobin and didn't mind that he was in love with Rosmund, as she believed he would grow to love her. She is also a very jealous woman when it comes to rivals in her affection for Tobin. Falista is used to getting her way and having people obey her commands. She becomes upset when those commands aren't obeyed or listened to. She was easily upset by the idea of Tobin still having feelings for Rosmund, and this triggers her to unknowingly use the power of the Kultorkinj to inflict pain on the sources of her anger - Tobin and Rosmund.

She was devastated when she learns that she is the new host to a volatile kinj that inflicts pain on others. She doesn't want to hurt others or turn into a monster herself. Her willingness to pass the kinj onto Rosmund proves to the Queen that Falista isn't power-hungry, and can be trusted. Rosmund frees Falista from her prison cell and instructs her to seek the guidance of Talon and Zed. Overwhelmed with gratitude and a newfound respect for her Queen, Falista bends the knee to prove her loyalty. When the Outpost was overrun by The Hive, Falista chose to retreat and hide instead of using her kinj. Her hesitation faded when Tobin was in danger, though she accidentally harmed him with the power while attempting to use it, which broke her heart. After Tobin's death, Falista was overcome with grief and guilt. She sought solace in Rosmund who assured Falista of Tobin's true feelings for the Baroness. Upon befriending Rosmund and the rest of The Coalition, she is able to utilize her power to save their lives.

However, Falista once again demonstrates a selfish nature when she agrees to bring Tobin back from the dead in exchange for the lives of twenty of innocent men. She wrestled with the moral decision, she but ultimately made it because she didn't want to rule alone. Falista doesn't care if her subjects serve her out of fear or love, only that they remain loyal to her. She seems to believe that everyone can learn to love her. She eventually undermines the betterment of the realm for her own personal gain by aligning herself with The Three, as she desired Tobin to be alive more then anything.

While originally trying to be the good and kind queen Tobin wants her to be, she eventually succumbed to the corruption of the Kultorkinj thanks to the advise of Two and the awakening of the The Seven. Because of her receiving visions from Vorta, she became blindly devoted to them. She wanted to be the Gods' loyal servants and was not above killing innocents to please them. Because of her devotion to them she also became power driven and was not letting any words of caution change her view on them. She later found out the hard way that these Gods are indeed evil and lost her life because of her blind devotion to them.

Physical Appearance

Falista is a gorgeous young woman with long curly medium hair and striking blue eyes. She holds herself with grace and strength. She is of short stature standing at 5'1", but wears long gowns that make her appear taller. Falista has a curvy build and favors earth tones to her dresses and accessories.

Powers and Abilities

"They said that thing that was in Jaaris' head the one that used to hurt people -- and now it's in my head. I don't understand. But when it happened I felt something here. And there was nobody else there, just me and the two of them suffering horribly." ― Falista

Main article: Kultorkinj
313 SC37.png

Through the Kultorkinj, Falista can inflict immense pain on large groups of people at a time. The Kinj found its way to her after it was dispelled from its previous host. The Kultorkinj is perhaps the most dangerous (but not the deadliest one) of the seven original kinjes due to its ability to inflict pain on others to point of their deaths. Being a stranger to the kinjes lore, Falista struggled to control her kinj and her emotions, which are undoubtedly tied to the kinjes power. Usually, when Falista used the kinj, she was triggered by someone's negative comments regarding her marriage. She later used it in an attempt to protect herself and Tobin, though the pain she indirectly inflicted on herself and Tobin was overwhelming. In the heat of the war against The Hive, Falista saw everyone she cares about being hurt. She was finally able to channel the power of the kinj through her hands. She can inflict her power on only those she wants to hurt, thus, gaining control over it. She also unleashes a scream paired with the power of her kinj, which allows her to incapacitate dozens if not hundreds of enemies at once. She still suffers pain from extensive use of the kinj, but has mastered using it on command.


Tobin Aegisford

See Also: Tobin and Falista
304 Tobin Falista Wedding.png

Falista and Tobin have a complicated relationship that began when Tobin was eight. They spent the majority of their teen years in a serious relationship and were each other's, first love. Falista's father betrothed her to an older landowner, Lord Relman. Tobin asked her to run away with him so they could be wed, but she refused and was forced to marry Lord Relman by her father. She left Aegisford and Tobin was heartbroken over the loss and closed himself off to love. They were reunited years later when Tobin returned to Aegisford in search of an army. With his depleted, Falista offered him a deal - her army in exchange for marriage. He initially refused as he is in love with Queen Rosmund and tried to buy the army, but she refused angrily and made it known that her army only came with marriage. Tobin had no choice but to marry Falista even though he didn't reciprocate her feelings. overtime, they grew closer as they were forced to work together to help Gallwood Outpost.

