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A true leader must sometimes sacrifice one for the good of many.
Cornelius to Gwynn in "Bones to Pick"

Cornelius Calkussar was a Gallwood Outpost general and the adoptive father of Rosmund. He was nicknamed "Calkussar the Betrayer" for his role in the Prime Order overthrowing the royal family.


Cornelius was once the King's most loyal Minister and General. He served his King with pride and loyalty. Cornelius also had a daughter, Gwynn, who was Princess Rosmund's playmate.

When the Prime Order overthrew the palace they captured and beheaded the royal family. To preserve the loyal lineage, the King commanded that Calkussar sacrifice his daughter, Gwynn, in the place of Rosmund. Calkussar obeyed his King's command and switched Gwynn and Rosmund. After the purge, Calkussar was praised by the prime order and given an Outpost. Cornelius' wife couldn't bear the thought of living without her daughter and hung herself. It was then, that Calkussar and Rosmund, who now took the identity of Gwynn, moved to Gallwood Outpost.

Despite his loyalty and nobility, Cornelius was forced to lie about Rosmund's true identity and the part he played in preserving the royal lineage. He was outcast by many loyal followers of the royal family, and donned, Calkussar the Betrayer, for his role in the great purge.

In "Beyond The Wall", Everit Dred leads a battalion to the gates of Gallwood Outpost. A soldier warns Calkussar of Everit's impending arrival. Calkussar takes this time to warn Gwynn that she should escape, just in case the Prime Order is onto their rebellion. He then stands on the wall and communicates down with Dred and his men, only to be more-or-less commanded into letting Dred in. Calkussar goes to greet Dred and tells him that his men will make sure that all of their accommodations are met. He goes to shake Dred's hand when Dred stabs him in the ribs two. Calkussar falls to the ground dead, and Dred commands that his men locate Calkussar's daughter, Gwynn.

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Calkussar was a brave and honest man whose loyalty to his King transcended that of an every day Minister. He cherished his family and job but obeyed orders no matter the cost. Despite having sacrificed his daughter for Rosmund, he was able to love Rosmund as though she were his own. He protected her as he knew she could one day restore the Realm to its rightful glory. He allowed others to view him as a traitor in order to keep Rosmund and the King's secret safe. He was heroic and honorable, though he was forced to make impossible decisions that can be viewed as immoral. He later died for what he believed in. He taught Rosmund that sometimes, instead of thinking with her head, she must think with her heart.


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  • Gwynn Calkussar/Rosmund: Calkussar rescued Rosmund from being murdered as a child. Rosmund's father, the King, commanded Calkussar to switch the real Gwynn and Rosmund so the royal line could continue. Because of Calkussar's sacrifice, Rosmund was able to assume the identity of Gwynn and escape with Calkussar. He was like a father to her, he raised her and she views him as her father figure. She grew up calling him father and he ensured she received a proper education fit for a future Queen and that she was well protected. He also respected her both as the future Queen and his daughter. When Gwynn's real identity was revealed her told her it was okay if she stopped calling him father. To his surprise, Gwynn took his hand and told him that she was lucky enough for both her father's and that Calkussar is still her father even now. They were each other's confidants. Gwynn witnessed Calkussar's unexpected murder and was devastated afterward. She ensured he had a proper funeral and burial for a man of his stature. She still speaks highly of him.


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