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Listen, I have lived through changes in command, I have survived war. I've survived famine. I've outlived my enemies. Men come and go, but I mind my business and I survive!
Elinor to Wythers in "The Vex Rezicon"

Elinor Chadwick, better known as The Mistress, was the innkeeper at The Nightshade Inn. She also dealt colipsum to the inhabitants of the outpost. Upon striking a deal with Gwynn, Elinor became her royal advisor with the promise of becoming the royal treasurer of the realms upon Gwynn's coronation. She was also the adoptive mother of Munt, Bill Chadwick, and Janzo.

Elinor was murdered by Prime Order soldiers while protecting Janzo during the raid on Gallwood Outpost. Her dying words, which was the location of the underground tunnels, helped save the Queen and allow the Coalition to best the Prime Order. Her memory lives on at The Nightshade Inn, where her portrait hangs over the bar.


Early Life

When Elinor was ten, her mother was ill and dying. The woman begged for Gertrusha and Elinor sent messages asking her sister to come but Gertrusha never came. Elinor had to bury her mother by herself shortly after.

As the owner of The Nightshade Inn, Elinor met all kinds of people. One of them was her young barmaid who unexpectedly came pregnant. The barmaid gave birth but died two weeks later. Elinor noticed Janzo and took him in as she thought a son could be useful. However, she sold Naya to the slavers under the pretenses that she couldn't afford to keep both children. She raised him alongside Munt and Bill Chadwick, her other adoptive sons.

Adult Life

205 Elinor.png

In "The Blade of The Three", Elinor visits Gwynn with a proposal. She will give Gwynn gold that can pay to restart the mines, fill the stores, and buy the Queen time. In return, she wants to be made Royal Advisor to the Queen. Gwynn is reluctant to accept the funds as they come from questionable sources and Elinor is a criminal. Elinor knows that Gwynn needs a criminal seeing as she's going to war. She can also offer the Queen a perspective that she has never seen before. They bargain, with Gwynn wanting Elinor to step away from her business and come to her before going on any other endeavors. Elinor agrees but only if she is made treasurer of the realm in addition to her Royal Advisor position. Gwynn accepts her proposal and they shake on their agreement.

Elinor puts Janzo in charge of the Inn while she's gone, but demands that he keep extremely detailed books. Gertrusha arrives at the Inn and Elinor informs her of her new position. Gertrusha is rendered speechless and Elinor wishes her sister's journey home be as uneventful as the rest of her life. Gertrusha then leaves the inn and Elinor returns to work.

Later that day, Elinor and Gwynn sign the papers to reopen the mines thanks to Elinor's funding. She is about to leave when Tobin and Gertrusha enter. Elinor tries to get rid of them but Gwynn insists they can stay. Elinor sits on the throne next to Gwynn's and smirks at her sister. She tells Tobin he should leave and to get a drink - on her. He ignores her comments and announces his decision to give Gwynn his men and himself catch-free. He also apologizes for his brutish and rude behavior. Elinor doesn't believe the proposal but Gwynn reluctantly accepts it, much to Elinor's surprise.

206 Elinor-Gwynn.jpg

In "Because She's Worth It", Gwynn watches a shirtless Tobin working hard amongst his men to arm the foxholes the soldiers dug previously. She is joined by Elinor and tries to compose herself and act as though she weren't staring. Elinor smiles and comments that Tobin is not hard to look at. Gwynn scoffs saying that it's a pity that is all he's good for. Elinor remarks that his men seem to like him so he might be more than he seems, but Gwynn doubts it due to his drinking and acting like a pig. Elinor states that Tobin runs one of the most prosperous districts in the realm, but Gwynn thinks this has more to do with Gertrusha than Tobin. Elinor assures Gwynn that Gertrusha isn't doing that all on her own even if she's pretending otherwise. When asked, Gwynn assures her that she doesn't like Tobin. He's merely tried the stick and is now trying honey, but she is not a dog. Elinor laughs and is impressed by Gwynn's attributes. Elinor looks over at Tobin and remarks it is nice to have him around, but Gwynn reminds her that their army is still too small even with Tobin's men. Gwynn thinks she should attract more suitors, but Elinor slyly says that she and Tobin would make beautiful babies. This receives only a look from Gwynn and Elinor says she will leave Gwynn now so she can reflect on her royal obligations. She starts to leave but comes back to whisper "beautiful babies" in Gwynn's ear one last time before leaving.

206 Elinor-Gwynn2.jpg

Gwynn consults Elinor about the miners. The miners are already talking about going on strike, but Elinor insists she paid them fair wages and they are just pushing the boundaries. Gwynn notices the cart of dead animal carcasses and asks what is troubling the townspeople. Elinor tells Gwynn that the Lu-Qiri demon is hunting all of the townspeople's animals. Gwynn tells Elinor to refund the townspeople out of the treasury and to handle the miners.

