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Essa Khan is a deadly traveler for hire who works for Everit Dred on a recurring basis. She was hired to find the Book of Names and destroy it.


In "The Book of Names", Essa is summoned to Everit Dred's outpost. Dred enlists Essa to help him find the Vex Rezicon, better known as the Book of Names. He gives her detailed directions and instructions on where to find the vex. She initially thought he wanted her to bring it back to him, but he corrected that he wanted it destroyed. He instructed Essa to burn the book and bring one page to him as proof that she found it. Essa agrees and takes a quarter of her payment before taking off to locate the book.

In "The Vex Rezicon", Essa finds the shrine and discovers the altar. The altar has a triangle on it with multiple bloodstains. When she digs her blade into the stains she discovers that the blood was black. She then lights the triangle on fire which, in turn, opens a secret compartment drawer. She takes out the book and examines it, tears a page out, and sets it on the altar. She then burns the book to ash and leaves.

In "The Dragman is Coming", Dred meets with Essa who gives him the page she ripped out of the book of names. He wants her to escort him safely back to the Prime Order but she coldly tells him that wasn't part of the deal. He offers to pay her double if she escorts him back safely, and she accepts.

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Essa and a still on-the-run Everit Dred have been trying to reach the capital for two weeks. They hide out in Dun-Ebdin and ambush Garret Spears and his men. The duo kills all of Garret’s men, with Essa even biting one of the soldiers and takes a chunk out of his neck in the process. When Garret is about to behead Dred he is stabbed through the chest by Essa.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Essa is the only character to consume a Greyskin.