Listen, I have lived through changes in command, I have survived war. I’ve survived famine. I’ve outlived my enemies. Men come and go, but I mind my business and I survive!
Elinor to Wythers in "The Vex Rezicon"

Elinor Chadwick better known as The Mistress was the innkeeper at The Nightshade Inn. She also dealt colipsum to the inhabitants of the outpost. Upon striking a deal with Gwynn, Elinor became her royal advisor with the promise of becoming the royal treasurer of the realms upon Gwynn's coronation. She was also the adoptive mother of Munt, Bill Chadwick, and Janzo.


When Elinor was ten, her mother was ill and dying. The woman begged for Gertrusha and Elinor sent messages asking her sister to come but Gertrusha never came. Elinor had to bury her mother by herself shortly after.

As the owner of The Nightshade Inn, Elinor met all kinds of people. One of them was her young barmaid who unexpectedly came pregnant. The barmaid gave birth but died two weeks late. Elinor noticed Janzo and took him in as she thought a son could be useful. However, she sold Naya to the slavers under the pretenses that she couldn't afford to keep both children. She raised him alongside Munt and Bill Chadwick, her other adoptive sons.

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In "The Blade of The Three", Elinor visits Gwynn with a proposal. She will give Gwynn gold that can pay to restart the mines, fill the stores, and buy the Queen time. In return, she wants to be made Royal Advisor to the Queen. Gwynn is reluctant to accept the funds as they come from questionable sources and Elinor is a criminal. Elinor knows that Gwynn needs a criminal seeing as she’s going to war. She can also offer the Queen a perspective that she has never seen before. They bargain, with Gwynn wanting Elinor to step away from her business and come to her before going on any other endeavors. Elinor agrees but only if she is made treasurer of the realm in addition to her Royal Advisor position. Gwynn accepts her proposal and they shake on their agreement.

Elinor puts Janzo in charge of the Inn while shes are gone, but demands that he keep extremely detailed books. Gertrusha arrives at the Inn and Elinor informs her of her new position. Gertrusha is rendered speechless and Elinor wishes her sister's journey home be as uneventful as the rest of her life. Gertrusha then leaves the inn and Elinor returns to work.

Later that day, Elinor and Gwynn sign the papers to reopen the mines thanks to Elinor's funding. She is about to leave when Tobin and Gertrusha enter. Elinor tries to get rid of them but Gwynn insists they can stay. Elinor sits on the throne next to Gwynn's and smirks at her sister. She tells Tobin he should leave and to get a drink - on her. He ignores her comments and announces his decision to give Gwynn his men and himself catch-free. He also apologizes for his brutish and rude behavior. Elinor doesn't believe the proposal but Gwynn reluctantly accepts it, much to Elinor's surprise.


"I don’t want the map, I want the whole damn world! Or at least a really good part of it."
Elinor was a power-hungry woman who believed selling Colipsum was the path to her success. She adopted three sons just for the free work and sold Janzo’s sister to the slavers. Elinor is a toxic narcissist. Her abrasive ways make her a decent romantic partner for Marshal Wythers.
"I'm a very powerful woman. Hard as nails, take what I want, look after my friends, crush my enemies. I’m very well-respected in this town and Hell, I even know her majesty the Queen herself."
Elinor enjoyed forcing Munt to play out her "dark deeds" despite his protests. She used her position as his only maternal figure to sway his choices. She became giddy during Worm's beheading and even enjoyed it. She was ruthless in the colipsum trade and would do anything to take over the world. Her intellect made her a sharp enemy, however, she held no real power outside of the Nightshade Inn unless she used her relationship with Wythers to achieve a goal.

Despite this, Mistress is brave and isn't afraid to speak up against those in higher positions than her, such as Everit Dred and even Marshal Higgs. She is self-sufficient, scrappy, and witty to a fault. Her nonchalant attitude tends to get her in trouble, but her business-savvy mind often gets her out of it.

Physical AppearanceEdit

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Elinor was an older woman with wild blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvy physique. Mistress had the most chaotic sense of style compared to her peers. She would wear abstract-shaped pieces with unique cuts one day, and a neutral-toned dress the next. She usually wore tops that showed off her breasts. Her impulsive nature was evident in her style. She was always seen wearing several accessories, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces, at once. This was most likely to compensate for her lack of social standing outside certain circles. Elinor wore brown boots that showed her working nature and smoked from a thin pipe. She always wore heavy makeup such as blush and bright lipstick. Elinor also wore heavy cloaks when outside of the inn.

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She never sat or lounged in a way that would be considered "ladylike" compared to Gwynn. Elinor would often put one leg on a table or spreading her legs apart instead of crossing them when sitting, even in a professional capacity. Her confidence to act against social normativity was apparent in her daily stature. Upon joining Gwynn's side, the Mistress wore fancier and heavier gowns, cloaks, and jewels. She favored dark blue or brown dresses with gold accents. Elinor continued to wear large groups of accessories, even at one time, and boots.


  • Janzo: As Janzo's adoptive mother, Mistress cared for him, but didn't show him, maternal love. Instead, she treated him more as a servant than a child. He was happy to obey her orders and do whatever it was she asked of him. When she did show pride in him he was overjoyed and very childlike which aggravated her.
  • Gwynn Calkussar:
  • Marshal Wythers:

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