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Danno. You’re a damn fine watchman, boy.

Danno was the mute watchman and righthand man of Marshal Wythers. Danno was Marshal's trusted confidant. Danno later aligned himself with Gwynn Calkussar as they shared a mutual goal of overthrowing the Prime Order and getting revenge for their families.


Danno was once married to a young woman. One day, the Prime Order chancellor visited his village and tried to force himself on Danno's wife. Danno protested against him, and as punished, the Chancellor burned Danno’s throat with red hot iron. Danno has been mute ever since.

In "The Dragman is Coming", Dred tries to force Talon to summon the demons, by putting the lives of her friends in danger. He puts Janzo, Garret, Danno, Mistress, Wythers, and Munt on a hanging block. For each time Talon doesn’t show herself by using her power one of them will die. Danno seems to be in the least danger as he doesn't know Talon very well. During the fight, Danno is cut loose by Raelius and escapes with Wythers.

A newly reinstated Marshal Wythers takes off with Danno to track down Higgs and seek justice for the crimes he committed as Marshal. Higgs tries to steal tax money from the Outpost vault. The gold is supposed to pay the watchman. Before Higgs can escape Wythers and Danno catch up to him first. Upon learning that Wythers is Marshal again, Higgs throws the gold at them and grabs a crossbow. He points the bow at Wythers. Danno doesn't hesitate and stands in front of Wythers, causing him to be shot in the back with the arrow. As he lies on the floor he trips Higgs who was trying to escape. Wythers stabs Higgs with a sword before looking after Danno, who is dying. Wythers compliments Danno's watchman's abilities and smiles at his friend tearfully. Danno smiles back and then dies in the Marshal's arms.


While he is mute, he does show signs that he can understand what people are saying. He has been shown to stand for what is right, as that is how he lost his voice and life. He also shows signs of respect to those in higher position, like his constant bowing to Rosmund, even before finding out that she figured out he knew the truth about her. Despite not being able to speak he can still be often seen smoking a pipe.

Physical Appearance

A handsome dark skinned man with a small black moustache to go with black curly hair.


Season 1 (9/10)

Notes and Trivia

  • Danno was often the executioner for Marshal Wythers, as he was responsible for pulling the rope that decapitated prisoners.
  • He seemed to have known about the Blackbloods after their slaughter, as seen when being asked about the black blood twice he kept making pointed ears.