206 Elinor3.jpg

Elinor has a meeting with the miner Foreman. He claims the miners aren't happy with three coppers a day as they are risking life and limb. Elinor offers the Foreman some colipsum and he accepts. He tells her that thirty gold beads to him alone will make things right and she invites him into her “office”. Munt drags him into the colipsum tunnels and they purposely infect him with plaugeling venom. Elinor tells the Foreman she will do what she can about the conditions for the miners, but they can't abide by corruption in the workplace.

Later in the day, Elinor holds recruitment for potential miners. She promises them fair wages, a hard days work, and food. The job might not be glamorous but will provide for them and their families. She also teases that miners are popular with the ladies which gets them excited. She encourages them to sign up for work. As she's leaving, she is interrupted by Munt and they talk about funds and money. She also yells at a blacksmith who calls her "Mistress" saying that she now goes by Elinor. While walking away, Elinor realizes that Munt's dimwitted suggestions about finances might come in handy. She appoints him a tax collector of the realms.

OUT206 0004bc.jpg

Later, Tobin rides past Gwynn and Elinor who are on their way into a building. They stop on the steps and turn to see Tobin with two horses. He informs Gwynn that it has come to his attention that she hasn't visited her fields as of late. The townspeople want to see their Queen just as much as the rich. He offers her a ride and Elinor assures Gwynn she will handle the fops. Gwynn accepts the ride and Elinor smiles while they ride off.

207 Elinor-Gert2.png

In "Where You Go, People Die", Elinor happily witnesses Gwynn accept Tobin's wedding proposal. Gertrusha and Elinor launch into wedding planning. Gertrusha wants twenty Aegisford bannerman to attend the wedding, one for each province in his vassal. Elinor counters with two Aegisford bannerman, one for Gertrusha, and one for Tobin. Gertrusha thinks this is an outrageous demand and will only agree to twelve, one for each red moon since Tobin's father died. Elinor counters with four, one for each season since the man died. After back-and-forth bantering about the number, they settle on six. They take glasses off a tray and drink on their agreement. Gertrusha then tells Elinor that her people will supply all the festooning, ornamentation, and fanfare since this is a royal wedding. Elinor reminds her sister that this is a military outpost, they don't have any of those things but promises to do what she can. They have a couple of horn blowers who can do a version of a festooning and Elinor will provide the alcohol. They toast and drink together.

207 Elinor-Gwynn.png

Elinor interrupts an emotional meeting between Gwynn and Janzo to tell Gwynn that the prisoner has cooperated fully and she thinks they have all the information. The prisoner's execution is scheduled for the first light. Janzo tearfully asks his mother that if there's one thing she is going to do in his life, he wants it to be this. Naya doesn't deserve to die. Elinor's expression softens for a moment before she coldly tells Janzo that Naya does deserve to die. Janzo tearfully exclaims that he doesn't know who either woman is anymore and storms out of the room. Elinor tells Gwynn that the wedding is arranged with all advantages to their respects. Elinor then helps Gwynn with her hair, reminding her that just because Gwynn is Queen doesn't mean she can't be human. Gwynn tells her that Naya was her closest friend aside from Talon. Elinor finishes Gwynn's hair and tells her she did the right thing before leaving.

209 SC2.png

In "There Will Be a Reckoning", Milus, Gertrusha, Elinor, and Gwynn have a meeting in her throne room to discuss everything that happened. Milus wants Gwynn to uphold her end of the deal and give her Tobin's lands, regardless if she married Tobin or not. Gertrusha tells Milus that he can't expect Tobin to still marry Gwynn after she absconded with another man. Elinor interjects that Gwynn was kidnapped, but Gertrusha notes that it looked as though she went willingly. Gwynn shouts at them all to stop. She wants to negotiate more and Milus is willing to talk about what she is offering and wants in return. She assures him that his deal will still be honored with time, to which he asks if she is still planning to marry Tobin, a decision that relies on Tobin getting better. Elinor assures Milus that Tobin is getting the best possible care, but Milus finds this unlikely as Janzo is a barkeep. He comments on Janzo's medicine being liquor, to which Elinor lunges at him from across the table but is pulled off by Gertrusha. Milus wants a written deed to Tobin's lands by nightfall. Tobin enters wrapped in bandages and asks Milus what he will do if he doesn't get the deed. Elinor watches the scene between Tobin and Milus unfold. She makes a shocked expression when Milus suggests that Tobin is "playing house" with "all these women".

