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Everit Dred was a soldier and ambassador for the Prime Order. He led the slaughter of the Blackblood's and was responsible for the death of Talon's family. He was imprisoned in The Capital for months after he failed to bring Gallwood Outpost down. He was later killed by Naya who sought justice for her family's death.


Blackblood Slaughter

The Bones, lead by Tiberion Shek, massacred a Blackblood village, The Vale of Galaneth, under the payment of an Everit Dred. Dred watched as The Bones slaughtered all the villagers. Among them was Talon and her family. Talon escaped thanks to the Wolf, who lied and said that he killed her. Once every Blackblood was presumably murdered, Toru signaled to Dred that they had completed the job.

Later Life

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In "The Mistress and the Worm", Everit Dred called a meeting with Tiberion Shek, a Bones mercenary who helped with the slaughter of the Blackbloods. Dred informed Tiberion of Toru Magmoor's death, which Shek wasn't unpleased to hear about. Dred then told him Toru's dying message, "tell Dred one remains" and Shek pieces together that Toru meant one Blackblood survived. Shek insists that it's impossible, as he checked all the corpses himself. Dred has no patience for Shek's claims. He told him to gather the Bones and ride for Gallwood Outpost. Shek wanted payment, and Dred coldly told him that their price is not suffering an unimaginable slow death at the hands of the Inquisitor. Shek then agreed and left the camp to gather the Bones.

In "The Book of Names", Dred arrives at a village alongside Ilyin. He interrupts harvesting to ask about the Vex Rezicon, better known as the Book of Names. He exchanges words with Karric Unger regarding the vex's location and history. When Unger finally caved and told Dred what he knew, Dred stabbed him in the foot and ordered his men to murder Karric's men. Karric was confused but Dred explained that because Karric witnessed the Elders being slaughter many years ago and did nothing, his punishment would be to watch it unfold again. Karric recited The Blackblood Prophecy to Dred moments before Dred decapitated him.

At his outpost, Dred enlists the help of native Essa Khan to help him find the Vex. He gives her detailed directions and instructions on where to find the vex. She initially thought he wanted her to bring it back to him, but he corrected that he wanted it destroyed. He instructed Essa to burn the book and bring one page to him as proof that she found it. Essa agrees and takes her payment before taking off to locate the book.

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In "The Colipsum Conundrum", Across the realm, Everit Dred and Ilyin return to their outpost and receive a letter from Gallowood. It informs him of the death of the Bones and that Blackblood stains were found at the death sites. Dred also learns that the last Blackblood is a woman and plans to ride there and kill her himself. Dred is angered to hear that Calkussar has been negating his duties. He writes a respondence letter reprimanding Calkussar for not delivering the last order of armor, failing to capture the Blackblood, and failure to report the Blackblood's existence. He then strips Calkussar of his title and informs the Outpost that someone more loyal to the prime order will be sent to take over. Ilyin sits in silence and Dred notices the girl's sad expression, and interprets this as her thinking he's too obsessed. He explains that the Blackblood prophecy predicts death and famine over the land if the Blackblood isn't killed.

In "Beyond The Wall", Dred leads a battalion alongside Ilyin to the gates of Gallwood Outpost. A soldier warns Calkussar of Dred's impending arrival. Calkussar takes this time to warn Gwynn that she should escape, just in case the Prime Order is onto their rebellion.

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Calkussar then stands on the wall and communicates down with Dred and his men. Dred tells him that his group of soldiers never returned, and Calkussar fakes surprise. He tells Dred that the area around the Outpost is riddled with enemies. Dred more-or-less commands Calkussar into letting him in. Calkussar goes to greet Dred and tells him that his men will make sure that all of their accommodations are met. He goes to shake Dred's hand when Dred stabs him in the ribs two. Calkussar falls to the ground dead, and Dred commands that his men kill everyone loyal to Calkussar and to locate Calkussar's daughter, Gwynn. Gwynn, who witnessed the whole ordeal, is bustled away by Naya. Meanwhile, the covenant soldiers storm into the Outpost.

In "The Vex Rezicon", during the take over of The Outpost, Dredd has ordered his soldiers to cut every woman's in search of the Blackblood. When he searches the personal chambers of Gwynn Calkussar, he is amazed as to find a hidden letter bearing the royal seal. He then orders his men to leave him, as he reads the letter. Astonished at what he has found, he then orders his men to bring him Naya. Naya is then revealed to be working for him and he then coldly demands why she never mentioned Gwynn really being Princess Rosmund in any of their previous letters. Naya then says that she only found out about it during their take over. She then takes Dredd and his men to the last place where she left Rosmund, only to discover that the Princess is gone.

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In "The Dragman is Coming", Dred and his army are waiting for Talon, Janzo, and Garret when they arrive at Gallwood Outpost. He threatens to kill Janzo by dropping down the Outpost wall if Talon doesn't surrender. She does and Dred upholds his end of the bargain and brings Janzo to safety, however, his men quickly press a sword to his throat. He approaches Talon and she backs against the wall. According to Dred, he can almost smell the black blood running through Talon's veins. He slices her palm to prove it and admires that it's as black as ink.

