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This article is about the deceased Prince. You may be looking for his imposter, Sammy.

Alton was the younger brother of Princess Rosmund and the youngest son of the King and Queen. He was executed alongside his parents.


Alton was the second-born child to King Ranulf and Queen Annesendra in a time where the royals were at their weakest and the Prime Order lurked in the shadows. He had an older sister, Rosmund, whom he remained close with despite their young age. They had many adventures together by romping in the courtyard and sneaking treats. They covered for one another when they were in trouble. When the Prime Order overthrew the palace they captured and beheaded the royal family, including a young Prince Alton. His execution was forcibly witnessed by Captain Weldon Calkussar.

Physical Appearance

From what can be observed in his portrait, Alton was a small child with dainty features. He had short black hair and a round face. He wore black clothing.


Season 2 (2/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • A family friend of the royals took Alton's identity after he was killed, as he just wanted to survive the war.