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We have to give up something good for something better. You will lose me, but you will save your world, everyone you love. One life for many.
Aster to Talon

Aster is one of the seven Blackblood Gods, a former Master of the Kahvi population, and host of the blue kinj. Aster betrayed his fellow Gods which resulted in the creatures being placed in a slumber that latest many lifetimes.



Similar to that of his siblings Tera, Vorta, Janya, Kultor, and Levare, Aster ruled over the Kahvi in the Plane of Ashes until the world was nothing but ash and dirt. Aster traveled to the Green World to find a new realm for the Gods to occupy, and found that the Human residences were weak which was perfect for their settlement. The seven brought their people to the Green World, at which point, Aster grew to care for the intelligent beings that inhabited the realm. They became his friends, and when he saw what his kind was doing to the world and the people that belonged there, he couldn't watch his brothers and sisters erase them as if they were nothing. Vorta and the others viewed this as a betrayal and named him "The Betrayer".

Aster cared for one particular woman named Tallya, and fell in love with her. He fathered their child, a black blooded being that was half-human and half-Aster. His siblings plotted to kill the object of his affection - Tallya and their newborn child. Golu manipulated the woman into raising a knife above her child, and would have orchestrated the murder if Aster had not returned from fetching wood in time to stop him. Aster attacked Golu and ensured the safety of the child and mother. Aster decided to separate his siblings from their Kinjes - the keys to their souls, their being, and sources of strength, and put them to sleep. Because he cannot work against the collective decisions of the group when in close proximity to them, he worked with the humans instead. He gave them each a weapon capable of putting his siblings to sleep, though each blade could only be used once.

The humans succeeded in their mission, and Aster collected their kinjes and brought them to Vor-Anden where he sealed them away. He never intended for them to wake again, and never thought he would awaken either. He chose to pass his Asterkinj onto a Guardian to protect it and keep its power safe. These Guardians would pass the kinj throughout their bloodline. Aster was buried with honor in Vor-Anden, under a seal that could only be opened with the blood of a Blackblood, while a message was left in a crystal clutched in his hands. The crystal also contained a small portion of Janya's power, just enough to awaken him in case his siblings returned.


While searching for a way to destroy the so-called Gods and protect the realm, Janzo uncovers a map that points to the location of all seven bodies. Notably, Aster is underneath the shrine of Vor-Anden. Talon and Zed remember the location from their trip to find the Golukinj, as all seven kinjes were once kept there. Talon decides to venture to Vor-Anden with the help of Luna to destroy Aster's body before he has the chance to awaken and reunite with his companions. Once there, they have trouble locating Aster's sarcophagus. Talon asks Luna to use her Dragman abilities to find anything they can't see. Luna is quiet for a moment as she concentrates, then hears a faint whisper coming from the ground. She drops to her knees and pulls away piles of sand until she finds a mechanism on the floor, coupled with what appears to be a lock. The spirals on the device are engraved in Blackblood language. Talon reads the engraving aloud, "Here lies the one whose blood forged out souls and made us stronger. Sleep in peace, Great Father, for all eternity. Only if black blood adorns these words do we call upon your soul to rejoin this world." Luna thinks it means Talon must bleed on the words to activate the mechanisms.

Talon slices her palm and presses it against the lock, triggering her blood to run through the slits in the floor and open a mechanism. From the floor rises the body of Aster, not in a sarcophagus like his companions, but on a slab with a black veil covering his body. Talon notices the differences as it's almost ritualistic the way he's posed and kept. Luna identifies the crystal in Aster's hands as the source of the whispers. When Talon takes the crystal, she is given a vision of Aster. He tells the Guardian of the Asterkinj that if they've come searching for answers then a time he hoped would never come has arrived, and he must be awakened with the return of the Asterkinj. After some debate, Talon and Luna decide to awaken Aster. He breaks the crystal to release a portion of Janya's power.

Still groggy from his sleep, he is bombarded with a message from Vorta, who is surprised by his awakening but warns that he will pay for his sins soon enough. When the vision ends, Aster rises from the table and becomes aware of his surroundings. He explains to the sword-drawn women that he isn't their enemy. He convinces them to lower their weapons. Talon presses him for answers and he explains that he shouldn't be awake, nor should his siblings. He came to Vor-Anden long ago to hide the kinjes, gazing back at the podium as he remembers placing them in the compartments. He notices the compartments are empty and pieces together what must be happening. Talon questions why he's called the betrayer of his kind, with Aster simply stating that if she'd met his siblings she would understand. As he gains his footing and dodges her questions, he walks to a wall that illuminates blue in his presence.

He calls Talon to the wall, revealing hundreds of names carved there. He asks if the last name, Talia, is hers, but it's not as Talia was her grandmother. Aster explains that the Guardians of the Asterkinj were meant to protect it from falling into the wrong hands, and would carve their names onto the wall to mark their service. He commends her in doing a great job of protecting the kinj. He agrees to help her defeat his siblings by eliminating them altogether, something he should have done originally. They must find a new way to destroy his siblings so they can never return. The trio then leave Vor-Anden. They take camp for the night with Luna and Talon on-guard as they watch Aster seemingly sleep. He suddenly calls out to Vorta to hear his message and she obliges, asking if he's ready to pay for his sins. He states that he is and to meet him at Skevicor where they will converge. When he ends the message, he sees Talon and Luna with their blades drawn, demanding to know what he's done. Aster states that he put the wheel in motion, as the end is about to begin.


Unlike the rest of his siblings, Aster has developed an altruist with the natives of the realm and even fell in love with one of them. He tried to make his siblings see what he sees in humans, but they were more obsessed with their immortality. After the failed attempted of killing his child, Aster decided to put his sibling to sleep. After he and the rest of his kind are awaked he sees that he was too merciful. He believes that the natives and his descendants should be free to roam the realm and the rest of his kind, including the Kahvi should either be removed from the realm or die.

Physical Appearance

As a member of The Seven, he has black spikes located all over his head, particularly located on his ears chin and top of his head. Because of his black spikes he also doesn't have any hair located on his head. His face has wavy patterns on it, making him easily identifiable to being one of the Seven. His forehead is has a large blue oval, containing his Kinj and power.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the seven Masters, Aster possesses extraordinary powers that earned him the title of a God. His kinj carries a portion of his power - the ability to open portals to other worlds, such as the Plane of Ashes. He can also search the cosmos for other worlds to either visit or observe from a distance. In order to do this however he must meditate in silence to help him focus on his search.


Season 4

Notes and Trivia

  • Aster's kinj was the first to ever be named, as The Smith identified the blue-tinted kinj in Season 1.
    • Because of this, the name "Aster" has been referenced several times over the course of the series.
    • Despite being the first named God, he is amongst the last two of the group to be seen. He shares this title with Golu.