312 Falista Tobin.png

She gave him a reason to feel useful again, and he found himself oddly protective of her when she was imprisoned for possessing the red kinj. He advocated for her release and when Rosmund complied, Falista realized how honorable and wise Rosmund really is, and released Tobin from their marriage vows. He chooses to stay with Falista instead of going back to Rosmund. He tells the Queen that when he feared that Falista would die his old feelings came back and he knows he belongs with her now. He told Falista of his choice and they consummated their marriage. When Gallwood Outpost was attacked by The Hive, Tobin left the haven to find Falista. He saved her from infected Hive members and escorted her to safety, where he was impaled and shot with arrows. He died in her arms on the steps of the citadel. His dying wish was for Falista to use her kinj to protect Rosmund. Unable to cope with his death, Falista traded the lives of twenty men so that Two could successfully resurrect Tobin. The two ruled the Outpost as King and Queen of the Realm. While they were ruling a small portion of the realm, many people outside the confides of the outpost knew of their ruling/ascension to the thrown. That when they set out for The Capital, its citizens were excited to have a new Queen and King. While Falista was open to hearing the advice of Two, Tobin was more cautious towards Two and Three. Tobin killed Three to protect his wife, and in doing so he also became a member of The Three. Meaning that they were now equally rulers of the realm and in the eyes of everyone.


313 SC14.png

Falista has stated that they are distant cousins. Despite the familial connection, Falista and Rosmund found themselves at odds over their mutual love for Tobin Aegisford. Falista was convinced that Tobin would grow to love her and not Rosmund, forcing them to wed so he could save Rosmund with their new unified army. Falista had little mind for Rosmund's feelings when she revealed her marriage to Tobin, sparking Rosmund to believe the woman is power-hungry and dangerous. She was apprehensive to trust Falista and kept a close eye on her. Falista's approach to Rosmund and her Queenship is less out of respect or acknowledgment but more of duty to please Tobin. In The Hardest Part of Being Queen, they were able to find mutual ground and see each other for who they really are outside of their mutual jealousy regarding Tobin. Also in the episode Rosmund sees that Falista is not power-hungry at all and is actually afraid of power. In Violence is Futile, Rosmund tries to comfort her cousin saying that Tobin loved Falista. Tobin had told her this before he went off to rescue Falista. They bond over their mutual loss. Later, Falista is able to control her kinj and helps save Rosmund's life which allows Rosmund to eventually make her sacrifice to protect the Outpost, but also the distant cousin she only just started to bond with.


Talon and Falista are rivals turned enemies. Both have a claim to the throne of the Realm, with Falista being the last known royal descendant and Talon have the favor of the people. Talon decides not to get in the way of Falista's rightful inheritance, but has some uneasy feelings with her being Queen. While the two ladies are often at odds with one another, Falista hopes that they can work together so that both of their people can thrive in harmony. As such she hopes that with Wren being the Blackblood spiritual leader and Zed being the Blackblood military leader, Talon can be her Blackblood governess and advisor. However, with Falista's willingness to please the Gods, and Talon's desire to rebel against them, the two often clash and look for ways to stop one another. In the end however it was Talon's own wariness and Falista's own naivete that lead to her death by the hand of Tera.


Season 3 (7/13)

Season 4 (6/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • While it initially seemed as though Falista was similar to a woman like Lady Macbeth, she is actually a simple woman who does have a tendency to have selfish desires and goals.
  • In From Paradise to Hell and Back, Falista is revealed to have a very distant claim to royalty. She claims her father's great uncle's cousin was Kelton the Green, who was nephew to Rayner of Ostrib, whose great-grandson was Ranulf, Rosmund's father. This makes Rosmund and Falista distant cousins, though this many times removed in the familial line they most likely share no blood connection. Rather, they carry the same surname tracked far enough back in their ancestry.
    • In Someone Has to Rule, Janzo learns that Falista has a closer claim to the throne then they previously thought, as her relative was the sibling of Ranulf.
  • Falista is the second woman to be Queen of the realms, as her predecessor was Queen Rosmund.
    • Ironically, they both died as a result of the Terakinj.
  • After Rosmund's death, Falista lays a claim to the throne as the sole royal heir. She ultimately becomes Queen with Tobin Aegisford serving as her King.
  • She is the first known Queen to have a Kinj and be a member of The Three.