209 SC10.png

Elinor, Tobin, and Gertrusha have a meeting regarding Milus, while Gwynn stands off to the side. One of Elinor's affiliates told her Milus left the city two days ago. Gertrusha worries Milus will try and take Tobin's lands. Elinor adds that Tobin's been away a long time and Milus could try and take more than he was promised. Tobin is confident that Milus can't breach his city's walls, as each of his men is worth three of Milus'. Elinor doesn't think the men can hold the city without a leader, but Tobin has to stay at Gallwood in case the Prime Order attacks. Elinor stands beside Gwynn, saying that she doesn't see a reason why Tobin should have to leave, seeing as he has his advisor who can go home and look after his affairs. Gertrusha believes her place is by Tobin's side, which Elinor strongly disagrees with, and asks Tobin for his opinion. Tobin believes Gertrusha should go if she thinks she can handle it, but Elinor is insistent that Gertrusha can handle it. Gwynn states the matter is settled and asks Tobin what his cousin is up to.

209 SC14.png

Munt takes the guard who attacked Janzo to Elinor for questioning. He tells her that the guard tried to kill Janzo and was guarding Garret. She asks the guard who he's working for and when he doesn't answer, she kicks him below the waist. He angrily tells her “hail to The Three” which she isn't surprised by. She asks how many more of him they have to worry about, and when he doesn't answer, she tells Munt to turn him Plagueling. The guard finally talks saying that there aren't any more of them. He joined the guard last week. Elinor tells Brogan to turn him Plaugeling anyway and strap him down as he turns. She calls for Munt, who at first doesn't understand he's supposed to follow her.

OUT209 0005bc.jpg

Once in private, she tells him that she's decided to extend his area of expertise and responsibility. Lord Tobin is now an ally to the Kingdom, which means that Aegisford is part of the crown lands. Munt was there as a child to visit Gertrusha. Elinor tells him he's returning there with Gertrusha. She wants him to collect taxes and spy on Gertrusha, then sends her a bird when she returns to Gallwood, or when she does anything Elinor should know about. Munt promises not to let her down. The next morning, Gertrude rides out of town after a brief encounter with Elinor. Munt calls out to Elinor saying goodbye and rides past her on a donkey. Elinor tells him bye and to be good.

209 SC25.png

Tobin and Gwynn walk back into town and he asks her what the plan is to handle Milus' recent stand-off at the gates of Gallwood. Elinor joins them moments later. She tells him that they will give Milus a few moments to calm down then parley. It's customary among her people - they exchange insults, put on a show, and then they will negotiate. Tobin asks who will be negotiating to which she tells him that it will be them, of course. He doesn't think it's safe and a parley is supposed to be between two people of equal stations. He tells her he will go alone and leaves to saddle up his horse. Elinor asks Gwynn if she trusts Tobin, to which Gwynn responds that she takes it Elinor doesn't. Elinor clarifies that after what Gwynn did to him, she doesn't trust Tobin one bit. Gwynn takes a moment to think before instructing Elinor to go with Tobin since she can't go. As Gwynn walks away Elinor smiles and yells after her about the things she does for the Queen. Elinor then runs to saddle up.

209 SC27.png

Elinor, Tobin, and a handful of guards meet Milus and his men halfway from the gates of Gallwood. The groups exchange insults and Milus claims that Rosmund doesn't have nearly enough troops to fight his army. Elinor angrily tells him that the Queen could have a thousand soldiers running through the gates that will cut through Milus's army like a knife through butter. He exchanges an insult before Tobin offers to parley. Milus is confused as he thought that was what they were doing, but Tobin clarifies that he meant between the two of them. Elinor offers to go with him, but Milus will only speak to Tobin. Tobin tells Elinor she will have to trust him, which she thinks is unlikely, before the cousins part ways from the group. Once Tobin is gone, Elinor pretends as though she needs one of Milus' guard's help getting off her horse. Once he helps her off her horse they make plans to exchange Colipsum, with her being a dealer and him a potential buyer.


"I don't want the map, I want the whole damn world! Or at least a really good part of it."

Elinor was a power-hungry woman who believed selling Colipsum was the path to her success. She adopted three sons just for the free work and sold Janzo's sister to the slavers. Elinor was a toxic narcissist. Her abrasive ways made her a decent romantic partner for Marshal Wythers.

"I'm a very powerful woman. Hard as nails, take what I want, look after my friends, crush my enemies. I'm very well-respected in this town and Hell, I even know her majesty the Queen herself."

Elinor enjoyed forcing Munt to play out her "dark deeds" despite his protests. She used her position as his only maternal figure to sway his choices. She became giddy during Worm's beheading and even enjoyed it. She was ruthless in the colipsum trade and would do anything to take over the world. Her intellect made her a sharp enemy, however, she held no real power outside of the Nightshade Inn unless she used her relationship with Wythers to achieve a goal.

