Blackbloods are a sub-species of humans that possess enhanced abilities and supernatural properties. They were once considered an endangered species following a village's slaughter at the hands of the Bones. They can still be considered endangered due to their other-worldly imprisonment.


Early History

When reading a book in "The Colipsum Conundrum" that describes the Lu-Qiri and their relation to Blackbloods, Janzo learns interesting information. According to the book, the Lu-Qiri overlord mated with a human woman, which resulted in the creation of Blackbloods. Talon dismisses the theory due to the inhuman figures of Lu-Qiri and that no woman would ever survive mating with a Lu-Qiri.

Hundreds of years ago, a great Blackblood warrior named Bellator lived. He is noted for being the greatest warrior of all Blackbloods. After his death, he was frozen in the stars so that others would remember his strength. His constellation is located in Vor-Anden.

Over three-hundred years ago, the Blackblood race was well populated but at war with humans. The purebloods made a plan that their entire war party, Blackbloods, and Lu-Qiri, would go through the portal and wait in the Plane of Ashes. A member of Talon’s ancestorial tribe was supposed to sneak behind enemy lines and reopen the portal. The waiting members would then make a mass surprise behind their walls. Talon’s ancestral tribe made a pact with the humans to leave the Blackbloods in the plane of ashes and keep them there as a prison.

The Slaughter

101 Blackblood Camp

A group of mercenaries, known as the Bones, attacked a Blackblood village under orders to ensure that every Blackblood died. They lit the camp on fire and then slaughtered every villager. A young girl named Talon awakened her brother, Eremus, and met with her mother. Her mother picked her up and tried to carry her out of the village. Her mother, under the insistence of a villager, began to summon a Lu-Qiri using magic but was shot with an arrow. She passed a creature, later known as Asterkinj, onto Talon as she was dying. One of the men went to attack Talon with an ax, but Talon’s mother sliced his leg, which angered him, and he killed her while Talon ran away.

She hid in a cave but was spotted by one of the men, known as The Wolf. He fired an arrow at her but the magic her mother passed onto her glowed and a portal appeared. A being stuck its arm through the portal and the arrow went through its arm, saved her. The Wolf shot again, this time missing on purpose. Wolf lied and told Toru Magmoor that Talon was dead. Toru signaled to their leader, Everit Dred, that they won. When Talon returned in the morning she found her village decimated and the bodies of her mother and brother.

The Prophecy

"When the moon is aflame a Blackblood will summon the slayers of men to conquer and purge the oppressors of old."

Talons Sword Prophecy

Talon's sword with the prophecy

The prophecy is one of the Blackbloods highest regards. The prophecy is what prompted Toru Magmoor and several others to want the Blackbloods killed. They wanted to ensure that the prophecy was never fulfilled. Part of the prophecy is an enchanted piece of paper that Smith gave to Talon. When a Blackblood reads the words from the paper, a portal to another world opens, and a Lu-Qiri appears. Smith spent years studying the prophecy and studying with Loremasters to understand the true meaning of the prophecy. After learning everything he could, Smith waited for someone who could complete the prophecy. Upon meeting Talon, he proclaimed that the person he was waiting for was her.

"When the Blackblood rises death and pestilence will fly over the land like ashes in the wind."
When Everit Dred recited the prophecy, his version was notably different from that of what The Smith said. His prophecy forewarned of death and destruction coming to the land if the Blackblood were to rise. This could be due to the Prime Order eliminating everyone who spoke Yindrian so they could interpret the prophecies to what best fits their needs.

The Plane of Ashes

Main article: Plane of Ashes

The Plane of Ashes is a secondary plane of existence in which the Lu-Qiri and hundreds of Blackbloods was banished through unknown measures. It is a place of pain and anguish. The Lu-Qiri that is summoned to the Earthly plane won’t return unless it is commanded to do so forcibly by a Blackblood without fear, hesitation, or self-doubt.

According to Smith, the Blackblood ancestors lived in fear that the power to open the portal would be used for destructions so they took great pains to hide any information about it. All Blackbloods have the power to control demons, but only one at any time can open the passageway to the Lu-Qiri's world. That power is handed down from father to son, and mother to daughter. Talon realized that the power to open the portal is what her mother passed onto her moments before her death.

