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And so, the dark days of affliction are over. The subjugation of the humans at the Outpost is at an end. Queen Rosmund will return to her throne and you, my people, we shall prepare to leave the Outpost. Blackbloods, humans, a new era has begun.

A Life for a Life is the third episode of the third season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on October 22, 2020.


LIFE OR DEATH – Talon, Wren, Janzo and Yavalla fight to survive as they search a labyrinth for an ancient relic. Gwynn and Zed fight for control of the Outpost.


Main Cast


  • Dragan Micanovic as Captain Orlick
  • Milorad Kapor as Woodcutter Gibley
  • Ivana Nikolic as Jarom
  • Stefan Radonjic as Rider
  • Sona Havranova as Blackfist Guard


  • This episode's title is a quote said by Gwynn Calkussar.
  • Zed sends Vikka after Tobin and locks Gwynn away in isolation.
    • In a later meeting Zed explains that the function of Lu-Qiri rings are actually whistles.
  • Talon's father, Sai-vek Redwan is revealed to have been the original owner of the Meld Box.
  • The symbols that appeared in the maze include an hourglass, a triangle, and a skull.
    • A full hourglass means the beginning while an empty one represents the end.
    • Yindrians were masters at puzzles, traps, and murderous devices which makes it difficult for Janzo and Wren to decipher the codes used in the maze.
    • The triangle is the symbol of fire while the skull is a symbol of sacrifice. The skull lock was a sacrifice, so Janzo had to burn his hand in the fire to open the door.
    • They are trapped in another room with the history of the Yindrian elders written on the walls. Yindria was a human civilization that lived alongside the blackbloods centuries ago. Yindrian is also what the Smith's books were written in.
  • Yavalla infects Gwynn with the hive. It makes Gwynn complacent and binds her to Yavalla. Yavalla can see through Gwynn's eyes, her ears, think in her mind.