Despite this, Mistress was brave and wasn't afraid to speak up against those in higher positions than her, such as Everit Dred and even Marshal Higgs. She was self-sufficient, scrappy, and witty to a fault. Her nonchalant attitude tended to get her in trouble, but her business-savvy mind often got her out of it.

Physical Appearance

OUT104 0020.JPG

Elinor was an older woman with wild blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvy physique. Mistress had the most chaotic sense of style compared to her peers. She would wear abstract-shaped pieces with unique cuts one day, and a neutral-toned dress the next. She usually wore tops that showed off her breasts. Her impulsive nature was evident in her style. She was always seen wearing several accessories, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces, at once. This was most likely to compensate for her lack of social standing outside certain circles. Elinor wore brown boots that showed her working nature and smoked from a thin pipe. She always wore heavy makeup such as blush and bright lipstick. Elinor also wore heavy cloaks when outside of the inn.

OUT207 0001bc.jpg

She never sat or lounged in a way that would be considered "ladylike" compared to Gwynn. Elinor would often put one leg on a table or spreading her legs apart instead of crossing them when sitting, even in a professional capacity. Her confidence to act against social normativity was apparent in her daily stature. Upon joining Gwynn's side, the Mistress wore fancier and heavier gowns, cloaks, and jewels. She favored dark blue or brown dresses with gold accents. Elinor continued to wear large groups of accessories, even at one time, and boots.


109 Munt-Mistress-Dred.jpg
  • Munt Munt is Elinor's eldest adoptive son. He cared deeply for the woman and called her mom. He helped her on multiple occasions and often did her "dark deeds" without question. His lack of intellect often bothered her, and she belittled him often, which he didn't always understand. Mistress cared for him but didn't show him, maternal love. Instead, she treated him more as a servant than a son. He was happy to obey her orders and do whatever it was she asked of him. He adored her and believed everything she told him. When he witnessed her death, he was overcome with emotion and took his anger out on the Prime Order soldiers that were responsible for her death. Even after her death, he works to preserve her memory in the people around him.
  • Janzo: As Janzo's adoptive mother, Mistress cared for him, but didn't show him, maternal love. Instead, she treated him more as a servant than a child. He was happy to obey her orders and do whatever it was she asked of him. When she did show pride in him he was overjoyed and very childlike which aggravated her. After her death he is shown to be very sadden by it. The only way he can move on from it is to take care of his brother and run The Nightshade Inn the way she would do it if she were alive.
  • Gertrusha Gertrusha is Elinor's older half-sister, though they were separated at a young age following Gertrusha exiting their village.
OUT208 0007b.jpg
  • Gwynn Calkussar: The relationship between these two ladies was unusual and often unpredictable. When Gwynn was still pretending to be the daughter of the Base Commander, she would visit The Nightshade Inn to play Octor. Elinor noticed Gwynn but didn't pay her any mind, only interested in Gwynn's money. After The Coalition pushed the Prime Order of Gallwood, Gwynn took control of the outpost as Queen. When Elinor felt threatened by her sister's status, she offered to help Romsund with the Outpost's financial crisis in exchange for becoming the Royal Advisor to the Queen. While Rosmund didn't fully trust Elinor, she had no choice but to accept on the condition that there Elinor cease involvement in Colipsum. The two women would continue to feud over Elinor's connections to criminal activity until things reached a boiling point in Gallwood. The plaugeling epidemic was at a high despite colipsum being illegal, leaving Janzo to come forward about his mother's involvement. After curing Elinor, Rosmund placed her under arrest. Rosmund later released her after hearing a heartfelt plea from Janzo and remembering how much Elinor sacrificed to be an advisor. Elinor and Rosmund would continue to fight the Prime order until Elinor's death at the hands of a Prime Order agent. Rosmund honored Elinor by keeping her Royal Advisor rank vacant until the perfect replacement was found.
OUT109 0034.JPG
  • Marshal Wythers: Wythers was Elinor's lover. He discussed the situation at the Outpost and received advice from her. He occasionally did her favors. For instance, he executed a colipsum dealer per her request. However, the said colipsum dealer killed one of the Mistresses' sons, so Marshal was also upholding his duty when he executed Worm, so he wasn't breaking his code of duty and justice. When Wythers was sentenced to serve time in the mines, Elinor used one of her many contacts to ensure Wythers would be safe. The last time they saw each other was when Wythers rode out to find Garret's body.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Elinor is the second main character and the first female main character, to be bitten by a Plagueling, following Garret Spears.