107 Lu-Qiri Portal

The portal opens itself

The portal to the Plane of Ashes has been opened several times, each time by a Blackblood who possessed the power. The first was by Talon's mother during the slaughter of their village. She was unable to finish summoning the portal and collapsed, however, she passed the power to do so onto her daughter, Talon. When Talon was shot at by the Wolf, Baphnoro was able to manifest his arm and stop the arrow. Years later, Talon accidentally set Baphnoro free into the Earthly plane. She was able to send him back a few days later after he slaughtered several people. The only time she didn't open the portal herself was when an unknown person or demon opened the portal and warned her that the Dragman was coming.

When Talon summoned the Lu-Qiri Ekkundi, it came forth but brought a Blackblood named Rebb with it. Ekkundi was loyal to only Rebb, who's goal is to obtain the Asterkinj from Talon and free her people and all the Lu-Qiri from the Plane of Ashes. Rebb tried to free another Lu-Qiri but Talon managed to close the portal before it could escape.


102 Bleeding Talon

Blackbloods appear identical to humans in their features and shapes. However, there are subtle differences between the species that can be prominent when one knows what to look for. Blackbloods, as insinuated by their name, bleed black blood which can be confused for oil. They also have two black tips on the tops of their ears. To blend in with humans, Talon cut the tips off but was left with scars.

Blackbloods that consider themselves "pure blood" bear a mark on their temple that sets them apart from the rest of their kind.



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102 Asterkinj

The Asterkinj is a tiny creature that gives its holder the ability to open the portal to the Plane of Ashes. The Asterkinj is passed down from parent to child. The current owner of the Asterkinj must place their fingers on the next holder's temple and the Asterkinj will flow in the new owner. The one the prophecy foretells can use the Asterkinj to release the Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods from the plane of ashes. Because of this, many believe that they should be the true wielder of the Asterkinj. The Asterkinj can’t survive outside a host's body. The creature wants to survive like any other living thing, so if the host dies the Asterkinj can leave the host and find a new one.


This Kinj is a tiny insect creature that resided in Vor-Anden to hundreds of years. It gives its host the ability to manipulate minds. When the host focuses on a being of any species, they can use mind manipulation to force them to do anything. The ability was used on a human, a Greyskin, and attempted to use it on Talon. However, her Asterkinj refused to allow her to be manipulated and protected her. This Kinj doesn't seem to have the same host preservation that the Asterkinj has.

Powers and Abilities

"It's not that I heal fast, you heal slow." Talon about her healing ability
Blackbloods are the bridge between the mortal world and the world of Lu-Qiri, also called Demons. They possess a few supernatural traits and abilities, however, Talon is the only person to exhibit such powers. Talon has many advances because of her race. She is faster then others, stronger then she appears, and can somehow anticipate her opponent’s next move.

  • Enhanced Healing: Blackbloods heal extremely quickly, but still feel the pain of a wound before it heals. They can fully recover from stab wounds and torso impalements within a few days of rest.
  • Enhanced Agility: Blackbloods possess superhuman agility. They have shown that they can move, climb, and fight-off many partners without difficulty or exhaustion. They can do flips and parkour off things with minimal effort.
  • Enhanced Strength: Blackbloods are noticeably stronger than other humans, including trained soldiers. Talon was able to break a man's arm and leg using minimal effort.
  • High Resistance: The ability to be highly resistant to physical harm. They can survive otherwise harmful or lethal attacks. Talon was thrown threw a wall and suffered no physical harm.


  • Mortality: Despite their enhanced healing abilities, blackbloods are still half-human and share many of the same weaknesses as humans. They are prone to aging, torso impalements, and fatal blows. If they lose too much blood they can die, which is why they rest after being injured.

Known Blackbloods

Living Blackbloods

Deceased Blackbloods

  • Bellator †
  • Talon's Mother †
  • Eremus †
  • Several other villagers †
  • Varlek † (Pureblood)
  • Rebb(Pureblood; commanded Ekkundi)

Notes and Trivia

  • When talking about sex, Zed claimed that Blackbloods share a bond that Talon will never share with a human man. This presumably works the other way as well, with Zed never sharing the same bond with a human woman as a Blackblood woman.
  • There are three major known Blackblood clans: the Fist, Talon's clan, and the "Pureblood" clan.


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