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The Asterkinj is a living creature called a Kinj that relies on the survival of a host to stay alive. This blue-tinted kinj gives its host the ability to open portals to the Plane of Ashes. However, it can only open one portal at a time and the portal won't stay open for long. It is one of seven original Kinjs.

The One that the prophecy foretells can use the Asterkinj to release the Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods from the plane of ashes. Because of this, many believe that they should be the true wielder of the Asterkinj.


In "Two Heads Are Better Than None", Talon has a nightmare about her village massacre and the Plane of Ashes. Against The Smith advice she reads the parchment out loud. This actives the Asterkinj to open a portal bringing forth Baphnoro to the realm.

In "The Book of Names", with the death of Tiberion Shek and The Bones out of the way Talon is finally able to open the portal to the Plane of Ashes and sends Baphnoro back.

In "The Vex Rezicon", in attempt to save herself and friends from being killed by Greyskins, Talon uses the Asterkinj to summon Baphnoro back.

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Talon has received a Lu-Qiri name from Ilyin. Talon then uses the Asterkinj to summon Enkundi who is then followed by his master. Later on, Rebb attempts to carve the Asterkinj out of Talon's forehead. However, the creature moved to Talon's hand to avoid being removed forcefully. When Talon awakened, the creature returned to her forehead.

In "Not In My Kingdom", Talon meets with Rebb to transfer the Asterkinj to Rebb. Talon places her hand on Rebb's forehead and the Asterkinj travels from Talon's forehead to her fingertips. The transference is interrupted and Talon keeps the Asterkinj.

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Talon finally decides to use the name that was on Ilyin's body. She then opens a portal bringing forth Vikka, who is then followed by his master Zed.

In "The Blade of The Three", Queen Rosmund forces Talon to send Vikka back to the Plane of Ashes. At night, Zed summons Vikka, who appears in the fog. Talon then opens the portal to the Plane of Ashes. Zed then tells Vikka to go through the portal. Vikka is reluctant at first, but after Zed yells and commands him a second time he goes through.

In "Where You Go, People Die", the Asterkinj opens a portal to the Plane of Ashes and Talon is sucked through. When she awakens, she experiences physical pain stemming from the Asterkinj. Another portal appears and she jumps through it, arriving back on her plane once more.

In "The Only Way", Talon speaks about learning to control her Kinj. At first, it sensed when she was in danger and protected her. But now, she just has to concentrate on what she wants and a portal opens. Later, Zed attempts to use his Kinj to manipulate her mind but the Asterkinj refuses to allow Talon to be manipulated. She can feel it protecting her from the Kinj's interference. After defeating Zed, she states that she should kill him but spares his life instead. She then uses the Asterkinj forcing Zed back into the Plane of Ashes.

In "This Is Our Outpost", realizing that the time is right for the prophecy to be enacted, Talon once again summons Vikka and Zed. Zed then calls out more Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods into the realm to fight and win against the Prime Order.

Talon uses the kinj

In "For the Sins Of Your Ancestors", Talon is forced to use the Asterkinj in order to save her friends. She then opens a portal to the Plane of Ashes allowing Zed to call forth Ketma, who is then followed by his master Yavalla.

In "The Hardest Part of Being Queen", Falista reaches out to Talon in an attempt to learn more about the Kultorkinj inside her. Talon explains that she can't help her learn to control the kinj as that's something she needs to figure out alone. She does empathize with Falista's inability to control the kinj, as the Asterkinj acted on its own before in an attempt to protect her. She warns Falista to control her emotions. Talon than uses the kinj once more to open the portal so she, Wren, and Zed can travel to the Plane of Ashes.

In "Violence is Futile", with her father recovered from his injuries, Talon and the gang go through the portal once again to arrive in Gallwood Outpost court, in the middle of The Hive's assault.

Transfering Hosts

The Asterkinj can’t survive outside a host's body. The creature wants to survive like any other living thing, so if the host dies the Asterkinj can leave the host and find a new one.

Alternatively, the Asterkinj is passed down from parent to child. The current owner of the Asterkinj must place their fingers on the next holder's temple and the Asterkinj will flow to the new owner.

When Rebb tried to remove the Asterkinj from Talon by cutting it out, the creature moved inside Talon's body until Rebb stopped.

Known Hosts

Notes and Trivia

  • The forehead placement of the Asterkinj changes depending on the situation. When Talon was a child, the creature was on her right temple. The older she got, the creature moved to her left temple.
  • When active in the realm, the Asterkinj glows blue with a purple aura.
    • When active in the Plane of Ashes, the Asterkinj glows bright blue with a white aura.
  • The Asterkinj protected Talon from becoming part of The Hive, as a person can only possess one Kinj at a time.
  • According to Talon without a name to bring a being through, the Asterkinj opens the portal to the last location that brought a person through the plane of ashes into the green world and vice versa.
  • Vorta calls the Asterkinj, and therefore Aster, the betrayer. This maybe because instead their own kind, Aster choice to support and live among the humans.