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Aaron Fontaine is an American actor and writer. He portrayed King Tobin Aegisford from Season 2 to Season 4 of the The CW series, The Outpost.


Aaron was inadvertently discovered through his high school basketball team. One of the men on the team heard Aaron was doing media in college and invited him to a business where he began making contacts in the industry. He then attended college for drama and acting while playing basketball for his college team. His first television job was in 2013, appearing as recasted character Sonny Valentine in Hollyoaks from January to November 2014 when the character was axed by producers. He also played Leo Tomas and Jackson Reaney in a recurring role on Doctors, from 2016-2018.

The Outpost

In 2018, Aaron was cast in the main of Baron Tobin Aegisford in Season 2 of The CW series, The Outpost. Aaron's agents contacted him with news that the casting directors of The Outpost wanted to see him for the role of Tobin. Aaron went in for three auditions, and two-weeks later received a call that he booked the role. He flew out to Serbia for five and a half to six months from January of 2019 to mid-June of 2019. Upon arriving, Aaron took a year's course in horseback riding in two-weeks followed by lessons in how to sword fight.[1]

Notes and Trivia

  • Aaron is a skilled basketball player and played on his college team.
  • Aaron described Tobin as, "rich, wealthy, powerful, playboy, biggest army in the lands. The only thing he hasn't got is royal blood. All he wants is his children to have royal blood," he expanded that Tobin's main goal of the series is to, "gain the bed of the Queen".[1]
  • The hardest part of living in Serbia was the food. For the first two weeks of filming, Aaron struggled to find good restaurants that catered to his dietary restrictions. It wasn't until he ventured out of the area of filming that he was able to find them.
  • The Outpost sets are the biggest sets Aaron has worked on. He has called them "massive".
  • Aaron works with a dialect coach to perfect his American accent.