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Aegisford is a city tucked in the mountain side in which a number of barons and baronesses once resided. The town is currently led by Baroness Falista.


Ravannus Aegisford once led Aegisford and was considered a powerful Baron by the royal family. They had a strong place in the realm but primarily stayed to themselves, only concerning with a later familial feud that forked the family line and the lands. Ravannus' brother forked from the family, which created a feud between their children, Tobin Aegisford and Milus Aegisford.

When the Prime Order overthrew the royal family, Ravannus escaped the Prime Order's genocide of nobles by pledging his loyalty to them. When Tobin was eight, the Prime Order arrived at Aegisford and demanded that Ravannus pledge his loyalty in-person. Ravannus did as requested and bent the knee for the soldiers. They, however, did not care and murdered Tobin's sister in front of everyone just to remind Ravannus of whom he was pledging his loyalty. The barons and baronesses that resided in Aegisford became landowners instead of nobles. Despite this, the idea of nobility never faded and Aegisford continued to secretly fly their family's flags.

After Ravannus's death, his son Tobin inherited everything that was once his father's and became the leader of the town. Upon receiving a letter from Queen Rosmund, Tobin rode to Gallwood Outpost alongside his trusted counsel, Gertrusha, and an army of men, to give Rosmund a proposal sure to catch her attention.

During the assault of the Prime Order on The Outpost, most of the soldiers of Aegisford were killed. Due to men being the warriors, women and children now made up the majority of the population of Aegisford.

During The Hive epidemic, Aegisford was overwhelmed by infected members and the town was desolated. Tobin and Falista took what remained in the food stores so they could feed the inhabitants of Gallwood Outpost, which housed the Queen. During The Hive assault on The Outpost, Lord Tobin was killed as he to safe Falista. With death of Lord Tobin, his lands and people, were inherited by his widower, Falista.

Notable Inhabitants



  • Rovannus Aegisford † (Former Leader)
  • Baron Tobin Aegisford(Former Leader)
  • Baronness Falista (Leader: Away on business)
  • Munt (former resident)


It at least a three day's walk from Gallwood Outpost. The trek includes a mountain, a small stream or river, and woods. Near the city are some hills which take at least an hour to reach on foot, though this distance can be shortened by the use of horses.

Notes and Trivia

  • Aegisford is the second city to be shown in The Outpost, following only The Capital.