He kidnaps Talon and holds her prisoner in ropes. He wants Talon to summon the Lu-Qiri and prove the prophecy is real so he can kill her. He believes the prophecy will bring death to everyone. Talon refuses to summon a Lu-Qiri.

To force Talon to summon the demons, he puts her, Janzo, Garret, Danno, Mistress, Wythers, and Munt on a hanging block. Each time Talon doesn’t show herself by using her power one of them will die. Dred notices the way Talon looks at Garret and threatens him first. Dred tightens the rope around Garret's neck, intent on killing him if Talon doesn't summon her demon. Talon tries to tell him that nothing will happen, but Dred doesn't believe her. He is about to kill Garret when Talon finally agrees to summon Baphnoro. She says the name and Dred pull his sword ready to fight. When nothing happens he is angered and commands Higgs to kill them anyway.

During the execution soldiers loyal to the crown kill Dred's guards and ruin the execution. Dred commands one of his guards to kill everyone on the block starting with Talon. When the guard cuts her loose instead Dred is angered to learn that the guard, Raelius, is loyal to the crown, not him. During the battle, Dred stabs Raelius in the back before fleeing.

Talon follows him into a building where they engage in an intense fight. Talon beats him and is about to kill Dred when Gwynn and Garret stop her. Gwynn wants to execute Dred herself under royal law. Garret stops Talon from killing Dred and she leaves angrily. Dred is arrested by Gwynn's soldiers and taken to prison.

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Naya sneaks into the dungeons and frees Dred so he will free his family and their debt is repaid in full. Dred interrupts a moment between Talon and Janzo to try and kill her. He takes Janzo captive and threatens to kill him if Talon fights back. She discards her sword and is forced to kneel in front of him to free Janzo. Janzo uses a hot iron to burn Dred’s face. Dred screams in agony and then stabs Janzo in the side, much to Talon's dismay. Fueled by anger, Talon attack Dred and almost defeats him but stops to help Janzo from dying. Dred escapes out the window.

Dred meets with Essa Khan who gives him the page she ripped out of the book of names. He wants her to escort him safely back to the Prime Order but she coldly tells him that wasn't part of the deal. He offers to pay her double if she escorts him back safely, and she accepts.

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Garret and his men track Dred and Essa to Dun-Ebdin. Dred and Essa ambush Garret and his men. The duo kills all of Garret’s men, with Essa even biting one of the soldiers. When Garret is about to behead Dred he is stabbed by Essa.

In "Not In My Kingdom", an exhausted Dred returns to The Capital and informs The Three of the results of his trip to Gallwood Outpost. They coldly inform him of his failure. He pledges his heart and blood but with respect to the holy three doesn’t think his journey is a failure. One has a kinj in his forehead that glows red and it inflicts immense pain on Dred. While crippled, he reveals that Garret Spears is alive and could become their secret weapon. Despite his revelation, Three sentences Dred to live in a cell so small he won’t be able to lie down. Dred is dragged away while Garret is sent to the infirmary.

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Dred and Garret are in neighboring cells. Dred tells Garret of his visions of a realm full of Lu-Qiri and people dying while the Blackbloods ruled over everyone. Garret refuses to believe that this is true. Dred admits he didn’t consult The Three before killing the Blackblood people. He claims he didn’t have time as the Blackbloods would have summoned their demons and killed everyone if he hadn’t acted first. Garret reasons that they were a peaceful people. According to Dred, the real Rosmund had a misshaped face from being kicked by a horse as a child. Calkussar had destroyed most portraits but “Gwynn” snuck one out of the palace as a keepsake of her childhood friend. Garret seems to have doubts about Dred's story but is beginning to believe the lies. Sana arrives and frees Garret from the cells, warning the Tormentor that if he came near Garret again she would kill him. Sana then left with an injured Garret. When they were gone, Dred is transferred into Garret's cell. He had struck a deal with the Tormentor for a bigger cell in exchange for placing doubt in Garret’s mind about Gwynn being Rosmund. Though their deal doesn't change how the Tormentor hits Dredd.


Dred was intelligent and manipulative and ruthless often to the point of cruelty. He gained respect and the goodwill of high-ranking individuals, through his fortune and legend. He had no qualms about appealing to whichever side would be more beneficial to his advancement. As long as he was paid well he would do whatever his payer wanted. Dred is also sexist, as he sentenced a woman to death for having relations with his soldier, but only punished the soldier to lashings and removal of his badge. Upon finding out that the woman was married, Dred decided to execute them both, showing that he may have some morality left.

Physical Appearance

Dred was a tall lean man with sleek white-blond hair, cold brown eyes, a pale complexion and rather sharp, pointed features.


Season 1 (7/10)

Season 2 (5/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • Dred is mentioned in every episode during the cold open for Season 2.
  • Philip Brodie previously appeared in the producers' films, Dawn of the Dragonslayer, and Mythica: The Necromancer.