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Corven was the manic younger brother of Zed, and had resided in the Plane of Ashes for hundreds of years.


Early Life

Corven was born to a prestigious Blackblood family and is the younger brother of Zed and an unnamed sister. His parents and Zed fought in a war together in which their parents were both murdered, which was a tragedy they struggled to come to terms with. He also had a sister who was murdered by Rebb and they were enemies before they were trapped in the Plane of Ashes.

Once in the Plane, Corven became a loyal subject to the high priestess Yavalla, and chose to stay in the Plane to serve her instead of returning to the Earthly plane with Zed. Corven and eight other men were tasked with protecting Yavalla while she retrieved an ancient Meld Box from Sai-vek Redwan. Five of the warriors were killed by Sai-vek, though Yavalla succeeded in stealing the box. She left Corven in the cave and returned to her daughter. Corven was the last of three warriors to return. When he did return, he has a horrible hand injury and he was in extreme agony. Yavalla told Wren to kill him but she couldn't, so she gave him an injection of fireworm blood in the hopes that it would cure the poison. It did save his life but it also made him crazy and he began attacking people sporadically - except Wren whom he was unusually tethered too.


Corven's personality has been drastically altered since the injection of fireworm blood. He is erratic and manic, misremembering events in the past to the point where he becomes angry at those he once cared for. He attacked people without care for their well-being and is a volatile man. He only cares about Wren and will only listen to her. Despite this, when being lied by Wren he does not go off the rails. He cares about Wren so much that he is willing to face death again to protect her.

Physical Appearance

Corven is a young good looking man with a full grown beard with a mustache to go with his short, brown curly hair. His left hand has been badly burned from his encounter Sai-vek Redwan, but he can still us it. He also has hazel eyes.



Corven is the younger brother of Zed, and Corven's only living blood relation. They were close as children and until Zed left the Plane of Ashes. He didn't want to leave his brother in the plane, but Corven was a dutiful servant to Yavalla at the time and refused to leave. In Zed's absence, Corven had a near-death encounter with Sai-vek Redwan which left him mentally unstable. Zed was unaware of this prior to reuniting with Corven and was excited to see his younger brother once more. Corven holds nothing but resentment for Zed as he abandoned him in the plane, and has a warped sense of reality as he believes Zed is responsible for the deaths of their parents. However, he still loves his brother in his own twisted sense. This can be seen when he jumped in front of an arrow that was aimed for Zed and was killed as a result.


Corven had a crush on Wren prior to his encounter with Sai-vek Redwan. It was very clear that these were one way feelings though. After his encounter with Sai-vek, he has become increasingly unstable. This includes his feelings toward Wren. While it may border on the lines of obsessive, he doesn't want to hurt her in any way. Wren is the only thing that seems to keep him sane, and from attacking others. Corven is extremely hurt when Wren lies to him, but he is willing to protect her despite being betrayed by her.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Corven and his brother, Zed, are played by actual brothers in real life, Ross and Reece Ritchie respectively; though ironically Ross is the older one while Reece is the younger one.
  • Though he was madly in love with Wren he never found out that she was in a relationship or even that she was pregnant for that matter.